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Three movies or Three actors


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54 minutes ago, WordWolf said:

No.  IIRC, only 1 of thoae movies I listed was a drama.   That's Cusack's bread and butter.

Cusack's bread and butter isn't drama.   Off topic but I think John Cusack is more a comedic actor who also does dramatic roles.  Maybe you know his work better than I do which is entirely possible?


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Being John Malkovich.  No, that's not it I looked it up already.  That didn't take me out of the game however.  I just didn't see any actors from those clues in that cast  of BJM.

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6 hours ago, Human without the bean said:

WOW!  You're still here?

Still trying to get a guess.  This movie did fairly well at the box office, and it's been used in the Name that Flick thread.  Not many more people in the cast, though.

Nicholas Cage

Steve Buscemi

Ving Rhames

Rachel Ticotin

John Malkovich

Danny Trejo

John Cusack

Mykelti Williamson

Dave Chappelle

Monica Potter

Nick Chinlund


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6 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

All right, boys and girls, I'm flipping the cards.

"Con Air"



That title must have gone through my mind 100 times when I looked at your clues   :asdf:.   It wouldn't register in my thick headed skull.

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