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Selfish Matilda that I is...Come, help me celebrate my kidlet's 7th b-day by remembering the mania of that stellar day...Enjoy! I sure am...still.



****************HAPPY HOLLY-DAZE*************

Oh, Mama! At 44, I felt I had successfully made the transition into middle age; I was reading books on estrogen and I had even managed to reintroduce glass products into my home. Fisher-Price was a distant memory. So, when I found myself pregnant a few years ago, I was-as they say-stunned.

How did this happen one might ask? Beats me. The last eventful thing I remember in the bedroom was a foot massage. But am I glad about the radical changes in my life these past seven years? You betcha. My joy is full. My cup(s) ranneth over...

When I think back to that gestating craziness, I'm still amazed and ever thankful. It was the year of the pregnant entertainer-Roseanne, Madonna, Streep, and moi. With no fewer than three different shows and 50 performances under my belt, my baby was already an (in utero) show-biz vet by the end of that summer. I stayed off the stage during the fall, but things got crazy again after Thanksgiving when our Christmas show went into (re)production. The show was booked throught the 22nd of December. The baby was due the 23rd. No problem--or so I thought.

Thursday, 12/12/96

6:15 a.m.: Maureen wakes up, realizes her water has broken. "That's ok, I can still do the morning show in the city..."

6:25 a.m.: Maureen goes into the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. Niagra Falls! Instinctively, she grabs a couple of large mixing bowls from the cabinet and catches all the amniotic fluid. Why? Because she just washed that floor at the night before and isn't planning on doing it again an time soon. "That's ok, I can still do the 10 a.m. show..."

6:40 a.m.: Maureen informs slumbering lump in bedroom of situation. "...but it's ok, I'm going to still do the morning show..."

6:40 a.m. and 20 seconds: Maureen is chastised and strongly advised to call the doctor for instructions. "...Yes, I'm sure it broke. I've got two full mixing bowls to prove it...it doesn't mean I'm in labor yet.. I feel fine. I can still do the show."

6:45 a.m.: Maureen fends off pantomime assault from now awakened Keystone cop and phones up the doctor's office.

7 a.m.: Nurse returns call. "Yes, yes...I'm sure it broke. How? Because my Tupperware will never be the same..oh, never mind...Be there in an hour? Well...how abut-oh, say-noon or so--

Yikes! Gary! Where did you come from?

"--Ok. OK. Hello? Yes, I'll be tehre at 8:30..."

7:15 a.m.-8:15 a.m.: Maureen is amazed at just how smoothly things are progressing. The family laundry is current, the costumes have been picked up from the cleaners, paychecks have been written, groceries are stored in, the van is raod ready for the next five out-of-town shows, and, of course, all the brass and the A/C ducts in the house are clean and tarnish free. All the really important things. Even the hospital bag is packed and ready to go, complete with a new nursing bra. Sing with me...

I am woman, hear me roar,

"I've got breasts too big to ignore..."

8:20 a.m.: Maureen kisses Gary and the boys goodbye as they leave to make their (formerly our 9 o'clock call at the Quincy Music Theatre. She climbs into the pickup truck and dutifully drives to the hospital.

"I am woman, see me drive

"To birth a kid at 45..."

9 a.m.: Maureen is examined, admitted and finally shuttled to labor and delivery where she is hooked up to the IV, heart monitor and Richter scale thing. The drip begins.

1 p.m.: No baby yet. Gary returns with the boys, ostnsibly to offer encouragement. Daddy tenderly kisses Maureen's forehead while the boys give her a thumbs up. That finished, they go to eat in the hospital cafeteria.

5:30 p.m.: Gary collect the kids and leaves for the evening call at the theatre. Still no baby. Sheesh.

6 p.m.: Transition time. White-knuckle labor begins and progresses until-

"I am woman, here's the plan,

Call the ep-i-dur-al man..."

You know, I really hate Helen Reddy.

I was surprised when the nurse told me I didn't have much futher to go. The doctor said the baby would be there long before Gary came back again. Boy, did I ever want to believe her. But, as it turned out, Gary did get back. He must have left the theatre before the applause...it was now 11 p.m. and all was, well,...still, no baby. I was really glad he was there to help see me through the last 59 minutes. They were tough, he was great. And then, just when the new day was about to clock in, at just a minute before midnight...ta da! Holly Marie McCarthy Wilson made her debut, strong, beautiful, and healthy. Awesome...

"Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward."

Psalm 127:3

Happy Birthday, Holly-Dolly!

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Happy Birthday, Holly!

I have a lot of admiration (or maybe incredulity) for those of you women (and men, too) who have babies in your forties. I felt too old to be pregnant at thirty-two, and have since trusted modern science to put a limit on reproductive capabilities. I still occasionally feel a wave of terror that the unthinkable might occur, nature being so arbitrary and unpredictable, and capable of overriding the best of medical interventions. Just the thought of going through it all again is enough to convince me to opt out for the foot massage.

