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Everyone is called to be a monk today; every-one undergoes the desert experience, like it or not. The call is general. The Western world is undergoing a deep spiritual experience, and, so far, not doing too well. It is this climate of chaos, this desert scene, this time of disintegration, that can be a grace. The ancient monks who went out into the desert found just this experience. Everything they had known, believed in, had confidence in, fell apart in that wilderness. Faced with the onslaught of chaos, they were tempted to despair, for they found the faith they had was too weak to sustain so great a demonic up-surge. Yet, in their distress, they prayed for faith and faith was given them. If anything is needed in this hour, it is men who can understand what is going on there, can interpret it, manage with it. To be a monk in this time, then, is really to be the man of the hour. No man in the Church is more necessary, more useful. The desert is the monk's world, and today the world is a desert....anon

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