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After the first day and reading some of the testimony I can barely bring myself to listen to or read anymore, it is %^&*$ absolutely disgusting....It is so completely depraved...

I hope that the victims can find some kind of empowerment by coming forward and that it can somehow strengthen other victims of abuse.

as for Sandusky-I have no mercy-stick him in the prison general population with violent criminals, murderers and gangs and let him get taste of what he doled out before they end him

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it has been helping some victims

i wish that my brothers could have gone to trial like this with father butler, but it wasn't meant to be. they had been groomed, bought many gifts like stereos and bicycles, etc., when they were altar boys. we were very poor and they didn't have a father figure. father butler used to let them drink and drive his car when they were 14 and 15, but he had started on them way before then

my brothers went before a catholic church council of some sort (well, one of them did) and they let butler off the hook ("monsignor" szymanski was supposed to attend -- he was the head pastor when my brothers were abused -- he didn't show.) i think butler finally got in trouble at age 81 after having been sent to many different parishes over the years.

i was talking to one of my brothers about father butler because of the sandusky trial and i asked him if he would kill butler if he could and he said,

I'd have no remorse at all. It's against the law so I can't but if his god has a hell he's going. I love you sis.

that brother has been in therapy for 25 years. the other one used to go to alleys to pay for BJs even though he's not a homosexual. he's doing okay. he was very very hurt and shocked when the catholic diocese blah blah blah panel absolved butler

it's really sad all of this (sorry to bring one of my stories to the table) - i derailed my own thread - boo hoo

i believe power does corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. but i need good quote about people who get into powerful positions on purpose BECAUSE they are corrupt and sick and degenerate. you know what i mean?

there are so many religious leaders, politicians, coaches, teachers, law enforcers, counselors, etc., you name it, who get into a profession because they want to continue in their "game" - it's not getting into the powerful position that corrupts them -- they want the powerful position because they are corrupt

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I met a guy who served on a town committee. He rode a horse into downtown to a photo opportunity, a local Humane Society animal adoption day. He wore all black, a big cowboy hat, boots, and a badge.

In Connecticut. :rolleyes:

He told bystanders that he was a sheriff's deputy, but under further questioning, he admitted that a cop gave him the badge to play with because he asked for one. Then he got off the horse, and I noticed he was trying to make up for his small stature with his swagger. He was telling me all about how he worked with troubled teens, sometimes having them live with him while he straightened them out.

If that man wasn't abusing boys, I'll eat his cowboy hat. And organizations working with kids like that need to do psych screens of its volunteers and employees.


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everybody should do get psych screens in particular positions but then no one would get a job and the ones at the top? what should we do with them? and what should we do with the psych experts?

i feel "a need" to say something to a few people i know here -- well, they're not on here anymore -- if you got sick or thought badly of sandusky, i want you to think about wierwille and realize that's the kind of hurt and bullshti -- no matter how good a coach either of them were (in your opinion)

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I'm not so sure how effective pre-screening can really be. People who do these sorts of things have usually honed their skills to a virtuoso level when it comes to flying under the radar. As excie noted, Wierdwilly is a prime example.

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i just talked to someone who i LOVE LOVE LOVE (exwayfer)

he wants sandusky to rot for grooming and raping little boys

i want him to know there is not much difference in these leaders

i don't know, what do you all think?

sports, reglions, which one is more seductive?

does it have to be one sex over another?

age 11 vs. 15, 17?

i don't want to get into a philosophical discussion


all done for now

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It's all the same thing, in my opinion. I think we just cite the ages and genders to make it more tangible to our understanding, easier to feel the outrage it deserves. Otherwise, it would seem too surreal to comprehend.

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Ex, on the same newscast where I heard the Sandusky verdicts yesterday morning, there was a report about a bishop or some higher-up in the Catholic church who just got convicted of covering up for pedophile priests and shuffling them off to other unsuspecting parishes. His name is Lynn or Linn (dunno the spelling), and I forget what U.S. city he's in. Anyhow, he's going to jail.

It's about time these people who hid the heinous deeds of these bastar-ds were prosecuted.

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Sandusky's wife had to have known something awful was going on. All those boys visiting at all hours, spending the night, her husband disappearing from their own bed at night for long stretches of time. How could she not have known? What is she, headless?

Ex, once in a while I attend church with a Catholic friend and each time I sit there wondering if the priest is one of the many child abusers they have not prosecuted. It's the first thing that enters my mind, before prayer or God or anything else. I can't help believing everyone else in the congregation is wondering the same thing. How can they not? It's like there's a dead stinking rotting elephant sprawled in front of the altar but nobody wants to acknowledge it.

Willfully corrupt people who are given powerful positions have found a corrupt system that will protect them. One hand washes the other.

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i agree with you, buff

but there's a lovely mind thing called denial

i had my kid baptized in the catholic church to please grandparents, but that was it

didn't do communion, confirmation, any other such sacrements. never brought him to a mass

some people in my family think i have failed miserably. well, i have, but not in that regard

both my aunts are nuns -- excuse me, one is an ex-nun. she only went in to please her mother (a nutcase - my grandmother) because her older sister did. her life is destroyed -- over -- she's still alive, but dead inside. she loved men, she loved children, but gave it all away and by the time she got kicked out or left the "order" - it was too late

i have so much more to say about the catholic church of my upbringing, but it tires me out. i'm sure i'll get re-energized eventually lol

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Opera Buff your link isn't working. I suspect the place that owns it blocked if from the general public.

I agree that Paterno knew and kept it quiet. Here: what I think:

Football brings a lot of money and attention to the college. Any kind of misbehavior would interfere with that. It wouldn't be a surprise to me if the college President and other Directors also knew and kept their mouths shut to keep the money flowing in.

If it is determined that this is true, then all of them.....Paterno possibly excluded because he may have tried to stop it (?)...they all should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

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