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Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson busted in Fla.


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Just heard this on the radio. On New Years Eve he, his son, and his son's wife were at a hotel party. His son got on stage to sing with the band and everything was cool. Then someone called security to get the son (Justin) off stage and that's when the fighting started. A cop broke Alex's nose and each side blames the other. Alex was still in jail this morning.

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His son must have really sucked. Just kidding.

I was never really a Rush fan. Although I do have vague memories of smoking a dooby and listening to some song about a tree or something.

But Florida has always been weird about rock bands anyway. They always get in trouble over there.



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Rush was the band that convinced me to stop going to concerts under the influence.

I had seen them once during the 2112 tour, quite impaired.

About a year later I took the subway directly from work to the venue, didn't have time to "impair myself". Nothing was available inside.

I was amazed at how much better everything sounded without chemical enhancement.

Thanks guys.

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I didn't start listening to Rush until college, but they grew on me. I think Mr. Peart was one of the better rock lyricists, but Lee and Lifeson's music was hit or miss. Actually, Rush is one of those bands that everyone probably has a favorite album of theirs, but almost no one likes all of them. Call it evolution, call it burning out, but every 3 albums or so, they changed their sound. Me, I prefer their middle stuff, from 80 to about 87. People who prefer the earlier 70s stuff tend to think of the 80s albums as sell-outs to Pop instead of Progressive, and those who like the 90s albums are, well, I've never met anyone who just went nuts over any album past Hold Your Fire. They are good in concert though, if you like their hits.

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Song: This happened in Naples, Fla. I couldn't find a link about it.

I had never heard them before getting into TWI and the 6 pointed star on the cover of 2112 repelled me. Then when they came to STL for the Moving Pictures tour I heard a radio interview with Neil Peart. Seemed like a decent guy.

Tom Sawyer was OK. I really liked New World Man and The Big Money. THAT song seemed to parallel what LCM was teaching at the time about wrong seeders.

In 1996 I finally got to see them. I haven't gone to many concerts the past 20 yrs, but that one was great. Thank God for earplugs.

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