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NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

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Ok, here's the deal: I just spent WAY more time than I wanted to reviewing this thread and watching the videos.

I commend everyone on the amount of restraint you have shown in replying to this utter nonsense.

I am obliged to ask you all to please restrict your comments to the argument, and not say things like "it's hard to take so-and-so seriously," which may not be namecalling, but resides in the same zip code.

It is fair game to call the topic of this thread B.S. It is not fair game to call the person who posted it a.... an artist. 

I did not watch the full freemasonry video because I just had lunch. If someone would like to draw a link between the existence of freemasons and his or her own propensity to believe and promote nonsense, feel free to do so.

No one is compelled to read it.

No one is compelled to take it seriously.

No one is compelled to respond to it.


Each of us is free to discern the quality of a post or argument. That is not namecalling and is not a personal attack.

As moderators, we are not going to take action against threads or topics just because we find them laughably preposterous on their face. The slippery slope, if we were to adopt such a policy, would be way too real.

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4 hours ago, GoldStar said:

I thank God that I am neither TWI nor ex-TWI nor attracted to unusual theories, only the usual ones

That makes me wonder why you want to take over GSC with superstitious conspiracy theories.

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7 minutes ago, Rocky said:

That makes me wonder why you want to take over GSC with superstitious conspiracy theories.


3 hours ago, modcat5 said:

I am obliged to ask you all to please restrict your comments to the argument, and not say things like "it's hard to take so-and-so seriously," which may not be namecalling, but resides in the same zip code.


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3 minutes ago, GoldStar said:



Btw, I have absolutely NO problem with you preserving my comments by quoting them so I can't even be tempted to edit them. :rolleyes:


12 minutes ago, Rocky said:

I thank God that I am neither TWI nor ex-TWI nor attracted to unusual theories, only the usual ones

That makes me wonder why you want to take over GSC with superstitious conspiracy theories.

Please enlighten me.

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I don't see where he wants to "take over" GSC. I will therefore chastise Rocky in a manner proportionate to his infraction by making him read this post until the very end.

Let that be a lesson to you.

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So there is no doubt. I concur with Modcat, especially (but not limited to) this-

There's a fine line between attacking a person and attacking the absolute nonsensethat the person believes and promotes. But calling it absolute nonsense is not a personal attack.”

I add to that the following.

Greasespot Cafe is a privately owned website. Users may participate here at will provided they obey the few simple, easy rules we have. Failure to do so can cause termination of posting privileges. Many users have been here in excess of 10 years. We know and understand each other. We have heard their story regarding TWI, and telling “the dark side of the story of TWI” has always been our primary purpose. The other forums are provide for your pleasure, entertainment, enlightenment, or just to pass some time.

Users do not get to dictate who can reply to them, or how other users are allowed to reply to their comments. That is not how this discussion board works. Whining about someone not taking you seriously or, in your view, not adding to the discussion is counterproductive and works against your case. It is likely you missed the point they were making.

We do not wish to micro-manage these threads, and will not edit your posts to make them fit the rules. We simply delete posts that violate the rules. It is your responsibility to compose your posts properly.

Self projection of your own frailties doesn’t work here. Stop it.  “He did it first” did not work with my mother and it does not work here. Stop it. “He did it first” especially does not work when what “he” did first was not against the rules and you falsely imagine it was.

Criticizing your sources or your deduction is not a personal attack and reporting it does not get give you credit points with the mods. Stop it.

The manner in which you respond to a critic is in your control. You do not have to do it at all. However, if you do respond do not violate the rules yourself to “defend your honor”. This will get you a time-out the duration of which is up to the sole discretion of the moderators.

That is enough for now. You should get my point which is mainly that you are in control of what you say and how you say it. Choose your words well. Moderating this place has been easy until recently, and mostly unnecessary for a couple of years. Let’s see if we can get back to that point.

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Mods here do a pretty good job of keeping conversations contained, and behavior civil.  There are relatively few rules on this forum site, compared to others (Ex.  I included the rules from one website I read for humor sake below comments in this post).  

Online engagement in a forum setting is a particular kind of interaction where you are missing 70% of the context of the conversation you would have normally.  On that funny site I read people get so mad they do like fight challenges - they get made fun of calling them "death matches" after this one guy Frank Dux who faked being the victor of several of those underground.

