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Eleven Years Ago Today

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It was a Wednesday too! and Mother's day was gonna be the 9th of May that year. And I was hopin the little bugger would wait and make me a Mother ON Mother's Day, but he wouldn't wait!

I went into labor on Monday, called the Dr, headed to the Hospital when the doc said to go, (my water had broken), and excitedly looked forward to holding my precious bundle in a few hours. And waited. And walked. And waited. And walked.

And then it was Tuesday.

And then it was Wednesday. And I BEGGED--CUT ME!!! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> sorry fer bein so crude! LOL!

So my Isaac was born by C-section, and the ex-way group I was part of-- who were all health nuts, were so sad for me that I'd had to have invasive medicine to deliver my baby. (many had had THEIR babies at home with a midwife)

Ah Well! He and I both lived! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_razz.gif:P-->

This has been a precious 11 years, Isaac has lived up to his name and brought us much laughter. He's gonna be a big guy-- he's already 5' and 100lbs! He's an all-around good kid, thoughtful, well-behaved (most the time! LOL!)

I've had the priveledge to stay at home with him and homeschool him--and I am thankful for him! (Doesn't mean I don't need to take a break every once in awhile though!) I pray that I will be a good Mom to him and not make too many mistakes! And I thank God for giving him to me. (I had begun to think I would never have children after loosing 6 before him). Sorry for my ramblings, but I just peeked in on him after we'd had a fun birthday-all-day, and was thinkin through the sweet memories over the past 11 years.

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The other day I spoke with my son . quite grown now.

I realized I was talking to a man , a sweet tender man. The conversation struck me so deep as i realized the shift in what I once knew as a boy with his face in a spoonful of mashed potato's with a toothless grin, to this incredible thinking working strong good looking protective respectful sweet man. He was doing his dishes and cleaning up his beautiful new home, when I stopped in for a surprise vist.

I thought wow I did do something right in my life as I wispered good bye to a very impressive guy with a peck on the cheek and a hug and it is enough.

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Congrats Psalm71 and Happy Birthday Isaac from another Home Ed'ing family.

We have only been doing it for two years. So much more work, but so much more fun too! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> Our eldest is 9 this year.

Looks like we'll have a whole basketball team soon! icon_eek.gif

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Isaac thanks you all for the happy birthday wishes. Tom, we were rolling at the piggy pictures--HOW'D YOU GET AHOLD OF THOSE???? we thought no one would see those pictures!!! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Dmiller, he is precious indeed! I lost two others after him then God gave me Ben--a whole 'nother miracle story, cuz I had started to miscarry him too, but God had mercy on us.

Shellon, thanks for the quick wishes to Isaac!

Dove, I agree, we ought give Tom a pig sloping, cept since he's not a pig we can't slope him--But I DO have a huge truck fulla icky sloppy yucky stuff, and I think Isaac should dump it!! (He really laughed hard at those pictures, though!

Exxie, you are always so sweet, it seems from the times you've posted about him that you and your son are really close, too--I know he makes you proud!

Snoballer and Glad, whaddya think we should name this HS basketball team? icon_cool.gif and just WHERE are we going to practice? Oh wait! we'll take turns going to each other's homes! haha! (It's kinda a drive, but it'll be fun when we get there, kids!)

Imbus, thanks (I didn't read the "little man" part to him!! LOL! I just scrolled quickly--heeheehee!) Linda, thanks-- he ended up worth the wait! And MJ, your memory brought tears to my eyes-- I had gotten out the video of Isaac when he was a baby--and, realizing how quickly these 11 yrs have gone, I know the next 11 will go too quickly, too, and I'll be talking to an adult man with his own life, too. NOOOOOO! not too quickly!!

Okay, for any of ya who can stand a tear-jerker sweet memory children's book, check out "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. I CANNOT read that book out loud to my children. I bought one copy for each, wrote a letter to each kid in the inside flap and put it in their keepsake boxes. I get each kid's out every year for their birthday, read it to myself, go through a box of kleenexes, and usually write another journal page to whichever boy's book I have at the moment.

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Dmiller, yeah, I kinda think so!

Exxie--that is sweet about your Mom getting the book for you and your brothers and sisters--it truly is a Mother's Day type of book, huh? and ya can't help but have to get it for your own kids after that!

WhiteDove Isaac loves the armored pig! He says he wants to help in my flyovers now!! LOL! (Cept I have to read the thread we're doing flyovers in before he gets to see em! There have been a few pictures i quickly scroll past in some of our battles!! LOL!!!

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Psalmie with a few modifications it could work as soon as I get the pie launchers installed I'll let you know. I'm thinking some heat seeking missiles to target all the hot air would be good also. With Isaac as the copilot Pigforce 1 should be flying soon.

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OHHHH, WhiteDove! Pie launchers, heat seeking missles, WAIT!!!!! Whaddabout the Poop Launchers???? And my Isaac can do some NASTY farts--I'm sooo proud of him! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_wink.gif;)--> icon_razz.gif:P--> (We really do think if we bottle his gas and sold it to the miltary, we'd wipe out all our enemies!! haha!!) He's watching me type this and laughing!

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Psalmie if you look close at the 4 little legs you will see the holes in them they are for dispensing whatever 4 choices of goop you wish.

Dmiller yes Psalmie has quite the airpower she has the original piggie, suppersize piggie and now the armor plated piggie. Perhaps she will do a flyover for you.

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