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It was 40 years ago today....The Beetles


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...that Ed Sullivan asked us to welcome 'these 4 youngsters from Liverpool....

We did.

and life for the biggest generation of all time took a marked shift in the way it perceived itself and the way it responded to the world.

What do you remember when The Beatles hit?

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My mom was an intense Elvis fan. She thought the Beatles were "hoods" so I wasn't exposed to them much when they first came to America (I was a 4 year old kid 40 years ago today). My memory is that they were intruders, clogging up the radio when Elvis could have been playing.

As a teenager, I discovered the Beatles. I can't get enough of their music. To this day, I listen to the weekly Beatles show on the radio and my 7-year-old can recognize their music on the radio.

I had the pleasure of seeing Paul McCartney a year or so ago and was so impressed.

I never tire of their music.

B - Better

O - Off

W - Without

t - the

w - way

i - international

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I didn't see the Feb. 9 Sullivan show, but I saw the one the week after. That show was done in Miami I think. Even at age 9 I was already somewhat cynical of anything TV tried to over promote, so when a friend kept saying "the Beatles, the Beatles" I'm thinking, "Now what are they making a big deal about?" but the first time I heard "I wanna hold your hand" I was hooked.

I don't think it was healthy for them to be promoting drugs and socialism the way they did, but their music has always hit the spot for me.

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Originally posted by dmiller:

Letterman is rumored to be doing something in their honour tonight on his show.

No rumor. CBS ran commercials over the weekend saying that Letterman would be replaying the entire first appearance by the Beatles on that Sullivan Show. I believe its 5 songs.


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When they first came out, I was turned off by all the screaming girls. I saw "A Hard Day's Night" in the theater when it was released, and I couldn't hear a thing. It was about the time of Sgt. Pepper that I began to appreciate their music. It wasn't until the mid-seventies that I came to appreciate the actual music from their early years, and it made me wish I'd been able to hear it back then.

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Starman... I bought 'Anthology' last weekend and have been watching it this week... man it brings back memories! I was only in the fourth grade when they hit the Sullivan show, but I was already 'hooked' by then... I've always been a Beatles person...

I remember watching them on Sullivan, I remember having a Beatles wig, I remember having Beatles sweatshirt & tshirt, I remember having Beatle boots... Lunchbox...

Crazy, huh... If you haven't seen Anthology (it's a 5 DVD set), and you're a Beatles fan, you should... I'm halfway through, it's very good so far...

I'm on the outside, looking inside, what do I see? Much confusion, disillusion, all around me.

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I look forward to seeing that Senor Strange, I too remember the hysteria and buying my first album "Meet The Beatles", and everyone growing their hair 'long' (Yikes that was long?).

Looking back it amazes me the impact that they had on an entire culture and how they helped to alter, shape and change the thought processes of an entire generation. Maybe they were just one of those historic coincedences that happened to be in the exactly right place at exactly the right time.

I was a big fan but do remember at the initial hit of having an argument with my third grade classmate that the Dave Clark Five would be remebered long after the Beatles had been forgotten. icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_razz.gif:P--> Owell I may have been wrong about that-- cant win em all icon_wink.gif;)-->

Im actually becoming more of a fan the older I get and am amazed at the musics staying power.

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Tom I never had the lunch box, the wig, etc. but I did have the boots. icon_biggrin.gif:D--> Bought them in a small town in Iowa fer-crying-out-loud!!!!icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif

Looking back, at that same town, it is amazing they went for such a thing, back then. icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

That anthology sounds really interesting. Will check it out. icon_cool.gif

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Paul was my favorite and I still like his music. Michael Douglas used a lot of his tunes in The In-Laws.We rented it last night.

He should be having another kid sometime this month.....but haven't kept up too closely.


Asked why he began studying Greek at age 94, Oliver Wendell Holmes replied,"Well, my good sir, it's now or never!"

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