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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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Herbiejuan yer benevolant dictator here

It looks like floor space will be at a premium in my cabin so if you are planning to come and haven't secured space yet I suggest ya get with it pronto icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Also for those floor folks, make SURE you bring some form of bedding and padding, I think the floors are hardwood and might be a bit uncomfortable come 3 am icon_eek.gif

Temps are going to start their descent into fall this weekend, 60's at night here which means 50's (usually) up yonder. I heard geese heading south 2 weeks ago (or longer) so I would anticipate cool temps and bring stuff to stay warm.


bye for now



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Up On High & Everyone who's interested -

It's sort of late, now, to make arrangements - but "too far" is NO excuse. Some are driving 8 hours (or more) after they get off work Friday night to join us.

Decide now, to join us next year at the Third Annual Southern Comfort Weenie Roast.

I drove through a tornado to get there last year - it was worth the effort!

(And I'm an old 'disabled' single lady. If I can do it) - you can too!

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