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Triple Movie Links Game


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This could be fun...

Some folks were playing this on another message board (not mine) and apparently having a blast. Here's how it works. I name an actor or actress in a movie. Then I name the movie. Then I name ANOTHER actor or actress in that same movie. Theatrical movies only: no TV movies please. This rule added after p.12

The next poster has to name another movie that the second actor was in, another actor in THAT movie, and then another movie the actor was in.

No cheating: rely on your memory.

Please put your entries in bold so we can see them...

It's easier than it sounds. I'll do the first two rounds, so you see the pattern. You pick it up from there:

Michael Keaton

Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer

Tequila Sunrise

Raul Julia

Presumed Innocent

Next round...

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