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Three movies or Three actors

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The Hobbit, perhaps? George

Am I? Ok.   This actor or actress was in: Les Miserables (not the musical) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Shine

It's sort-of a sequel. It's not labeled as one, but it can easily be considered a sequel.  AFAIK, it takes place afterwards with at least 1 character from the previous movie.   Just don't kill yoursel

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I don't think so.  Some times, a couple of actors appear in several movies.  Without actually checking, I'm saying No.  At least, it isn't the person I'm thinking of.

Long Shot

The Disaster Artist


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The Night Before

This Is the End

Knocked Up

Donnie Darko


(Easy one next, if no one gets it from the clues so far.)

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14 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

I suspect that I'm familiar with this movie, but it's not coming to me yet.


Paul Schaefer appears late in the movie.  I would focus on remembering the other 2.


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On 1/14/2021 at 1:49 AM, WordWolf said:

Paul Shaffer       Dan Ackroyd   John Goodman  

John Popper    Eric Clapton    BB King

Dan Ackroyd was Elwood, John Goodman was MIghty Mac.  John Popper of Blues Traveler seemed to play himself- he said he and his brother were inspired by Elwood and Jake to form a band, and asked Elwood to come listen. He agreed, and took off immediately.    Paul Shaffer was from the original Blues Brothers band, but was unable to make the original movie.  Here, he got to play alongside them at Queen Mousette's place.    The battle of the bands included both the Blues Brothers and the Louisiana Gator Boys.  If you look, that band includes Eric Clapton, BB King......

Sorry, if you'd seen the movie, I think you'd remember some of them.

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