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Summer Reunion

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Zshot darling Dot does have direct knowledge. She was told that wiping her a$$ with PFAL will save on toilet paper. Sorry Dot, that is my interpretation. Care to join my group? Its called the first church of her goofiness.

I have first hand knowledge of "twig" and if I was playing word association the first word that would come to my head is "shudder"

That is my opinion and I am stuck to it.


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after having been in a cult and ripped to shreds by ordained clergy (referring to dottie and myself at the moment) -- and then have a "newly ordained clergymen" from an offshoot of said cult write those emails -- is cause for concern -- and at the least discussion -- on an ex-twi forum

i like research geek from his posts but that doesn't mean i can't express how shocked i am that the group he is with would ordain the nitwit that emailed dottie

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From what I have read here, I am inclined to think he is a jerk (if not worse).

Splintee might be his own idiot etc...

I don't think it would be fair to claim that all those that are associated with the same larger group are of the same mentality as splintee...

I will concide that there could very well be rev splinter cloans out there...

But, so far...

All the people I have met that are with CFF have been good people.

I have not been to any of their fellowships or meetings therefore, I have no direct knowledge of there policy's, practices, etc...

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now if the ordainee is a wierwille worshipper or a big meanie, does this say anything about the ordainer or the group ?

responses welcomed by CFFers and naturally anyone like i could stop you ha ha ha ha

ps. if this is a derailment of the summer reunion, let me know, and i'll start a different thread. ok ? thanks prosucker et al

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People are going to do what they want to do, so go do what you want. As far as I am concerned I choose to avoid all things WAY.

If CFF can ordain someone that speaks the way Rev. Splinter did then I think people may want to excercise caution.

Now, if Jeffrey Dahmer was a Lutheran it does not mean all Lutherans are bad.


If you are recognizing someone as having a gift ministry and they are the example of what you are all about and they contact someone (me) FIRST and their second e-mail is reproof and put downs "you could not wipe your a$$ if not for PFAL", then I would have to say the group is probably infected.

Funny, but had he have written to me with real love and kindness, I may have even checked out his organization -- but it was like having WAY flashbacks of attacks, legalism, unkindness, robotic bs.

That is my opinion. I am glad R Geek feels good about going. HE is very intelligent. Perhaps they have not treated him the way I feel I was treated.

What everyone needs to realize when we/you/they are dealing with people who have been hurt and deceived by a church the hurt, confusion and healing is very different than that of betrayal with no God affiliation. The hurt and deception by a GOD organization cuts deeper and it takes an incredible amount of love and kindness to relate to those kinds of injured people.

There are folks that were so hurt they completely wrote God off. Knowing that those kinds of people come to this website seeking something -- validation, proof we really were in an evil cult, it wasn't all a dream, it wasn't just me was it?

Knowing these kinds of people are here, if you choose to contact someone and invite them to a fellowship, or represent an organization, or at minmum sign your letters Rev. N--- (Splinter), then you should be at least kind. AT LEAST KIND.

Whatever we seek, it is coming from a different level of betrayal. We are good people who tricked because we tried to love God. It is painful when a spouse turns out to be a creep. It is hurtful when our parents let us down. It is shocking and frightening when we are victims of crime. But when all these pains afflict us we turned to God for answers and healing. So, we came broken to "our last hope" (many of us) and we brought our pain and a last bit of hope and laid it before God via TWI. They used our brokenness to take more out of us. While they took our last buck, called us names, sucked our joy out of us they did it with a big smile in the name of God.

Heck, when my x-spouse cheated it HURT but he did it to satisfy some urge he had -- God had nothing to do with it. God was not even mentioned.

It was betrayal but it did not come close to the betrayal made by people supposedly "speaking for God."

Knowing this,we are a group that have been hurt, Rev. Splinter saw a post I made on GS about how I loved the old days and my hometown, etc. He contacted me to tell me the word was still moving in that town like crazy. I thought he as a GS person, an outie, someone that knew VPW had penis problems....

I had a small spark of hope that some how the sweetness of the old twigs survived back in my hometown! I thought he maybe someone I knew or knew my old friends.... I wrote him, something like, what a shame it is that VPW turned out to be a sex pervert. And something along the lines of I hoped he was for real and not apart of JAL group cause I found his group to be lacking then sited some things back when I was checking into JAL.

Rev. Splinter then wrote about ten scriptures and what I perceive to be nasty toned comments. HE pretty much told me I should not have made those comments and I need to forgive VPW, but all the while there was no kindness. I felt like I had stuck my hand in a cage at the pound, I was ready to give this poor dog a chance and he bit me.

Even John Juedes on his site, he is not a splinter but a real minister, when I first contacted him he treated me with such love and tenderness. I would open up a little and he did not flinch but rather reached his heart into my life so sweetly, I was able to speak of VPW trying to have sex with me, and I told him no. My response to VPW killed my corps career. I was defamed, defeated, shunned and emotionally slaughtered.

That man, John Juedes, told me x-cult members have to be handled with extreme care, as if the box is marked breakable. Because of his kindness, I looked for a healthy church. It was so hard to even try to do such a thing. But his mercy and kindness to a total stranger helped me begin to repair.

The EXACT opposite was what I felt I got from Rev. Splinter. Therefore, I would never go to fellowship with that kind of haughty know-it-all robotic minister AND I would be highly suspect of anyone who ordained him.

