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Game: Before & After (Movies and TV)

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Here's a new game based on the Wheel of Fortune category. For those who don't know, "Before and After" in Wheel of Fortune is when two terms or expressions are united by a word at the end of one phrase and at the beginning of the second.

For example: "God Bless You Dirty Rat" is a before & After tying "God Bless You" and "You Dirty Rat."

I thought it might be fun to do the same thing with movie titles. So here's the gimmick: I describe the movie (mixing up the plots of the two movies and TV shows), and you figure out the before & after.

Rather than give an example, I'll just start it off and you'll hopefully see what I mean. Ready?

After a family moves into an old house, their little girl becomes tormented by visions of Batman in the basement.

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Ok. It's got a lot of detail, so I was confused at first. It sounds like 3 movies or shows because "Big Trouble in Little China" is that kind of movie. While humming the theme song, I was eventual

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In case I wasn't clear on the rules, it can be two movies, two tv shows, or one of each. Doesn't matter.

In this case, it's two theatrical movies.

TV movies are fine, so long as they are really, really well known.

You must use the full titles, not cutting into the middle (definite articles excepted).

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No need for "Rises," although it would work if I had said "After a family moves into an old house, their little girl becomes tormented by visions of Batman coming up from the basement."

In the interest of moving this along, I'll reveal it:

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Knight

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Have Archie and Edith adopt Steve Urkel or Alex P. Keaton, for example.

If I am not mistaken, your B/A is All in the Family, with Family being the name of the second show. Did it have a longer title I'm not aware of?

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I was thinking of that show with Kristy McNichol, which was just called "Family."

So now that we've dodged that bullet, let's clarify:

The last word of the first title should be the first word of the second title (with the exception of words like "the" and "a").

Since I kind of cheated on this clue (AFTER guessing, to learn I was wrong), I won't spoil it by jumping in with the correct answer. But how about a "cheating is okay after two days" rule to keep the game moving. Would folks be okay with that?

Hint to the current clue: I was right about All in the Family. The second title starts with the word "Family" and has one more word.

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More than two days having passed:

All in the Family Affair

Next clue:

In this talent competition, the contestants compete to see who can perform hip-hop, jazz, ballet and modern routines so effectively that they reach a body temperature of 101 degrees.

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A madman stalks a group of teenagers harboring what they thought was a tragic secret about a shared experience from July and August of 1977.

For the sake of adding some clarity (???) Our story takes place in the early spring of 1978. You know, less than a year after the events of July and August 1977.

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