Anyways I thought everybody might have some fun reading the FAQ and Rules for bullshido.net.  The main author of it Sam Browning is a lawyer with a sense of humor.




In order to help lessen your initial Bullshido reaming, it may be healthful for you to follow some basic guidelines when you decide to post for the first time.

1. Please do not think you are enlightening the community by creating a post entitled, “TMA(Traditional Martial Arts) versus MMA(Mixed Martial Arts)” or some style versus another style in a theoretical death match post. Styles don't beat people, people beat people. Do a search and add to an existing thread on the topic, unless you have a completely new angle to provide. This includes "striking verses grappling". We all know who would win that anyway.

2. There are several traditional whipping boys here in this forum. They include Hans Bristol, Ashida Kim, Yellow Bamboo and The Numchuck Guy. Do not start a thread directing the viewer to these web sites. 

3. Do not start an anti-SCARS thread unless you really have something new to say. Also on a SCARS note, teasing KungFoolss maybe fun, but it does absolutely nothing.

4. If you practice a relatively unknown style, please DO post about it. Most of us here enjoy learning about the more obscure styles, if only to raise new comparisons and broaden our horizons.

5. We all know Bruce Lee could kick foot. We don’t care what H. Gracie would have, could have or should have done to him. Chances are they would have trained together anyway.

6. Please no more threads on your favorite training music.

7. No WT/VT/WC lineage wars. No-one cares who has the “real” kung fu. Only Pizdoff and Das Moose know who has it anyway. Also, if you want to know if WT/WC/VT works, use the search function and pick the first 10,000 threads covering the subject instead of starting a new one.

8. No using the word Chi or Qi or anything else like it without explaining what the hell you are talking about. Please search for the previous thread detailing this. Definitions such as, “It comes from a musculature a normal martial artist can't use!!! It's a special kind of rotating musculature”, are unacceptable. All threads discussing Chi/Ki/Qi/WTF must first pass through a review board consisting of The Wastrel, Dochter, and KuntaoKid (for an opposing view). If arguments are deemed poorly structered, existing in the absence of a logical framework or otherwise faulty the postee will have a baseball bat inserted into a place of our choosing. This is a retroactively effective process as well.

9. Tae Kwon Do bashing is acceptable, but only if you can bring some new analysis to the table.

10. Any review of an MA(Martial Art) school or MA related event is encouraged. Many members also enjoy reading knowledgeable reviews of books or training videos as well. Movie reviews are cool too.

11. Please, no Gracie nutriding.

nutrider - noun.

def. The follower of a particular personage/object who is unable to see any fault in his/her diety.

12. Conversely, grappling=sex jokes are no longer funny. 

As are any of of the following, or their derivatives: plays on the word kung fu (slap-fu, crip-fu, etc.), "all your base are belong to us", jew-jitsu, blowjob-jitsu, and realultimatepower.net references. 

This is vividly illustrated in the following reenactment, by boyd and myself:

Aaronboyd2: OH MAN 

You can make these jokes, but they have certainly been done before, and you're likely to violate rules 19 and 20.

13. No posting links, pictures, etc without bringing some analysis or commentary to the table. A huge picture with the caption, "Discuss", or, "What do you think?" is unacceptable. Any monkey can find MA stuff on the web and post it. 

An example of something more acceptable would be, "Could someone please explain what this guy is doing at 1:25 of this video". Or, "This guy gets completely destroyed. What do you all think he could have done differently?".

This rule also applies to posting links. Most of us have a real life outside Bullshido. So don't post a whole bunch of links without at least briefly explaining why we should visit each site, for example "For Frank Dux's latest claim that he earned the Medal of Honor see . . ." Otherwise the poster is obscuring facts not illuminating them.

14. Do not put attempts to be funny unrelated to the martial arts in General Discussion, they belong in General BS or Current Events, Politics, Social Issues. Similarly if you wish to post a thread directly insulting someone else, go directly to Trollshido. Posts that would be funny in the right section are annoying and trollsome in others. If you do not know the difference do not post.

15. Do not write in trashing some instructor or school without providing a link to their website, and if possible you should provide a link to an on-line newspaper article establishing prior misdeeds that you make reference to. 

16. Be prepared to specify what your experiences with this instructor have been, whether you are, or study under a rival instructor, and if you can, or have, visited their dojo to report on what their actual teaching skills may be.

