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  1. Another round of bacon for the whole house, 6 slices apiece, home-cured and apple-smoked, on the alfakat. Enjoy, everyone. You're on your own for the eggs and toast, though I do recommend the San Francisco sourdough....... :P
  2. not so much what you said but a general drift I felt towards lumping them all still together today, which they certainly no longer are....even in the early 80s they were not a unit that thought alike or were 100% behind the vicster... just a point worth noting cuz it's so easy to think it was all monolithic back then and it wasn't
  3. ahh, the old ball and chain, eh?!! muwahahahahahahaha ain't married life a bitch... :realmad:
  4. love you madly, dear excie! check in rarely but still here....have you joined the FB version? I have, so you can always call me out over there and I will hear you.... sorry for derail....
  5. seats open on SF Giants 2011 bandwagon....going fast.....
  6. lotta good people there....no offense anyone, but those folks have all been out of the way for 25 years, some more. Quit seeing them as a group --they're NOT. some still into veepster, some definitely not, some dead fer krap's sake. Del Duncan f-ed up just like the rest of os but he was one of the true-est men I have ever known. I am sorry if you never knew him. Let's finally get beyond stereo-typing and pigeon-holing people, shall we?
  7. alfakat


    What other thread, EVER, had a poster who tallied the number of posts each poster posted on THE??????? UN-FREAKING-Believable....you HAD to be there to have experienced THE life-form that THE became....it was, for me, the most wack thing ever on the internet. Maybe y'all have seen way weirder but THE was it for me... makes me smile thinking about it :) :B)
  8. ack-shoe-ali Steve and his then wife Bev were 5th korks,not sickkkppthhh korks.
  9. I heard a rumor you are into Alfa Romeos. True? Contact me: Aurion7.

  10. I can fathom...ole wd-40 would get real tired of him and 3 others chanting the praises of all that was w/ no opposition... He, and his "like-minded" cohorts want to be here, ceaselessly bleating and braying about how we can't forget all the good they enjoyed in days of old while us complainers were missing out on the fun. Yeah, right....but anyone who harshes their buzz has to be constantly reminded of the Bill of Rights and courtroom logic and all kinds of other totally irrelevant krappola, -- right, boys??? Their OWN site, muwahahahahahah, in a pigs eye, no way will they ever cease being gadflies fer da troof...
  11. ...I know, I could get a job at the mall in town on weekends, some nutball in the sickktppth corps had done it for his whole first year and no-one ever knew. Later that afternoon, I got in my car and was heading off campus to put in an application at the mall when I noticed my car was about out of gas and I sputtered to a stop right in front of Kenyon Hall. Sprinting down the steps, spittle flying, came LCM, untangling string from his legs and he screamed,"Where do you think you are going?" I looked about feverishly, hoping....
  12. WOW, wtf, this is like a time-warp or time loop OR -- SS, DD..... Mike, you have failed the application of Occam's razor...as in, your SHI--IITE is so convoluted, IT HAS to be suspect.... no everyday, average, non-TWI person could ever hear your spiel and not conclude you were off your rocker.... can you imagine Martin Luther buying this swill......... or insert some other name there if Martin Luther doesn't do it for ya...
  13. alfakat

    8th Corps

    It sounds right up my alley... I wonder if they rent out the old Sydney house for private parties....
  14. alfakat

    8th Corps

    "we broke more rules than the 6th (who are famous for rule breaking)" not possible, my old friend... if you had any idea just how much went on our first year in res...no way could you guys have pulled as much....... :beer: .... .. .... .... :drink:
  15. most likely he was Shem, Noah's son from whom the Semite peoples and Abraham sprang. He out-lived many of his progeny and was certainly not "known" by many after the confusion of languages at Babel. He spoke for God and was God's priest on earth when Abraham met him. Last living man who passed through the flood. Food for thought....
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