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50 Worst TV Shows Of All Time

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When "The View" comes on I usually flip the station sofast there is smoke coming out of the remote. I can't even give an opinion on how bad it is...I just know I wouldn't like it.

Howard Stern in my opinion is an ugly perverted sick oinker. I woudn't even give him number 1 spot because he would relish in it.

P.T.L,lol I liked that show. Me and my mom used to watch it in the 80's before all the controversy started.

We loved "Tammy's House Party" And I always thought Tammy had a great voice! I thought she could belt out some of those tunes so well! Honestly!

...On the eighth day, God created Rottweilers...

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I'm surprised no one has mentions "Roseanne", gawd, that screeechy voice reminded me of Rozilla Rivenfart's voice. If Rosepig would have spoken with a southern sicky sweet accent, it would have been close enough to Rozilla's to have made my skin crawl.

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I liked Roseanne Too! I have to admit when it first came out, it took me awhile to warm up to it. I thought it should have ended a couple seasons before it actually did. I never cared for the new Becky.

Fantasy Island didn't hold up over time for me. As Dark Shadows. Loved it as a kid, when I see it now it's just not the same.

...On the eighth day, God created Rottweilers...

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I am a trekker.

The original series was awful. Next Gen was pretty terrible too, till poor Gene Roddenberry left this mortal coil.

Once Gene wasn't there, the show improved tremendously. Characters weren't cardboard, one dimentional, flat.

The movies directed by Kirk, (oops Shatner)were just deplorable.

The ones that weren't directed by him were good to great.

As Scifi freaks, we watched the development of Next Gen. Flawed, less than perfect people walking through life doing the best they can with what they've got.

I tell my brother that I think God had room in his heart for Klingons, Ferengi, and even the Celiac!

He laughed! Me too!

Still, TOS belongs on that list!



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I LOVE Hogan's Heroes ... I have seen all the episodes more than once! The only good thing about The Powers of Matthew Star is that Barry Van Dyke (Diagnosis Murder's "Lt. Steve Sloan," and son of Dick Van Dyke) plays his coach on some of the episodes ... and I like Barry.

There are too many BAD TV shows to list, but two of my FAVORITES of the 60s and 70s were "The Wild, Wild West" with Robert Conrad in his hunkier, earlier years, and "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." ... cute fellow played Illya Kuryakin, partner to Napoleon Solo.


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The Celiac, ( I think that's how it's spelled pronounces shell e ak) were aliens who were only minimally involved with the federation.

The episode was Next Gen, and the Celiac had found a planet from which they wanted the 'infestation of humans' removed. Very 'law conscious' the agreement with the Federation was like a zillion pages long and very detailed, (sub clauses within sub clauses...on ad finitum)

The inhabitants of this planet had adapted to a high level of some sort of radiation so Data was the only one who could go down to the planet.

The Original Series had an episode called 'The Empath'. She wasn't a member of the crew, she was just a character who inter-reacted with Kirk and Bones.

Hope that answers it!

Anything else you need to know about ST let me know!



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Kay: It's spelled "Sheliak". Sheliak and Sulafat are the two stars in Lyra that are on either side of M57, the Ring Nebula.

God bless!


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Okay, Sheliak, I know exactly the episode you're talking about, "You humans don't negotiate, you gibber."

And the empath, now I remember. Thanks!

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Thanks Zix, I wasn't sure about the spelling, just the pronounciation!

TOS isn't my cup of tea, more my hubby Tim's.



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I love Oprah!!!!!! She brought compassion to talk shows before her it was the Phil Donahue "make people feel bad" forum.

I loved Dark Shadows and also ran home from school to see it, Kay. Loved Barnibus!!!

I never liked Hogan's Hero's and always thought it was too far fetched to have these Americans able to do all this stuff inside a POW camp.

The German's were not stupid they were ruthless and cruel in those camps so I NEVER saw any humor in it at all.

The Love Boat was a bland as bland can be and fantasy Island was kind of a paternal twin to it.

Dot Matrix

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If my trivia holds up, in Star Trek (the

Original Series), the empath in "the Empath"

was named "Gem".

(Who's Who in Star Trek, DC Comics.)


One episode of ST:TNG I will always love is

"the Ensigns of Command."

That's the episode where the Sheliak Corporate

tells the Federation to clear the humans off the

planet or they will be destroyed, under their

rights under their treaty with the Federation.

The episode proceeds in 2 parts.

A) Data goes down to the planet to convince the

very stubborn colonists that to refuse to

evacuate is a death sentence for the colonists.

B) Picard desperately tries to negotiate for

enough time to bring in transports to remove all

the colonists. The scene where he finally

figures out how is one of my favourite of all

time. Steve remembered the perfect quote to

sum up the Sheliak's attitudes.

I just figured out who the Sheliak reminded me

of-the Excalbians. Those were the rock people

from the original series that made the copies of

Abraham Lincoln & the others, & had good duke

it out with evil in a free-for-all.


Actually, ST:TOS did have some good moments.

I think "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" was

a GREAT episode. Frank Gorshon as that constable,

with the two guys-both white on one side, black

on the other-fight a genocidal race war that's

continued on for centuries. It threw a whole

new light in racism.

Also, the idea of an interracial crew working

together worked well.

You all know that tv's first interracial

(white/black interracial) kiss was between

Kirk & Uhuru, right? (American tv, anyway.)


WHO didn't like Fantasy Island?

I didn't watch it as often as I'd like, & I

liked the new series w/ Malcolm Mc Dowall better,

but the old series had a certain charm.

Of course, it also had Ricardo Montalban.

My favourite scene from Fantasy Island never

happened on Fantasy Island.

The old Bloom County comic strip. Opus is

watching Fantasy Island on tv.

Tatoo: Who is our guest this week, bahs?

Mr Roarke: No one, Tattoo. This week is special.

This week, we will talk about MY fantasy.

Tattoo: Your fantasy, bahs?

Mr R: Yes. My fantasy is to see you drive a

1978 Chrysler Cordoba off that cliff on the

other side of the island....

Tattoo: Oh, bahs, I don't think I LAHK that


Opus: WE DO!!!! WE DO!!!!!


Someone, somewhere, thought Normal, Ohio would

actually work as a series. Why?


The original Black Scorpion was played by

Joan Severance, but I'm blanking on the actress

who replaced her. I never did see the episode

where Adam West plays a villain on that show.


Rottie Grrrl, thanks for filling in the ending

to that twilight zone episode. I saw the

beginning, but never saw the end....


Until they make "A Very Brady Chainsaw Massacre",

my life is incomplete.


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Wordwolf, you're welcome!

A very Brady chainsaw massacre? Ewwww!

As much as I love some horror movies. TCSM is one I can't stomache to this day.

Same with "Henry:Portrait of a serial killer" and the last 5 minutes of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar"


...It's hard to be humble when you own a Rottweiler...

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Galen wrote:

"Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell:

SNL made fun of Cosell many times, I did not know that Cosell hosted one SNL, kewl."

Actually it wasn't the SNL that we know. Not many people remember it, but the same year NBC premiered SNL (1975) ABC also had a show called Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell. Because of this, NBC's show was officially called "NBC's Saturday Night Live." ABC's show was a very poor variety show that aired earlier in the evening, but because it had a big name, people thought it would do better than those unknown upstarts over at NBC. It didn't. It was gone before the season ended.

It scares me that I remember this...

Mark Clarke

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This show's only "claim to fame" was introducing the Bay City Rollers to the U.S.

That alone should have been enough to get it cancelled.

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