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Name that Actor/Actress (or Role)

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Sorry for not getting back sooner. Rough weekend. Honestly don’t have much of a history with lots of movies to participate here. Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone. 

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It wasn't that long ago that we had more than a dozen players for the games.  Over time, though, it's come down to a core (Corps?) of four of us, so we're always anxious to get "new blood."

This one has two versions.  You can either choose an actor/actress and start listing roles they've had in movies or TV.  Alternatively, you can pick a character (real or fictional) which has been portrayed by a number of actors (as WW points out, some of these can be voice actors, in the case of cartoons), and start listing the actors.  The first choice is easier, since all you have to do is choose the actor/actress and look him/her up in Imdb or other listing.  If you do that, you might want to start out with less obvious roles (for instance "Derek Lutz" rather than "Tony Stark" for Robert Downey, Jr.) and then give more obvious clues, if needed.

Try it!  You'll like it!


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Do you really think any of us is a walking encyclopedia of movies?  I'm actually pretty pitiful at this, but I keep playing  because it's actually fun!



Look up a movie with either website. Look up an actor with either website.   I honestly know a few names of roles Pacino has played, and I posted none of them!  I looked up his stuff on Wikipedia. There's a page dedicated just to his roles.  (I prefer Wikipedia because it usually posts full names of roles, and sometimes IMdB skips part of a name.) 

Sometimes, if I'm blanking on an idea, I just look around Wikiquote.


Honestly. Think of an actor. Look up the actor on Wikipedia and IMdB.   Choose 3 roles he played that had names (preferably full ones) that are not instantly identifiable.  We try to recognize the actor (or hit it with a good guess.)  If we miss, post 3 more roles, possibly more famous. Repeat process until we guess it or until you're posting nothing but his best-known roles (or hers.) 

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