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Hello again


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Hey all,

I haven't been here in a while. It's almost strange looking at all the old posts and seeing new and old names.

I'm glad to see that there's more emphasis on living life instead of re-living twi. (That's a bad re-run scenario for sure.)

It's funny how life goes - people are so fragile. I don't think we appreciate our human frailty near enough. If we did, we'd all be a lot kinder and more patient with each other.

The next time you are all so sure that you are right and the other person is wrong and you must simply KNOW what they are thinking and why they did something...


... take the time to talk to the person. Don't just text, or post - Talk.

We are human, flesh and blood. What makes us all think that this cyberspace we share has any sense of reality in it?

It's so easy to judge someone when the only reality is the one we have built. (Have you ever thought that maybe, perhaps, you don't know the whole story?)

BTW - this isn't about twi. It's not about anything more than me having to heal.

As humans we sometimes fail to see that we are all living and struggling in this life together. We sometimes fail to see that hurt and pain and sadness can make us feel isolated. Have you ever considered that it is our struggles that truly unite us?

Thanks for the ramble....

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I'm so glad to see you post here today.

Yes, we are fragile, and most of us are healing from something. Wouldn't it be just so cool, if we could help you heal up while we ourselves are healing? I think we all have this need somewhere in us, otherwise we would have stopped posting here a long time ago.

I hope you stick around a while....I've missed you.


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I'll pop in and out. I don't really know where I fit in here, anymore.

Thanks for the welcome.

Twinky, Waysider - Thanks to you as well.

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"i'm glad to see there is more emphasis on living life instead of re-living twi"

hi dooj, welcome back.

true how true your words are.

but also let us not ignore the past so that we may potentially warn others from repeating the mistakes we made in our ignorance.

for this i am truly greatful this site is here, and will remain up and running.(now if we only had the chat room back.)

to serve as a beacon of truth and a warning of the fowlers snare that may be in front of the unwary.

anyway howdy! see ya around doojable.

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