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Name that Actor/Actress (or Role)

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Well, since Sean Penn was Conrad von Orton in "The Game," I assume that these are roles played by

Michael Douglas


Si Senor, they are. Huh, just scrolled down and saw your post with Conrad Von Orton. Had I known that I might have went with something else. Black Rain and Indecent Proposal were the other two movies. Your up George.

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He was looking for it to use as a clue in a game round a few weeks after he was looking for it. Meanwhile, I hope he posts the next one soon.

Refreshing the page after submitting works, too.   George

Well ... yeah.  I was about 15 when it came out.  (Saw it a couple of years later, when I was in college.) Fonda DID win the Best Actress Oscar for the performance.   George

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I'm less than a month older than him, so that would be a really, really

narrow window of difference.....

Well, I know little about you. I thought you were closer to my age.

Anyway, the three actresses portrayed the same character ON THE SAME TV SHOW. :)


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I'm not a spring chicken either so I''ll go with Petticoat Junction?

Just because I think she played on it.

Well, the answer in this thread is not the show, but I'll give it to you. All three actresses played Billie Jo Bradley at one time or another during the show's run.


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Wait, no. Don Diego

"Don" Diego de la Vega,

aka "Don" Diego Vega,

or "Diego Vega" as he would be called today.

The most famous wearer of the mask of Zorro.

Anthony Hopkins in the more recent movies (Banderas played Zorro, but NOT Diego Vega).

Tyrone Power in "the Mark of Zorro", and Guy Williams in the Disney television series.

(My Mrs would have gotten mad at me if I left him out.)

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