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Until there's some permanent remedy, you can access the old files from the GSC documents and the RealAudio files. They're archived elsewhere.

Here's the menu for the RealAudio files:



For those of you who need a media player for your computer, I recommend a free program like

VLC player (as flexible as exists)(didn't read the files)

MPC-HC (media player classic-home cinema, also very flexible)

UMPlayer (again, flexible) (didn't read the files)

Daum Pot Player (the smallest of the free, flexible players that I know of.)

Real Alternative (designed to read Real Media files especially)




The Lawsuit-Related documents are here:



Documents FROM twi are here:


Those of you who need help reading PDFs either need Adobe or SumatraPDF or some other free PDF reader.


Corps notes are here:



GSC editorials are here:



Newspaper articles are here:



Miscellaneous documents are here:



Recommended reading is here:



This should be useful until a more direct solution is posted (and handy as a backup for future crashes.)

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Corrected the media player information.
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Thanks WordWolf!!

Mods: Would u guys make this thread sticky? Thx for considering.

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Ok, for those with trouble reading the audio files, they're "rm" files, RealMedia.  Real Alternative, Media Player Classic-Home Cinema, and Daum Potplayer all run those files just fine, and they're all free and not loaded with spyware or anything.




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I remember the old "GreaseSpot Cafe", and I remember LCM using that expression, if you leave the Way you'll be a grease spot by midnight, or something like that.  At the time I didn't know what to make of the site.  Wow.

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