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The rule is against sequels to get TO actors that appear in both films. There's no rule against cameos to get to actors that are not in the first movie (ie, even if it were a sequel, it would be okay

The Fugitive Joey Pants Running Scared (1980s buddy cop flick, not the more recent, more serious action thriller)

I don't know who "Creepshow" is, but he didn't star in "The Natural." ;) George

The Lone Ranger and tonto were surrounded by a band of hostile Indians. The Lone Ranger said to tonto, "Looks like we've been ambushed." Tonto said, "What you mean 'we', white man?"

Lost in America


Debbie Reynolds

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I didn't notice that outandabout and I posted at about the same time. Nonetheless, tonto is correct: you can't do two movies in a row, so the submission doesn't count anyway.

Lots of known actors in Wall Street (the movie). This shouldn't be too hard.

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Okay, here's a great one:

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Brian Blessed

Flash Gordon

Brian Blessed (no relation to TWI) played Robin's father in Robin Hood, some royal guy in Flash Gordon.

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