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Anyone hear from Excie?

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Not a peep. I called her and left a message shortly after the storm, asking her to let me know if they were okay. God only knows if her cell phone was charged or whether she got the message or whether she could respond.

If anyone's heard from her, please let us know.

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After posting yesterday I did find a newspaper article that said her town was, in fact, very hard hit. A friend was able to talk briefly with her son, but she was at work. No more details than that, but at least it sounds like they're okay. I still can't reach her on her cell phone, but it's quite possible the cell tower isn't functional. I know she'd be on here if she had reliable Internet access, so I'm guessing that's iffy, too.

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If anyone can find out whether she personally needs anything, or whether we can direct donations to help those close to her, please post here. I don't know where she lives, and don't know her personally, but if I can help in any way, I will.

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you're all so very kind

everyone is okay thank god

when my sister got evacuated they went to a hotel that then got evacuated

my poor mom was supposed to come home from an extended stay in rehab but of course they couldn't let her leave (no boats) so she was there for weeks longer but at least she was safe

much damage, trees, spoiled food, no power for weeks, etc., etc., but nothing compared to so many still suffering

we feel very lucky

thank you again

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Very Glad that you and yours are okay. Do you have access to food? Grocery stores, etc? With the electric out I bet the stores had to throw away lots of stuff. My parents lost their home in a hurricane and it hurt them deeply, emotionally, financially and the trauma trigger Alzheimers in my step mom.

When I saw the path of Sandy and the homes I was VERY VERY concerned and in prayer for you and yours. Did your house survive? Minnie?

On the news they showed lines for gasoline, people without power and people who did not have food. It was frightening. I was trying to figure out how to UPS some food if you needed it, but when I tried to help my Father like that, they said all road signs were down and nothing would get through. Many "angels" went out and bought ice and took it to the people, paying for it themselves, as it was SO HOT and sticky and there were many elderly. Of course the "devils" came out as well.

So glad you and yours are well.

Your poor sister. When she returned home was everything okay?

I hope your MOM did not have to pay for those extra weeks as she was stuck there, but I am glad she was safe.

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