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STFI and Finnegan join forces!

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This thread was started by someone who has a lot of first-hand, inside information about who VF is and how VF is when the cameras are off. 


I'm rather slow to judge how accurate anyone is based on how cool their internet presence looks.  I remember an organization (non religioua) that looked incredibly well organized- judging from their paperwork, mailing list, etc.   They were a mess, which anyone knew who dealt with them DIRECTLY. 


This website contains people who run the gamut from "Shame on you for saying vpw drugged and raped those women, and God told him to plagiarize" to "I'm just who I was before, minus the organization but with the same beliefs" through  "I'm a Christian but not endorsing twi or extwi"   and "now I'm a practicing Jew/Muslim/Wiccan"  to "I've renounced all religions and finally embraced the truth that they're all delusions because there is no god."     You won't find TOO many people here representing the first 2 positions so much, since they prefer to go off and hang out with each other.   (For that matter, most GSC posters have moved on with their lives, with both twi and the GSC as distant lights in the rear-view mirror-  which, to me, is a good thing.)    I'll say I'm still a Christian, but I hesitate to embrace terms that twi used to isolate us from other Christians- like "believer" for ONLY twi Christians.   There's a lot of freedom here to be whatever and to believe whatever, so there's a lot of points of view represented here.  That's definitely counter to a twi experience, but it's generally a lot healthier to have fresh air and disagreements than unanimity and stale repetition.

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Greetings, St. Christopher (love the screen name):

When I'm not moderating, I'm Raf. I wanted to clarify and amend WordWolf's response to be a little more clear.

The Greasespot Cafe is an online community of former followers of The Way International (and its offshoots, to a lesser extent). We are not unified in our beliefs. We have no teachings. We have no doctrine. We have no heirarchy. A few moderators stick around to make sure the conversations are cordial and that no one uses this platform to commit actionable slander.

Some of us maintain that Wierwille was a man of God whose legacy was attacked after he died and he was the victim of a long campaign of posthumous character assassination. One of us (maybe more, I don't know) believes that the written works of Wierwille are, in fact, the God-breathed Word and more trustworthy than your Bible for all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Some of us think Wierwille was sometimes right and sometimes wrong. We don't even agree with each other on what he was right or wrong about! So there's a lot of variety. You could believe he got Speaking in Tongues right but that Jesus really is God. Or that he got the Trinity right but gifts of the spirit wrong.

This particular thread is about the joint effort of two groups at odds with each other over at least one crucial doctrine and maybe more. And it's an interesting conversation (or it was two years ago when we had it).

Some of us have embraced traditional Christianity.

Some of us have left Christianity for another religion. Pretty sure we have one wiccan or practicer of reiki (confession: STILL don't know what that means).

And some of us embrace no religion at all.



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By the way, if you want to explore what you believe and what others think about it, we have a whole section dedicated to doctrinal discussions. By all means, chime in!

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