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Gene, Sherry Slavit

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free2love    0
Is there anyway to see the whole thread on grease spot? what is this open, close, open close none sense? on other sites I can scroll and read?! is this some default format for you all die hard Macintosh devotees? :biglaugh:

Sorry, Bro, I'm not sure what you mean... "open, close, open close"??? Near as I can tell this forum is pretty much the same as the many others you've been on. The quote function was new to me when I came here but one soon gets the hang of it... Just a regular scrolling-thread forum and, btw, I'm on a normal-though-old Win98 PC so I really don't understand what problem you're having.


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Carl Smuda    0

Pat, I looked around again. you're right. months ago when GreaseSpot's new format started I couldn't see all the posts on a thread. They were all one-lines connected like notes for a outline. I had to click each row to read what someone said so I didn't return for a long time. I looked around this time and you're right. now the threads I can scroll through and see the posts without opening and closing. who knows where I was? :redface2: operator error.

sorry folks I apologize for being so :offtopic:

gotta for now

as always,


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I think someone has some wrong information. I worked with Gene at HQ up until 2008, when I left (HQ and TWI). Gene and Sherry were still married and have a son, Elijah, born August 9, 1992, and just graduated from NKHS. Judging from Elijah's pics on Facebook, I'd have to say Gene and Sherry are most likely still married. Elijah is still a staff kid, living in the unit park, which he most likely wouldn't be if his parents were divorced.

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OldSkool    249

Gene is one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Gene and Sherry are no longer married.

They have a son who is a smart and delightful fellow.

Their son is in the 9th grade this year.

Sherry and son were living in the New Knoxville area as of last May.

I know nothing of the whereabouts of Gene but knowing the love he had for and the involvement with his son

I cannot picture in my mind his heart allowing him to be any where but near.

As far as any current association with TWI goes I can only do the math.

God bless you Gene, Sherry and (name withheld)

This is a really old post but untrue as of 2007. They were graduated way corps working on staff in 2008. Gene was in way publications and Sherry was in purchasing.

Edited by OldSkool

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BlueCord    19

I don't know where they are now, but within the past 1-2 years I know they were on staff at HQ. I'm not sure about the circumstances, but the were either fired and lost their Corps status, or they quit.

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Rocky    727
7 hours ago, What About It said:

They are in California now. Not sure if they are in or out but They are both on LinkedIn.

They were named in the R and R attemped coop. Unless they repented, they are probably M and A (mergers and acquisitions?).

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