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  1. socks

    Cool Sites

    please feel free to share 'ur url's here if ya have a good one! next time you think you feel weird, go to the timecube dot com You'll feel normal immediately. don't know who it is, but it's esoteric to say the least. Is the time/space meter needle supposed to be jumping around like that? *tap-tap*...sqwrkltpzfttt@#$%^&!!!!!!.....
  2. I'm doing good if they're the same color, Hope! No preview that I can see either, but the posts come up so quick and with that warm and friendly "thanks for contributing" message that it's not so bad.
  3. Yknow, if I start with the right sock, I know it's going to be a great day, but if I start with the left sock, it's going to be a FABulous day. "Let there be change on eaaaarth, and let it begin with you..." Just diggin' this board, gotta post gotta post!
  4. Looks like that fixed it! Lessee...yeah! We be yammin'! It changed to Dis Play and now to socks when I changed it back! Which means, I can change "socks" everyday! Thanks!
  5. Same thing musta happened to me, Sat'. I thought I put in "Dis" "Play" as my display name, but I guess not. Now I've got the asterik and no field to enter it or change it, can't edit my profile with witty sayings.
  6. socks

    Cool Sites

    Ain't it though? Glad u liked it! We try typing in anyword.com and see what comes up. Most domain names are taken, although it's surprising some that aren't or aren't anymore. spleen.com is taken for example. Go figure. trucks dot com is a good one if you're in to trucks.
  7. socks

    Cult Mentality

    Let's see where it lands. Interesting comments, Hope. Hmmm...maybe. Dunno. I've always had a ying/yang thing going in my personality. Like, when I was about 11, knee deep in Catholic Parochial education, I decided that being a priest would be cool. I was a fairly serious thinker (then as now I guess) and I figured, "if anyone understands what all this is about, priests do". Kids, huh? At the same time, same year, I was raisin' serious Cain with my teachers, askin' questions like "why are we so sure there's a heaven"? and "how do we know there's a God"? It got so "bad" that mid year or so the Sistern called my parents in to talk to them about how I was developing "Communist" views...! No kidding, really happened. 11 years old, I'm a communist, right? Pass the vodka! So here I am, a kid, looking for "answers" and thinking I'll be a priest, and at the same time I was questioning openly the whole religious thing. Later in high school, I met a priest, "Father Donovan", who told me he'd quit high school in Ireland and hitchhiked around Europe for a few years, questioning everything he'd been raised to believe and finally came back to the Catholic faith. So there he was, and he actually encouraged me to a/question everything and b/definitely wait to even think about being a priest, till I'd had a chance to grow up a little. By then I wasn't interested, (I was surrounded by Catholic girls in pleated skirts!) but it was interesting advice. So long story longer, I've found I've always been kind of like that. A non-joiner who likes to join things and then try to change them. Doesn't make sense, does it? So now I don't look to join anything. If something comes along I want to be a part of, I do it, but I'm really careful about making committments because I know how I am. I work hard and heavy on things I believe in but I also know things change - they're supposed to I think. I personally believe that the one thing that doesn't is "love", definable on any number of levels. That's all I'm looking to carry away to the last moment I take a breath. And maybe a hug or two and a nice guitar in hand, if I have my druthers... I place highest on my list of "things I belong to" my family, our kids, marriage, and friends (which is just about anybody that doesn't try to screw me) and that's about it. "Intangible assets" I guess. Hmmm...nother long post, not much said. But it's something...let's all sing a song...
  8. socks

    HTML experiments, hmm?

    Lay something on us Steve! I spent most of the day going squinting at a humongous form going: maybe this is it... doh! ok, this is probably... doh! maybe this will work... doh! maybe a ciggie will help... doh! i'll delete and start over... doh! maybe... hey it works...what did I do???????
  9. Hey Krys, glad u liked that one! banner marquees are fun. The blink /blink tag makes text blink, doesn't work here though, think it's only visible on certain browsers, maybe netscape, ferget which. /jr
  10. socks

    construction area

    Thank GOD there's a warning! Sweet jumpin' jelly beans! Cover those yungin's eyes, Marbella!
  11. socks

    Editing Time Limit

    Ok,I feel better now, Suz, thanks for responding...a few people have mentioned it lately and I wondered if, in my never ending quest to goof around, I'd made someone feel bad. (You mean it's not all about ME???) I hear ya...thanks! and to anyone else the same stands. aunnghhhh! ooooowwwww! It's not the crawling that hurts.... unnnghhh, aiyooowwwwww! It's this da#@&!!! glass....!!! Like your swell half, George. I don't know that he and I agree when it comes to some things, but I've always felt you both sound like cool human beings. That's what it comes down to really. I don't agree on most things with my best friends. Except for Mrs. Socks, with whom I agree on everything she says.
  12. socks

    Editing Time Limit

    I vote for that, makes it as simple as possible. Shoot, once this board gets rolling, it'll be like GS, so many threads I can't find anything from last week anyway...oh wait! We have a SEARCH feature now that B]works[/b] ....! Still vote for editability ad infinitum, but I will abide by whatever the Great GreaseSpot in the Sky decides in His great wisdom. By the way, if I offended anyone with my "Spellerman" post awhile back, I apologize. It was just a comment, and I certainly don't give more than a 1/4 rats a$$ about spelling or think less of anyone for something like that, it was just a suggescthun. See? I can't type worth a shiste, so that's why I personally tend to correct over and over because otherwise it'd read like dog-latin. love
  13. socks

    George Aar turns 50!!!

    Tell George congrats on hitting the Big Five-Oh!
  14. visine for everyone! with a browser that sees it If I fell in love with you and you promised to be true, and.....
  15. the classique marquee If I fell in love with you and you promised to be true, and.....
  16. So, here I am typing in my notepad to see how it copy/pastes quack quack quack. quack quack quack. quack. aflac quack. If I fell in love with you and you promised to be true, and.....
  17. listng listng thelist editing the listing .... thelisting If I fell in love with you and you promised to be true, and.....