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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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Not packed yet, but will be. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

BTW, does anyone have a cabin where pets are allowed? Abi and I have to have a contingency plan if we can't get a pet sitter.

Btw, it will be two dogs, one husky and one australian shepherd mix. One is dumb, but the other one is dumber.

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yeah, we thought about renting a car, it's actually not that expensive. Unfortunately, replacing the transmission in the van is. It's going to be about a week before I get it back.

And God said "HA".

I had a 91 Olds Silhouette (sp). Loved that van, it was perty. But it had over 200,000 miles on it. This past summer the trany started acting funny, sometimes it wouldn't shift out of second. I called around and it was going to cost almost $2,000 to replace it. More than the van was worth. I haven't received child support in almost a year, couldn't afford to fix it or replace it.

Soooo my sister, being the generous soul she can sometimes be (we siblings stick together), she finds a deal on a Dodge Caravan. $3,000. My cousin puts up some money for a down payment, my sister gets it financed and pays the insurance (she works for an insurance co, get's one hell of a deal), I make the payments.

Cool. Got a van I can count on, can even drive it to Tennesee. Well I talk to the car dealer who sold her the van (I have NEVER bought from a dealer before) they tell me for $70 they'll flush the tranny in the Olds Van. No guarantee it will fix anything but its worth a try. Sure enough $70 later the thing is purring along beautifully. Now I have two vans - wahooo. Though I know on the Olds I bought some time, but with as many miles as it has, it's still only a matter of time. But I figure I'll keep it, this way we always have a back up vehicle.

So last weekend my brother calls. He blew a head gasket. He repairs appliances for a living, has to have transportation. Wants to use the Olds. He has a HORRIBLE driving record, but I'm a sucker and we siblings stick together, help each other out. However, I'm not stupid, I don't want him to wreck the van and end up being liable as the owner. So I sell it to him, cheap.

Three days later....................

Soooooo I went through all of this to avoid having to pay for a new transmission and now I'm paying for a new transmission.

The bright side, if one can call it that, is at least we weren't in the mountains of Kentucky when it happend. AND the new van is still under warranty, so I only have to pay 20% of the new transmission.

BUT, it's still too much of an expense to allow me to make the trip. icon_frown.gif:(-->

To every man his own truth and his own God within.

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Sorry to hear you's won't be there sushi and abbi...was looking forward to meeting you and sampling some of that world famous chili. I am packed all except groceries which I'll do at the last minute. I know how you must feel about the van abbi. I went this morning and had new tires put on the boat trailer I was gona take this year, got home and thought well I better see if'n it will start...LOL... the starter is out on the motor. So I guess we'll be bringing the fishing boat instead of the ski and tubin' boat. See ya'll tommorrow evening. Buckle up and drive safe!

Your friendly tour guide to tha bourbin region of tha bluegrass!


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(((((((((Dabobbida))))))))))) you know me so well...... lol

Course little *Z`s* REAL name is dabbobidette...it is just too dad gummed long for every day use...you see?

I am sorry that you are suffering from ill health.....and dissapointed that it prevents you from attending.....I`d love for the kids to meet *uncle* Dabbobbida.....

Abby n verb..... geeze I am sorry...what a total dissapointment...and whats even WORSE...I don`t get to meet your aaron ....sigh guess mine will have to menace the gathering all by himself...... who knows, maybe it`s better this way...the world may not have been ready to deal with TWO aarons in the same spot at the same time.....

Well, the Ham is baking... one last trip to walmart for supplies and I am ON the road.... am so jittery lol was up at 4 am ......couldn`t sleep lol!

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Weenie Roaster Travel Day

O.K. Oakspear left yesterday and the rest of us are traveling today to "them thar hills" of Tennessee.

We're taking pictures, have our own videographer (gee, that's scary) and will start posting about our gathering when we get back on Sunday and Monday.

The 2nd Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast is about to begin....

Be back in 3 days fellow greasespotters. Travel safely, fellow roasters.

J. icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_cool.gif

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I was delayed leaving home due to something coming up with work. We didn't get to leave early this morning as planned.

I'm estimating our arrival to be around midnite. We'll be quiet if need be, but I suspect we'll find most of the Roasters up.

We're gonna have a real good time together.

We're gonna have a real good time together.

We're gonna have a real good time together-

Oh, Baby, PLEASE!!!!

B - Better

O - Off

W - Without

t - the

w - way

i - international

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