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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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Great picture! Thanks for sharing it! I recognize a few faces (and the cocker must be Ttessa's dog icon_smile.gif:)-->), but I'd like to know who all the rest of the other happy ones are (GS Screen Names of course).

I'm sure you all are having fun. Hopefully the rest of us can make it next time.

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.

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What a great group of wonderful people. and all without a keyboard in front of them.....imagine that. Maybe at the next weenie roast we could all go to a public library for an hour and chat and then come out and fellowship around it. That would be a blast.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Sorry Ala...didn't mean to abandon you in the chat room. Thanks for keeping the light on and the coffee warm and the half and half cold.

Your dearest,


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sorry Verbie, your SOL.

as it was Paw and Sudo had to go to a local

internet cafe' and with only a small amount

of time they got the picture in before it

closed down.

If y'all notice--No Herbal Mikey, where is

he anyway???? lol

This is going to be a film, a documentry

and butofcourse, will be even better than

the ROA film!!

Put in your orders now for the upcoming

video of Fun at the Park in Tennessee with

GreaseSpotCafe, ie Where's Mike

for ONLY $19.95

but Wait, you can also recieve w/every order

still shots of campside sing alongs, cooking &

eating at camp, individual shots of everyone

(except Mike of course).

Order now, time is running out. Only a chosen

few of these films will be produced.

Y'all know Supermom has a zillion kids (Rascal)

and now you can see! Littlehawk brought his boy also but he is standing w/the adults (and I see on a rock to look taller too!)

Jardinero does look lovely in front of all those guys, (good call girl). Shell leaves her kids at home and in the picture is holding a baby!!

Sudo is the skinny guy on the left holding a dog leash--but didn't bring his kids....(and has lost many # on Atkins).

Ttessa hiding in the backrow.

Woodie definately looks the part w/that TN hat on.

What fun for the gang to be gathered together. I sent jokes for Shell to read at the campfire. It will be a blast to get reports on everyone tomorrow, I also am seeing an empty chatroom! So welcome back you TN gatherer's. Let the stories roll.

(ordering information soon)

suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Dearest Suz!!!

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!! icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

I still don't know who everyone is in the picture, but you've unravelled a few faces for me.

Oaksie I knew, Paw, Littlehawk and Son, Rascal, Sudo, Jardinero...but Now Shellers!!!

After all these months... I get to see Shellon!

What a lovely lady you are!

Can't wait to chat again!

'til the next time...

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Well I had a marvelous time.

It is a great bunch of people and we all had a wonderful time. Sudo kept us in stitches, which explains the giggles on the faces. LittleHawk and

Rascal pretty much kept us fed with really good food.

The company and conversation kept us going from morning until.....morning.

I'll post more this evening.

And is anyone else having a problem with the pic? It looks fine to me.

It was nice to get out into the country.

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Thanks for posting the picture Paw...it looks great!

Chinny look real close and you will see our name tags and then you can just click on the name tag for more information (ie..age, gender, and place of residence).

Thanks to you all that were there! Cory and I had a wonderful time and sure look forward to doing it again soon.

Suz, those where's Herb? videos were given out as door prizes to all those who participated in the stew eatin contest!

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Okay - Here's the lineup (without kid's names - I know them, but will leave it up to the parents to ID them) from Left to Right:

In front of the wagon is Rascal's famous boy.

In the wagon are a boy of AHAT's, then Rascal is holding AHAT's daughter, and then the Waydale Baby is in the pink shirt)

The Xena dog's butt, and Behind the wagon is a Rascal daughter, The Princess, then Rascal.

To the right of the wagon are 4 kids of the Tribe and 2 of the dogs (a big one & a little one) belonging to the Tribe.

Standing from left, are AHAT, behind her is Oenophile, next to AHAT is Sudo (less 50 lbs & sans beard), then Ttessa's face, Oakpear, the Dad of the Tribe, Shellon (holding AHAT's son), BOWTWI, Jardinero with her son, and behind is Paw, Littlehawk, and Hawk's son (some of the standing folks are standing on a 6 X 6 beam, that marked a tent site....other standing folks are lower on the ground behind that timber)

My report to follow in the next post........

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The Weenies Are Roasted...

Hello all. We just got in from Tennessee and had a wonderful weekend together. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Tennessee was gorgeous, the greasespotters couldn't have been more fun (and funny!) and the food (of course) was great!

About half the crew stayed in cabins where we all gathered Friday night for some of Sudo's world famous stew (and a few adult beverages) and all of us tried to put names and faces together. Once most of us were in, we moved from cabin to cabin and ended up on the balcony of one til the wee hours of the morning talking, laughing, smoking (cigarettes and cigars) and listening to Simon & Garfunkle.

The other half (the 14th Tribe in their RV and tent and LittleHawk and son in a tent and Jardinero and son in a tent) were at the camping area where we all gathered for pretty much the rest of the weekend. Navy cook and camping specialist extrordinaire, LittleHawk, had all the campfire wood, burners and enough pots and pans to cook for a fleet. Rascal brought enough food, tables, cooking gear to feed the 14th Tribe and about 50 more people, so needless to say, most of the entire weekend revolved around some kick a** food!

The children (12 of them) had enough older and younger aged groupings to have lots of fun swimming, boating, playing volleyball, badmitton, eating and joking around the campfire and, of course, the obligatory snipe hunt (more on that from another poster). While they kept each other amused, the adults had a marvelous time gabbing and joking and getting acquainted (and entertaining each other!).

We all wished the time could have been longer together and there was a lot of hugging as we said our goodbyes. We're already planning next year's gather (we figured we'd try for one in which HerbieJuan even stayed awake for!) icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

There are a lot of funny stories that we'll all post over the next week. Oakspear was our recording secretary of funny things that were done and said, so stay tuned.

