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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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8 days to go!

Did I mention? be sure to bring:

* a few bucks to go towards all the paper products and staples and incidentals that Cathy is bringing for us all.

* bring a lawn chair so we can all gather together to eat a couple of meals together (probably in the picnic/ tent camping area).

* your own bathtowel if you like to have more than a teatowel to dry off, after your shower.

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Ifanyone attending has a bunch of poker chips, the kids and I would be really thankful to use them.

The kids (& their parents) have already requested a repeat of the poker lessons. Last year we played with matchsticks as $.

I've been looking in thrift stores for some old used poker chips, but haven't been able to find any. I want some poker chips this year, to make it more 'realistic' and fun for the kids!

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Rascal -

Thanks for the offer to use marshmallows. LOLOL

I KNOW we could use anything (I'm the one who came up with matchsticks, last year). Poker chips would be the optimal way to learn more about money. And real poker chips would 'step-up' the excitement of playing, this year.

But I've been dreaming this - and there is "something" temporary and falsly satifying about hearing the rattle of plastic chips falling on the pile. Also, poker chips come in several different colors to designate dollar amounts.

I see this "poker game"as an opportunity in several life lessons. What I want to do is - give everyone a LOT of money's worth of chips (like 50 or 100 thousand dollars).

"OK kids, the ante this game, is $50 (that's 2 of your yellow chips)"

Abby and to some extent, Jessie were the only ones last year, that were reluctant to "throw" away their pretend-money. Abby actually winced when she was "required" to put in her ante. The boys were fast and loose with their matchsticks. (I thought that rather interesting LOL).

It will all be FUN (I don't intend to lecture about money) - but, they will learn how fast it goes, how important 'stewardship is (even when you're "rich"), and how addicting and useless gambling is! And how counter-productive it is to gamble money.

I know that Abbi, Ben and to a lesser extent Steven & Jess DID experience "an inkling" about some of these lessons last year. But the negative lessons - about gambling, and how quickly one can lose it - were all learned in a 'safe' environment. Remember? Each one of us all won at least one game. (that had to be God!) Everyone had a chance to experience "winning" and "losing"....and they had great fun when it was over- comparing who came out ahead, and who lost - and they all took responsibility for their own actions, and were satisfied.

And, hopefully, like last year - their "ownership" of "thousands of dollars" will reinforce how temporal money is, and inspire their imaginations. Abbey was the first to voice - "If I had this much real money, I would........"

Besides, the poker chips would just be more fun than matchsticks or marshmallows or pennies.

Cathy - check your private topics.

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Hawk -

LOL It was nothing more than a diversion for the older kids while Mom laid down with the tiny tikes late that night after the cookout.

My intention was to provide entertainment for kids while Mom got a chance to breathe. I like to make things fun for kids - while they're learning something.

We played Draw Poker first, then 5-card stud and 7-card stud. Bring red ones (they're the highest, right?) and blue, and any other colors.

Last year we played in our cabin, but I imagine this year it will be out in the tent camping area.....which is okay with me, as long as it's not hot & muggy & buggy.

Only 6 more days to go!

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