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  1. Wierwille: The Indoctrinator

    I looked around to find a definition of the "new R&R" group, but couldn't find it. Of whom are you speaking?
  2. Athletes of The Spirit

    I'm curious...WHY would this video be considered for an ART exhibit?? An example of What Not to Create????
  3. Athletes of The Spirit

    Oh my...he's got this photo on his FB page! https://www.facebook.com/events/452792265179805/
  4. I received an email and don't know details as to how this happened, but it seems that Dan Gallagher is starting his own offshoot. He's reversing on what he's taught for years. http://restitutio.org/2018/04/19/interview-33-can-you-lose-your-salvation-dan-gallagher/
  5. Martindale Kids

    Both of the girls look like their mother when she was young. The kids are all on Facebook.
  6. John Lynn sick?

    It is sad to watch him proclaim he is healed, and yet he looks unwell. Also dealing with extreme fatigue which indicates he's treading water at best. None of the name and claim or positive believing is rendering positive results it seems. :(
  7. Wierwille and the Scapegoat

    he was the ultimate FRAUD for our day and time...
  8. CES/STFI Camp

    that brochure pdf link above shows this sales history; not sure exactly what it all means: Date Sale Price Buyer Name Seller Name 03-10-2005 $0.00 CAMP VISION, LLC DANIEL J GALLAGHER, JR 12-16-2004 $0.00 DANIEL J GALLAGHER, JR DANIEL J GALLAGHER, JR 03-03-2003 $0.00 DANIEL J GALLAGHER, JR DANIEL J GALLAGHER, JR 12-27-2002 $325,000.00 DANIEL J GALLAGHER, JRRODERICK A & LINDA G ARMES
  9. CES/STFI Camp

    Mininum bid is $100K; that seems low...
  10. CES/STFI Camp

    Bidding takes place: When: Monday, 18 Nov, Bidding Ends at 2:00pm soft close Where: Internet Only http://coffeyauctions.com/property.aspx?item=14384&agency=13055#.UnFzjXCsh8E Here's the auction brochure with history and values: http://www.unitedcountry.com/downloads/coffey-pip.pdf
  11. for sale by auction usually denotes foreclosure, so maybe they stopped paying on the property?
  12. CES/STFI Camp

    And saying that a happening place is relative is not in any way intending to be insulting. One man's treasure is...not everyone's treasure. this thread was about the quick turnover of real estate in regards to location, that's all.
  13. CES/STFI Camp

    Clarification; these are two distinct sales: The camp is an Internet Auction Only sale... http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18407894/7541-N-Fox-Hollow-Rd-Bloomington-IN/ John S house is a separate sale: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/7541-N-Fox-Hollow-Rd-Bloomington-IN-47408/85574868_zpid/
  14. He learned that trick of dodging questions and comments from VPW. It is a cowardly reaction at best...