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Is CFF having their annual summer reunion? I heard many people that went last year did NOT go to the teachings but stayed ouside and talked to their freinds and family. How does that go over with the leadership? Is it still allowed? Anyone going? Is it true VP's pictures are still up in the chapel/church hallways? Is he still herolded as a great man of God by CFF?

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Rev Nick Spliner?

Yes, what exhortation and comfort he gave me --

Like a used barf bag.

Do people know this CFF is a weird little splinter -- or at least some of the people that have said they were in it are? Gosh, I hate to see people throw away good brain cells on a new cult.. Like that stupid Momentus thing ... That took a quart of brain cells right there.

But maybe some folks enjoy it. Like Rev. splinter told me, I could not wipe my a$$ without PFAL. Speaking of which, there is some Craig literature I would enjoy wiping my a$$ with.

Dot Matrix

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shortly before GS on ezboard finished, dot matrix was sharing some pearls of wisdom from a reverend splinter who was emailing her with God's matchless loving doctrine, reproof and correction

i was shocked to find he was ordained into the CFF ministry a few months back

sorry you missed the thread, it was interesting

it would have easily answered your question about whether wierwille is still heralded as the great man of god

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It was posted on the GS on the ez board forum.

A guy contacted me because I said something about my hometown, which was his current home.

I thought he was a committed "outie". I spoke about VPW's crimes of sex in TWI and of a Rev. L who, in my opinion still smells like the sheets at TWI.

Well, this "outie" turned out to be a Rev. (and VERY proud of the fact that he was an ordained cultist). I posted his letters and referred to him as Rev. Splinter.

He told me I could not wipe my a$$ if not for PFAL. And other sundry little blessings in his love notes. All who read his posts saw and spoke loudly of his "way brain" and the insanity of the Way still poured from his words.

Maybe Paw will bring it over from the other site. It generated about 5 pages of commentary.

Dot Matrix

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If you are interested in CFF and attending their Summer Reunion, please keep these things in mind.

It's not a good idea to discredit or to question in excess any works done by VPW, the PFAL class, tongues and interpretation and the believing=receiving doctrine. They do have the right to strike you from their membership list but are most kind in not calling you "seed of the adversary","homo" or "not born-again."

[This message was edited by L.W. on July 19, 2002 at 23:56.]

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IMHO Who are we to judge what anybody is doing with Their life AFTER twi? Ittakes time for someone to get over things THEIR OWN TIME not yours or mine.I know all of us have been hurt by twi not some anyone ever involved. I guess maybe some of those splinters are the steppin stone some need to Leave twi so which is the greater good??

Fightin crimes of daway

1st amendment works both ways in Stow Oh

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Steppin can be dangerous...step very carefully to the next cult.....

oops I mean fellow----alien ship

oops I mean wierdo living room....

oops I mean give me your money...

oops I mean just 10% instead of 15%...

oops I mean owe everything to me and no one else...


C'mon get real!!!!!! listen to yourself!!!!!


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Did you report your concerns to Wayne Clapp or John Shroyer of CFF? They might tell you to jump in the lake, or they might want to know they've got a WayNazi in their ranks. Either way, it's positive action instead of idle talk, right?

God bless!


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I do not care to report anyone to anything. I have had my fill of reporting people in TWI to no avail.

I did not even want to participate in any conversation with Rev. Splinter to begin with.

I thought he was an outie. I thought he either knew people I knew or was someone I knew as he was in my hometown.

He e-mailed me about how the town was still moving the Bible there. I e-mailed him and spoke freely about VPW's crap and another person's crap.

Then, I got a lecture on forgiveness and how I could not wipe my ***.

I responded then asked him to NOT contact me anymore but he did. I responded. Then, eventually I just ignored him.

I do not want to involve myself with any splinter in anyway even to tell them I think one of their people was rude. Do you think these people are logical? It is a waste of time.

It only came up again as Ex found some connection between the Splinter Rev. and the Splinter group.

If people want to exalt VPW to the sky, praise PFAL and wipe each other's a$$es with the books I do not care.

But I think seeing some of the verbal exchange might help people SEE some of these splinter groups for the mini-Ways they are. But apparently, it can also turn people on to these groups. If what you read tickles anyone's fancy -- go enjoy yourself.

If some people are looking for that, go for it.

I think it is a waste of perfectly good brain cells. That is it.

Rev. Splinter enjoy your life. All his followers may God protect you, all supporters of splinters -- I hope you can survive another cult.

I guess heroine addicts are put onto methadone as a stepping stone... Some people eventually get out of both, others get addicted to the methadone.

Your choice. Mine is to not get entangled with any of them.

I mean this with no offense to those that see how WAYBRAIN this guy is or to those that dig his way of doing things.... Whatever floats your boat.

(At the time he was writing to me, he did irritate me because I found him to be calloused. Now, it is like thinking about a bruise I once had. I hope nobody else walks into what I walked into, I hope nobldy else gets bruised -- But we all said "Watch out!" now it is free will...)

Concerning idle talk, we could take the whole GS site and say to each poster -- have you gone and told them this? Have you reported Harve to Rosalee? Have you reached JAL about one of his staff? I dunno, maybe you are just a wonderful optimist and I am a realist. Or maybe I have crossed from realist to pessimist, either way, May God protect your tender heart.

Dot Matrix

[This message was edited by Dot Matrix on July 21, 2002 at 12:05.]

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Dot: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you with my comment. I do not doubt in the least what happened between you and this person. I only suggested what I did in the off-chance that there would be some action taken by CFF to show that they aren't just a TWI-sprout. (A long shot, of course. In reality, neither Revs. Clapp nor Shroyer were part of this exchange, so I doubt they'd get involved.)

I just can't do a blanket condemnation of CFF based on the atrocious behavior of one individual, even though he might be an ordained minister in their organization. Why? Because we have here another ordained CFF minister, Research Geek, who certainly ISN'T an expatriate WayNazi. RG has shown himself time and again to be an honorable man of integrity, a good example of how the ministry SHOULD have worked all along. In my public and private dealings with this man and his wife, (both ex-Corps grads) I have found them to be humble, generous, supportive, and entirely without guile.

Granted, I cannot make a blanket recommendation for CFF based on RG's positive actions anymore than the other fellow's actions can condemn it. I will say this, however: I'd go to ResearchGeek's "twig" any time.

God bless!


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I agree with Zixar's last post.

I have had the pleasure of meeting RG. If he passes this way again I would enjoy hanging out with him some more.

To comdemn or reccommend any group based on the actions of a few make as much sence as raceism .

I am not part of CFF.

I have enjoyed meeting a few people who are associated with CFF.

I believe that there are both good and bad people in any group of people.

It is not wise to be hap hazard with words such as "all" or "none".

It is easier to make general statements than to speak specifically or to only speak of thing that you have direct knowledge of.

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