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Is the real LCM on Twitter?

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21 hours ago, DogLover said:

There is an LCM who identifies as Lot Craig Martindale on Twitter.  Is this the real one?  This enquiring mind wants to know ....

Given that the twitter account cites him as Loy Craig Martindale rather than L Craig... or just Craig, is the first clue. 

It seems extremely unlikely that the account was set up by the real LCM.

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Tweeting is for birds.  We learned in LCM's WAP class that "a little birdie told me" is a reference to devil spirit influence.  I believe that to be in the syllabus.


This is clearly the work of debil spurts.  

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Doncha know, all the internet is full of devil spirits, and should not be engaged with under any circumstances (lest one encounter GSC or its predecessors, of course: the most devilish of all).

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