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The rule is against sequels to get TO actors that appear in both films. There's no rule against cameos to get to actors that are not in the first movie (ie, even if it were a sequel, it would be okay

The Fugitive Joey Pants Running Scared (1980s buddy cop flick, not the more recent, more serious action thriller)

I don't know who "Creepshow" is, but he didn't star in "The Natural." ;) George

11 hours ago, Human without the bean said:

There is only one L in Alan Ruck fyi.

That movie that TWM warned us about not to watch because it leads to spiritualism ??

Ghost   Demi Moore   G I Jane  (extra points here, 58,000, if you don't use Viggo)

I won't.


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1 hour ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

I won't.


But you can still play the game right.  It's hard I know, but I try to select a different actors/actress's other than the obvious one whenever I can (if I can) just so different names come up on the thread.

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