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Does Size Really Matter?

Hills Bro

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Well now, that really depends on excacly what you're measuring.

When it comes to diamodns and saphires, well....some say the bigger the better. However...I would want to wear such a beautiful gem, and a 12 carat saphire or diamond is something I could possibly put on my neck only -- such a thing would cause me great mobility issues if it was on a finger, where I would prefer to display it.

In my case, I have small fingers, short ones....so 1 -- 2 carats in the saphire would be best....and - depending on shape and cut...about 1 or even a tad under would be my preference on a finger.

Zits and warts are always better small, if you have to have them at all.

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And in the case of rear back seats..It would be a more feasable position to be in if you had a '57 Chevy instead of a 2004 Yugo. icon_wink.gif;)--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> anim-smile.gif

Would that be a '57 Chevy station wagon??

Speaking of Chevy's, size does matter -- if yer talking about the engine. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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In my world size matters: relative to the offense committed by unsupsecting spouse- a slight arguement/nice guy-bud vase. a large arguement in which one party refused/unable to see female side of arguement/and wants to sleep in the bed again and not on the couch-dozen roses. a huge blow up/fist fight/neighbors had to call the cops, fearful for their own safety-2 dozen roses plus teddy bear plus balloons plus candy.

If your belongings are being currently thrown out the windows, your cd collection stuffed into the garbage disposal, a sledgehammer has been taken to the walls of your home and your car, and you where caught underneath your secretary- an arrangement so huge that we reserve a ford 03 econoline cargo van to deliver it...

I have waited on male customers that have been in those boats...it's the "how mad is she?" scale of largeness...

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