It was so great to have Paw join us and, as you can see, he and Sudo were able to find probably the only cyber cafe in Tennesee to post the picture above (and the rest of us managed to handle our online Greasespot withdrawals)

Finally, Shellon is no longer shirtless and we are all officially Greasespot T-Shirt wearers (thanks Paw)!!!!!

Thank you, fellow Roasters. Jardinerito and I had such a great time meeting all of you. He hugged me when we got home and thanked me for taking him to such a fun weekend event!

More later...


P.S. If you ever need a good dentist, it would be worth the drive to go to Memphis to see Dr. Sudo. Believe me, you will not need laughing gas - - this guy is funnier than any of us could have ever imagined!!!!!

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We arrived at dark, about 8 or 9 p.m. Friday night, I think (I was too excited to look at my watch).

I rode in Oenophile's car, who left his NC (Isabel territory) home Thursday. The most direct route for him, was right past my apartment, so he stopped and picked me up. The trip took longer than expected, to allow for a dog-relief/snack stop, a gas & ice & beer stop, one wrong turn, and successive turn around. He was a most patient and accommodating driver. When we got to the park, we drove to the tent-camping area first in case Hawk had arrived before us. But the circular drive around the tent-camping area was confusing, and we didn't see any GS'ers. So he drove toward the cabins.

The plan was that Sudo would already be there, and have beef stew waiting for folks as they arrived. But, I couldn't remember which cabin number was Sudo's - so, we saw two men walking in the parking lot. Oenophile yelled out to them, "Hey! Are you Greasespotters?"

I think they were surprised. They said, "Yeah!" Introductions all around - they were Rascal's husband and Oakspear (who had known each other many years ago).

Then we finally got to Sudo's cabin - and the Most EXCELLENT beef stew! It was perfect. What a great cook he is! There were a few beers and some fine cigars there for the folks who wanted them and lots of laughs. A couple more folks got there, before we emptied the stewpot and then I went to the "pet-approved" cabin that we had prayed for.

Eventually others arrived and everyone came to Herb's cabin and gathered on the back deck for cigars, Kona coffee, Jardinero's wonderful cookies & muffins , Bon Bons, and music. Paw brought an album of group photographs that he'd taken from previous GS gatherings. A few of us gabbed until 1 a. m.

Breakfast was set for 9 a.m. Sat morning (there were some protests of the early time, but in view of the fact that children outnumbered the adults - we sort of agreed that they needed to be fed early). I was awakened at 5:15 a.m. (can you say, "crabby"? LOL).

Breakfast was biscuits, sausage gravy, bacon, eggs, coffee and more gabbing, and laughter at the tent-camping site. Sudo entertained everyone. Kids and dogs did their thing. We all gathered folding chairs in a big circle and talked and ate.

We took the group picture. Then I persuaded Sudo to shuttle me back to my cabin for a nap (4 hours wasn't enough sleep for me, the night before). The rest of Saturday was a blur.... but there was time for some sweet friendship and conversation and peaceful quiet on the deck overlooking the woods and the lake. I was gabbing with Herbal on the deck, when the door burst open by a playful, camera-armed crowd ( they all had a 'twinkle' in their eyes) who had planned to 'catch' Herbal asleep in bed. Aww fooey! Their plans were spoiled, 'cuz Herb was awake and planning to re-join the crowd. We all were just having a loose, fun time (and back at the bonfire area) we sat around in a circle and talked, played with kids & dogs and ate chicken noodle soup and ham sandwiches by Rascal. I don't remember much until the evening meal of the best vennison stew you can imagine! There were hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips too. And, did I mention a tiny sip (really!) of Kentucky White Lightening.

The first highlight of the evening was Sudo who did a pole dance that was the funniest act you could imagine! It made everyone laugh.(You had to be there, to understand). The White Lightening hit me like a boulder - boinggggggggggggg. And I got sleepy, so went back to my cabin. I slept for a few hours, then woke up to the others returning to the cabin with reports of excitement I was thankful to have missed. (Someone else should tell those stories).

Sunday came too soon, back to the campsite for breakfast - a humongous iron skillet full of gravy from homemade sausage and all the other breakfast stuff. I didn't know they made iron skillets that big! This one was at least 3 inches deep, and about 15 inches diameter full of big chunks of The Best Sausage and sweet creamy gravy. We all sat around the breakfast tables and gabbed until one-by-one folks headed for home. And the crowd dwindled. - - But not before I played a few games of poker with the kids over 10 yrs old (that was the cutoff age).

It was extremely hard to leave that beautiful gang of fun, loving folks....... can't wait for the next time!

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[This message was edited by Ttessa on September 22, 2003 at 0:04.]

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The Picture

Laleo: Herbal is the invisible one in the pic. (as usual, back at the cabin napping!) (speaking of reincarnation, Herbal was a cat in a former life!)

Ala: we missed you too! Glad to connect tonight!

Radar: we're giggling about Herbal being out of the pic (on one of many naps!) (and thanks for the compliment - - xoxoxo)

Suz: thanks for the jokes! funny, but not as near as funny as Sudo!

Tessa: thanks for supplying the line up.

any questions????

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Oh, Honey, we're ho-ome!!!

It took me about 2 hours LESS time to drive home than it did to get to the park! Not too surprising, but, I'm a bit tired to tell any stories - yet...

Just wanted to let it be known we're home, safe and sound. Will write later today.

For now I'll just say that this was THE BEST time I've had in quite some time - and I'm a regular fun girl (aren't ya glad I'm leaving it at this for now? icon_eek.gif )

B - Better

O - Off

W - Without

t - the

w - way

i - international

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