Maybe some of you were bolder, less hurt, more ready to try again, now strong enough to walk away and still maintain self, I was not there yet. This minister, Rev. Splinter, almost undid the things John Juedes was helping me regain. I was able to respond once, I felt like Samson rising up, but then he e-mailed another nasty note.

I was just going to say the he!! with posting on GS, the heck with trying to find old TWI friends, screw church. (NOT screw God, I had been loving him in my life without organized church and old TWI contacts)

Then, I found my voice and I answered Rev. Splinter with the guts I had years before TWI ever happened in my life.

Do you know how I found my voice? It was Ginger Tea, Satori, GOE, Mstar, Kelvar, Ex10, Ahat, Rascal, Grizz, Zshot, Hope R, Highway 29, Shaz, ET1, socks, midnight, out and about, Josey, Longgone, Steve and the rest of the people that got on the site and held me up when I almost withdrew from contact with other believers and old friends.

YOU folks were what gave me encouragement and love. THE MINISTER SPLINTER only proved to me that the WAY sickness was prevalent in every splinter I have ever investigated or merely casually learned of.

So, make up your own minds kids. But if I were looking for a place to go I might check out John Juedes before I checked out any splinters. I have never met (via internet) a kinder man of the cloth.

Dot Matrix

[This message was edited by Dot Matrix on July 22, 2002 at 16:02.]

[This message was edited by Dot Matrix on July 22, 2002 at 17:07.]

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Thanks Adios and EX

Your reaction GTea was normal and helpful back when I posted. It was so normal it was in complete contrast to Rev. Splinter's.


If you had two sons, and they ran into you and one had blood all over him, his nose was broken, his eye blackened and he was limping. This bloodied son tells you that your other son did this to him. What is the normal reaction?

You would say to the son in pain, "Oh, my God let me help you." You would try to stop the bleeding then put ice on his eye and check his leg for swelling. Probably, after you got some life saving measures going, you would say to the one responsible something like, "What did you do? You are to NEVER hit your brother, let alone leave him in this shape! You will be punished."

But the same (figuritive) thing happens except this time the mother reacts as follows:

The beaten son approaches her. The mother turns to him as the boy says his brother beat him. The mother is fuming! She turns to the beaten son, before any first aid is administered, she says, "Have you forgiven your brother?"

Beaten son, "I don't want to talk to him right now, I am bleeding and can hardly stand."

Mother, "If it wasn't for your brother you would not even be able to wipe your a$$. Now, you forgive him! And do not come to me with anymore tales you are causing division in the family!" Then the mother begins to quote things to her bleeding boy, the tongue is a posion it says so in the Bible, how dare you talk about your brother

I do not care what happened we will not stand for gossip in this house. You gossiper, let me show you in the Bible where you made your mistakes..."

The second mother was similar IMO, to the logic Rev. Splinter had. The logic and love in the first mother was the way I was treated by John Juedes and the GS posters.

It once again became clear to me -- the insanity TWI weaved into our lives!!! And the NORMAL way someone should respond.

I was NEVER again going to accept the second mother as my family, so to speak. But people have to see this stuff on their own. God help them.

So, I will not be going to the reunion.

Dot Matrix

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Dear Dot,

Have you considered "donating" a copy of your e-mails from the jerk to Pat at Ex-Cultworld Magazine? He has files not on just TWI, but has expanded into their offshoots.

People should know about this stuff, and be able to easily find it so that if they are considering involvement in one of these groups, they can see what they are in for.

And if this jerk, Rev. Splinter is with CFF, that would bring the number of their clergy jerks to 3 unless he is the guy in Missouri or JR.

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here is the link to CFF's site showing when reverend splinter got ordained in pennsylvania in march 2002


click on calendar upper right and then click on the yearly one


and while i'm at it,why did he use his "reverend" title when yelling his crapola to dottie ? was he trying to intimidate her ? was he just so proud that he had been recently ordained ? based on what RG posted on thread about reverends, i don't think he would approve

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Yes I'm going to the CFF family reunion.

Sorry to knock this thread off its tangient.

CFF is a great place to fellowship.

I do not worship Victor Paul Wierwille.

(some folks in CFF still hold him in high regard)

(I have lost a lot of respect for VPW)

I think you are REALLY OFF BASE in that assessment of CFF.

Furthermore, even though I like CFF; I have only a small interest in the many foundational classes they offer.

I like my splinter group!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea who this Rev. Splinter is?


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My e-mail had a virus (the one that sends out e-mails to your address book without your knowledge) I had to delete everything while hunting for and trying to get rid of the problem. All I have left are the excerpts that I posted.

Cafe Baker - I am glad you are happy. Whatever floats your boat. Enjoy the reunion. Let us know how it went, I would be interested in your take on it. I wish to not post Rev. Splinter's name in the event that someday he sees the error of his ways, I don't want him to be pointed at and jeered "Tha Splinter man is that guy"

God still works miracles.

Dot Matrix

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Was Rev. jerk's initials NC?

If so, then three is the numberof clergy jerks to show themselves so far in CFF. I'd send all you had (exerpts) and a note of how you feel to pat. I think he would post all the details on the CFF page where people can read it.

People need to know about canker sores like these pieces of work so that they can avoid them and not waste their time and money on TWI re-runs.

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