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Seniority doesn't confer privileges here. Manners do. Tact does. You are lacking in both. Stop getting mad at us for pointing it out and start accepting responsibility for the tone you are setting. The problem is not everyone else. You're rude. A diverse group of people who are accustomed to disagreeing with each other on a variety of issues are all quickly reaching the same conclusion. That's not an accident


You are quite right WordWolf, I made an assumption that there were alot of ex-corp here and thus, had expectations of some Biblical insight; that was a very bad assumption. So, are there alot of old/ex corp on this site?

There's not a whole lot of anybody here anymore. There's no "in crowd." There's no "crowd."

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Looking back at my early days of posting here, people probably thought that I was rude, too. Hell, I came here looking for a replacement PFAL book so I could lend it to people I was witnessing to. Imagine what people must have thought of that request!

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