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  1. Glad you're here. My mom was/is 8th WC.
  2. VPW's books may be a comfort, but that doesn't mean any of it is true.
  3. RR is like V Putin, she can change her title as many times as she wants, she's still calling the shots. Hell, throw Donna in that same category as well. This is a giant political ruse, a response to a letter that circulated last year among standing Way Corps. The letter listed grievences and this was her was of putting out the fire. However, several long standing people left HQ (voluntarily or alt. voluntarily) during the drama. TWI's numbers are dwindleing at a rapid pace and even active members are beginning to read books and teachinings and research done by outside Christian groups and authors. There's nothing holding it together, money isn't coming in, people aren't joining, and they aren't publishing anything but plastic sound bite anecdotal hallmark card articles. Of course anyone with any education or research ability left 35 years ago and even then most of VP's work was either a century outdated (his Greek was awful) or outright plagiarized. LCM didn't even know what a foot note was and had all the scholasticism that you'd expect a 1 year Kansas football jock to have. The internet is their big enemy now because of their crooked (legal, financial, sexual, violent, nazi sympathizing, plagiarism) past and anyone with Google can call BS on their "research" and a new President won't change this. All I can guess is that they have to continue to target the poor, desperate, uneducated folks in Africa, T&T, rust belt, and wherever they think they can sell their snake oil. I'd say they're in their final throes, but then again, how have they lasted this long anyway? //end rant//
  4. It's ok. Science doesn't debate it, even if internet message boards do. Evolution passes every test ever applied with %100 accuracy. It is also supported by all scientific models, the human genome sequencing, all archaeology /paleontology (fossils), and ego-diversity. It's as true as can be. Dogma need not apply.
  5. I wish them all well too. After re-reading what I wrote I fear I may have cast Tim in a bad light. He is a great person and a kind man. I merely meant that I felt people treat him stand-offishly because the looks like LCM and he may remind them of him unfairly via resemblance and personality and that can bring up uneasy or bad feelings, obviously not his doing and not his fault. I only have positive memories of all 3 Martindale kids and hope they are healthy and happy.
  6. I should repeat that my info for Leah and Dorothy is quite a few years old. I've been messaged that Leah may not be close to LCM anymore. I felt I should correct that.
  7. I'm pretty thick skinned and don't take much personally. There's no need to a sensor anything. I'm definitely an outie, I'm an atheist, but TWI was literally my entire life until the last decade, it's a part of me, probably always will be. I should around that my atheism and departure from TWI were separate events. My leaving was the result of direct conflicts with LCM and the other directors regarding personal issues and doctrinal issues. *should clarify
  8. Hello all, I am a new member, although I did originally sign up a few years back when WayDale was up. I was in college and lost use of the email I signed up with when I graduated. Anyways ... I grew up in the way at Gunnison and HQ (1984-2009ish). I was a child for many of the events and people mentioned on here, so my experience was both different and shared. I recognize the names and remember many of the faces. I still have a lot of loved ones, especially immediate family, who are active and I regularly interact with them and occasionally attend TWI extended events and visit NK a handful of times a year. I'm not in the business of gossiping per se, or spying, or sharing secrets, but I sympathize with those who have been hurt, lost, and separated from others and who have mixed emotional ties to TWI after dedicating so much and losing it all. If I can be if any positive assistance, let me know. I, like all of you, have my own story and experiences and tears and laughs. My family was torn apart at multiple generations and the scars are still there. My heart goes out to all of you and those still involved. I have taken some time reading all the threads and have added some updates for those curious, although many of the threads were very old, I thought it may be of use to someone, especially in the cases of checking on old friends.
  9. Brad and Chris moved to HQ from Maryland in 1994/5, he was in the President's cabinet for years and handled the personnel and finance departments. They left around 2000 for Dayton. Shortly after or about the same time, Chris inherited a large punt of Limey and Brad wanted to buy a nice home. TWI would not allow them to as home ownership hindered their ability to relocate or be flexible for the needs if TWI. They stepped down from their coordinator position and their ties with TWI quickly deteriorated into nothing. They are noon get affiliated. I had brief contact with 2 of theirs sons around 2010. The others were finishing college. Brad is a personal financial broker and retirement adviser for Edward Jones in Centerville (Dayton).
  10. As for the tweets, I was skeptical as well so I mentioned the possibility of an imposter. His syntax and grammar, however, were always screened, edited, and corrected by Way Pub and others. He actually wasn't that great of a writer ... or thinker. The lack of citations in his published works and compete lack of scholasticism are palpable. His talents were never of the intellectual sort - more of a dominate, charismatic, leader type personality. I think the tweets could still be fake, but I'm not sure that the grammar is necessarily the smoking gun.
  11. Yes, I noticed the threads were old, but I figured it could be useful to them still or other people none the less. Most of the threads seem to be of some age, so that's what I had to choose from. It seems liked I missed the boat on most of the connections and sharing ... better late than never I suppose. Thanks, Rafael!
  12. Still in GA as of 2014.
  13. Still in. Close friends with my parents.
  14. I spoke to Tim this past Summer (2014) briefly at a 4th of July picnic near HQ (took the kids to see the grandparents). I had seen him about a year and a half earlier at a pre-bachelor party TV boxing match viewing at a local sports bar in St. Marys. He was best friend growing up. He never finished college. He's 30 now, has an apartment (?) in New Knoxville or New Bremen and works for a local window washer. I think he bears a lot of the burden of his father. In fact, he looks a lot like LCM and that combined with his unusual personality and his burden, I think a lot of people dislike him or have uneasiness about him. It's too bad, he never had a great chance in that shadow and environment. Last I knew of Dorothy was a few years back, she was in college at the time (Bowling Green perhaps?). Leah is married to David Fear and I know she's close with LCM. I think they live in Indiana. Donna is still on staff at HQ and a real piece of work. Grumpy. Bully. She's the Housing coordinator, I believe. Last I knew of LCM he was in the Toledo area, but that was at least 5 years ago. I saw he (or someone pretending to be him) made a series of apologetic Twitter posts (26 tweets) in April/May if 2011. I spent. A lot of time in their house growing up. Link to LCM tweets: https://twitter.com/LCMARTINDALE
  15. Wow! I had no idea there was a TWI connection to him. I never heard of him during my time at the Way (1984 until recently) ... not surprised.
  16. David, I sent you a message on Facebook about being added to the Way Corps group.
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