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Liberating Ministries for Christ International?

Steve Lortz

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I was throwing out some old papers the other day, and I came across some literature from Liberating Ministries for Christ International, formerly Believer's Bible Camp, run by Dale Sides, or as he prefers to be called "Dr. Dale".

Sides left TWI before The Passing of A Patriarch, and set up a class called "Exercising Spiritual Authority". The last I heard, he was calling his group a "parachurch" ministry, and had changed his terminology so that it sounded trinitarian, even though all his definitions of the terms were aberrant. He talked about the importance of acquiring "denominational cover". He focused in a lot on "spiritual warfare", commanding angels and demons, etc.

He struck me as having a folksy, friendly veneer, but underneath, he seemed to me to be just as jealous of staying the top dog as Wierwille ever was.

Has anybody else here had any contact with Liberating Ministries for Christ International?



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I only met him once sometime in the late 90's. He spoke a whole lot about devil spirits and the end times and described himself as an 'apostle'.

He seemed like a fairly engaging speaker until I actually listened to him ( :biglaugh:) in which case to me he seemed to get more and more outlandish the more that he spoke. From what I remember everything was a big convoluted conspiracy to which he alone had the secret keys which were hand delivered to him personally by God.

(take my class!)

Each to his own. He was like Wierwille on steroids to me. No thanks

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if only i had a memory - i hazily remember him being a wack job


This is no "ordinary" wack job. It is a wack job that needs non-twi support, adoration and worship.

"Doctor" Dale?


Yeah.. really weird..

I wonder what the required "donation" there is for these numbnuts classes..

the local university charges about .. well. It is a 2 year college.. they charge about 740.00 bucks for students to hear my rantings about mathematics..

The Big colleges would charge close to double, or triple that..

and still in my spare time.. I'll go over the same material, for free..


I dunno.. what am I saying..

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Man...what hype! No wonder people are wary of salesmen like "Professor" Harold Hill, the charlatan who sold "The Think System" in the Music Man. Reading LMCI web page:

Dr. Sides (also known as Dr. Dale) has been described as "a Braveheart/John Wayne/General George Patton type leader" with the heart of a warrior who trains and equips believers for spiritual battle, mainly through his class on Exercising Spiritual Authority (ESA) and other biblical presentations. Dale's apostolic and cutting-edge classes have been taught all over the United States, as well as in India, Nigeria, Kenya, Colombia, New Zealand, and Australia.

"...cutting-edge classes have been taught all over the US, as well as India, Nigeria, yada yada"

The statement insinuates that he is well known (even by hundreds of thousands). But today my mind will ask, "WHERE all over the US...in many LIVING ROOMS all over the USA and other countries???

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