17. Do not open with a claim that a person is a fake or a fraud without offering proof. For example Frank Dux's Ninja claims were destroyed by a well known Los Angeles Times article in the late 1980s showing that he couldn't tell a consistant story about his past linage or the 'blood sport' tourney. See http://www.teemax.com/busmanartical.html for a nice example of such proof, Busman actually reproduces the relevant L.A. Times article. Similarly, do not call a place a McDojo without providing your reasons for reaching this conclusion. 

18. Remember, the amount of posts and level of intelligence do not necessarily correspond. Not all products contain approved ingredients.

19. In certain circumstances posters can be banned for stupidity if they are posting material so dumb that it drives the average reader to want to gouge his or her own eyes out. Repeatedly derailing, or clogging threads though trolling can lead to banning. Spamming by creating multiple stupid threads at the same time can also lead to banning.

Trolling is writing annoying, attention seeking posts that detract from the issue at hand and have no value. Posting that Royce Gracie is a fag in the midst of a discussion of traditional karate techniques would be an example of trolling. Whereas saying Royce Gracie is a highly over-rated fighter in a thread on MMA competitions is a perfectly appropriate post regardless of whether you happen to be right or wrong.

Banning typically takes place after warnings and the poster has shown that they are incapable of contributing posts of value to this site. A valuable post is defined as one that provides new information or reasoned commentary to others. Not "X is such a romo, that's why Kung Fu sucks".

Previous stupid actions that have lead to warning or banning have included:

* Whining about how one's stepfather beat you and how you now want to kill yourself.

* Attempting to repeatedly discuss your facination with, and use of, illegal drugs in martial arts sections of this board and then posting links to instructions on how to operate a crack pipe. 

* Volunteering explicit details about sexual acts you have performed with your underage girlfriend which would earn you time on a statutory rape charge. Dr. Ruth does not reside at Bullshido, and we're not set up to deal with such personal issues and problems.

* Posting irrelevant and stupid comments in every thread currently on the front page of a section and starting multiple new oxygen stealing threads.

* Disregarding these guidlelines and ignoring helpful suggestions by other members to get a grip and to stop making an foot out yourself.

20. Use the search function before starting your first thread Newbie. The Search function can be located here. search1.gif Image by WhiteShark.

21. Do not post porno or very graphic pictures in the public threads. Instead post a link and properly label it NSFW. This stands for Not Safe For Work. Please don't get a fellow poster in trouble because he simply logged in from work and someone looked over his shoulder.

22. Do not register more then one account on Bullshido. If you do so accidently please contact an administrator to correct the situation. We have found that such multiple accounts are typically created so that one person can argue as a 'crowd' or to make comments that they wouldn't dare say using their regular identity. Multiple accounts using the same IP number are presumed to violate this rule, unless prior permission is obtained from an administrator by proving that there are separate, real people using the same computer. Violation of this rule typically will lead to banning.

23. Do not spam non-martial arts related products or services on this board. If you want to advertise here, please contact Phrost and buy some space. Violation of this rule will typically lead to banning.

24. And one last thing- welcome to Bullshido, the first time HURTS . . .


I wanted to submit this a long overdue improvement to Bullshido. What does everything think? Is it too restrictive? Does anything need to be added? Thoughts in general?


Edit History

Edited by - Samuel Browning on December 11, 2005. Rule 19 edited. Rules 22 and 23 added. Typos edited by Samuel Browning on December 12, 2005.


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WTH, Chockfull?!?! :evilshades:

Edited by Twinky
wth happened to my W

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31 minutes ago, Twinky said:

WTH, Chockfull?!?! :evilshades:

Sorry Twinky I was just linking up the rules on another forum I read.    I suppose it was after reading the mods reasonable rules they are posting about this thread.  On the other website, reading through the rules and looking at squabbles that occur is interesting.  That website centers around fraud in the martial arts and exposing it.   If you think about a website like that, and combine it with the egos you find in martial arts areas, you get a mix of community that is highly volatile and argumentative.

That community was the source that gave birth to those ridiculous rules above.

That was what was needed to control that online community.

I don't think we are that far gone here.   But communities and rules kind of go together.


Edited by chockfull

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1 hour ago, GoldStar said:

Thank you Chockfull for that very interesting post

You are welcome.  There at least were many humorous and interesting stories on Bullshido forums.  


UPDATE:  Its been a couple years and that website series at Bullshido has declined in quality.




Edited by chockfull

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