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  1. Do you write soap labels? http://www.fryett.org/files/dr-bronner-peppermint-soap-label.png
  2. Am I the only one who abandoned all things "spiritual" after leaving the way? I can proudly say that I am now an atheist. I refer to myself as a "born again atheist" as I speak the gospel of unbelief as fervently as I ever did whilst a Wayfer!
  3. Man, that story about Werewolf is awesome. What a cockamamie story to explain away why you don't like to do any real work preparing a teaching - I love it. "The Devil steels my teachings and then trash-talks me all week long to my congregation." BwahahahahaHA! I'm happy to report that I've shed almost any trace of waybrain still left in my head, so no I don't really look at things with that bogus spiritual suspicion anymore. I realize that people with mental disorders aren't possessed, that gay people aren't evil perverts worthy of death, that there isn't some absurd spiritual realm swirling about my in some great competition. Losing all this baggage has allowed me to move completely past all of this and be a normal, happy, person without the influence of a congregation of F#CKT@RDS in my life. I've NEVER been happier.
  4. Nato

    My Friend

    For a person using complete sentences, you're not making a whole lot of sense. Atheists are awesome btw. :)
  5. Putting your email address in public like that is a great way to get spam dude.
  6. Hey, take a look at the guys brow. Doesn't he look like he could be on that Caveman show?
  7. Jeeeeze. It really has a life of it's own on the internet. I thought I was one of the first people to see it (must be my Wayfer need to feel elite). Turns out it's already well on it's way to being the latest ridiculous internet meme. I took the opportunity to send the link to all my innie friends asking if it was hard brining new people. To see that. Wow.
  8. Par. My guess is it won't be so easy to get E! to take theirs down. Ha!
  9. I wish I knew. Maybe they found this full-length version on YouTube and said it's fair game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNQ95bf4zU0 Someone posted that on the Talk Soup page comments. I found it because my brother-in-law was watching Talk Soup last night and he told my sister (also an ex-wayfer) and she ambushed me on myspace with it. I almost died when he said "The Way" and I realize what I was watching!!!
  10. Check out that dancing yo! Very M.J. like. Maybe he likes Jesus Juice too? http://vids.eonline.com/services/link/bcpi...bctid1805534554
  11. Great post. I just started referring to myself as a born again atheist, because I realized that I'm now as fervently devoted to that as I ever was for the Way.
  12. I meant to say, I got to the third paragraph and stopped reading. If I had I would have realized how out of context my deleted comment was. Sorry!
  13. I have to apologize. I was drinking last night when I wrote that. I must have gotten down to the third paragraph and got so worked up at t he thought that I just stopped reading. Sorry everyone. Don't drink and post.
  14. Happy to report that I am officially "de-Wayed"! In fact, I and my wife are both proud atheists! I love when other ex-wayfers give us dang for that!
  15. Anecdotal evidence isn't very good evidence. Until there is a scientific, peer-reviewed, series of studies on "speaking in tongues" I would never believe that ANY person is speaking an actual known language that is unknown to them. Just because someone's pretend babble SOUNDS like an actual language, doesn't mean at ALL that is a real language. There's no shortage of rational explanations for that. Down with SIT!
  16. Wow thanks! I'm so glad I can go see where "doctor" played basketball! Maybe that's where the hook shot was invented. And seriously, that VP quote on the last page is so overly flowery and verbose that it's hard to follow and impossible to remember immediately afterwards, just like most Way teachings!
  17. So I grew up in the crazy little cult. I also was born and raised in Van Wert, Ohio. Lots of people gave me crap about being in the Way so I tended to keep quiet about it, unless I thought I could really share something with a close friend about the bible. Anyway, I used to see the Way bus parked downtown, usually on Market Street. I'd always get kind of excited whenever I saw that. I never really thought to ask where all the Wayfers were. I guess it was just cool knowing a bunch of my people were in my crappy little town. I asked someone later, and apparently the Way Corps stopped there as part of some kind of Way history tour. I heard that the MOG like Bayleat's Coffee Shop. (Me too by the way. beef and noodles!) I can't believe I don't know more about that bus. Duh. Any of you come through on that bus, or spend any other time in Van Wert? Anyone ever go to a twig there or witness or anything there? Come through lightbearers or wow or anything?
  18. Nato

    Get over it

    It was pretty easy for me to figure out who you are Shiftthis, just from some of the details you shared. You may want to be careful what you share online.
  19. Do you know if he's a part of any of the offshoots out there?
  20. I was behind Sandi's minivan in the drive through of Wendy's just last night. lol
  21. I wasn't very clear in my first post. I wasn't referring to the term "planet x" in the way that some people use it to refer to hypothetical planets not yet discovered. I meant in the way that the current conspiracy freaks use it, to refer to some planet that is in an orbit that comes through our solar system every 3600 years and changes the climate. I've since done some research and discovered that the current thing I heard described to me as the "Return of Planet X" is really just a slightly renamed version of the Zitchins Nibiru "theory". In fact, there was author in the 90s that said Nibiru was coming in 2003. So it's the same old move the goalpost trick that they all have.
  22. I was sideswiped by this one recently. Someone I knew came to me really convinced by some story someone told him and some youtube videos. Now I have to research it just so I can show him how wrong it is. Damn it. I'd so much rather be watching a show about real science. But since this person is practically convinced that the world is going to end either this year or in 2012 (he wasn't quite clear on that one), now I kind of have to. Oh well.
  23. I'm having trouble getting my sig to work.
  24. This actually provoked a good rant out of me on myspace.
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