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Does Size Really Matter?

Hills Bro

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I duuno. I think the naming of private parts may be a little more common than most here would admit.

The only thing I would say is "may have", heh heh..

But we had a Guinea Pig once. We named it "Mr. Big" for a couple of obvious reasons..

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No, not because of inordinately sized "privates". He reminded me of a "Godfather" type figure. Really had a bad attitude toward other male guinea pigs.. would have sent them a horse head if he could have.

And he loved da women pigs. They are not supposed to be able to jump- this guy could jump out of an eighteen inch high tank, and into the other eighteen high inch tank where da women resided.

I guess the real "big" thing about him was his number of offspring. It was practically an epidemic..

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after much consideration, I have to say that yes, size really matters. After all, if one is to be stuck with the same body parts for a lifetime, yes, one must say that size matters.

However, one must consider that size changes over the course of decades. And what the heck do we do about that? Perhaps it's not as noticable with men, however with the female species, size can change considerably, especially after giving birth, a time or two, or three, etc.

Hmmm, and what are we to do with that? icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Down here in Florida...size IS the all important issue...seriously..most of the women who encounter "Mr Big" prefer theirs at a 5 degree angle...and the taller the better...it cannot have any flaws in it and MUST be totally rigid, otherwise the effect would produce alot of complaints..

Interestingly enough, the common practice is to paint "it" either...bright orange (so one can see it with the lights on) or white, since most of our action is (in our case) set up with a blue backdrop.

The common diameter is from 7/8" to l" and believe it or not, an overly hardened stake CAN cause much damage to a good set of horseshoes..

So this should set the record straight..

Oh and speaking of "pet names"...a good pal of mine had a wifie who named his "King Richard" (ya know .."dick"..& not the investigative type either)...LOL..such goings on at this cafe!!!!!!!!!JJ

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