I can't say much more than this because Zixar gets squeamish reading these sorts of confessions.

Anyway, congratulations.

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Hey there fellow parent of a 7-year-old delight! I laughed and cried reading your post - I can PRETTY WELL RELATE!

I was 37 when my princess was born. My son was one week away from turning 16.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet of our home when he was working or out with friends. I finally could return home at the end of the work day to the house in the same condition I had left it that morning. I was truly looking forward to getting back to MY life - had been accepted into the nursing program at the local college - finally, I was going to do ONLY what I wanted to do. (as if...)

I had been working full-time, plus all the overtime they could throw my way, worked a part-time job, AND was a full-time student. How I had time to get pregnant, was beyond me.

I was right there alongside you, MaDonna, Meryl, and Roseanne! I thought we were the hottest things around!

I'm heavyset and since I was so-o-o-o active during the pregnancy, I started to LOSE weight. The doctors were concerned that I might be starving myself (they obviously didn't know me) and insisted I quit the part-time job in my 8th month. That was nice of them, looking back.

I gained a grand total of 10 pounds in that pregnancy!

The week before the due date, the doctor wanted a 3rd ultrasound. I declined - I thought they were just milking my insurance because they can. Their reasoning was that with my ridiculously low weight gain, they thought I might not be as far along as we thought. I agreed to it when the doc said that we would be doing things differently if we found the baby to be 6 pounds versus 9 pounds. (Oh mygod! A 9-pound baby? My son was only 6# 9 oz - could I deliver a 9 pounder?).

I thank God for that ultrasound - it showed there was a "true knot" in the umbilical cord and we had no way of knowing how much oxygen the baby was getting...

Induced labor the very next morning and my little jingle went something like...

Annie Jodine arrived on the scene

at 3:05 today.

Then I had a baby to snuggle, so I didn't get any further with that one. I've since "written" a few little ditties just for her, that cheer her up if she gets a little blue. Real jazzy stuff like,

A is for Annie

J's for Jodine

S is for Schm****

do ya know what I mean.

Oh she loves that one.

Her fave is:

Who's the prettiest girl I know?

Annie-buh, Bannanie-buh.

Who's the one we all love so?

Well that would HAVE to be our little Annie Jo.

The plan was to call her Annie Jo. But she is such an Annie that the Jo is only part of that song, if we may call it a song.

Then there's:

I love my Annie

oh yes I do-ooh.

I don't love anyone

quite like I do you-ooh.

You are my baby.

My little gi-irl.

And you've brought such joy

into my wor-orld.

I love you Annie,

oh yes I do-ooh.

Turned out, that even though I have always enjoyed my son so much, I really felt as though now I saw my purpose here once she arrived.

I wonder if our girls will cross paths with each other or Madonna's or Roseanne's daughter somewhere down the road. It's such a small world - it could happen!

Annie's teeth are straightening out into a nice matching set - although about every other one is missing or has the new one partly in. (Don't they look funny for a while in a sweet little way?)

Congrats and thanks, Tilda - and Happy Birthday, Holly!!!

B - Better

O - Off

W - Without

t - the

w - way

i - international

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Happy Birthday Holly

(Pay no attention to us moms who had babies almost grown when another one came along, it's what we do and the laughter is what kept us going then and now!)

Roll eyes here Holly icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

How cool is to be born into the family you were! And you have all of us as a bonus! How lucky is that. double eye rolling here icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:--> icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

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I had my last one a son at age 40 he's 18 now and I would give anything to have another one?

BTW he was a joy to raise and still is.

Also my youngest daughter had her first 5 months after I had Bobby so Bobby is tha Uncle of an 18 year old niece.lol

Dovey....proud owner of two low riders...Dovey's Doxies...... Dovey

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anim-smile.gifHappy B-Day Holly!!!!!!!!! anim-smile.gif

Now that you are 7 tell Mom that you are fine and independent, ready to write when you find work and make it on your own!!! But you will gladly wait a decade or so if Mom will show up at the café more often!!! icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

I still chuckle when I think about WayDale had a troll that posted with a holly name and your Mom went around and around messing with us in chat when we were talking troll and she was talking you!!!!!!!!!

God Bless America; SIZE>

Grizz SIZE>

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While my baby's birth was done by my 21st, bless all mothers mothers...I admire you all!

Notes of passage:

The time will give the increase

Soon the trips we take are each more memorable then the last ~

Others join out precious family (or await properly to)

There's high school & college


Their Engagements

We can feel, at times, we may be loosing them ~ but oh, it is 'so' not true.

May your relationship with Happy Holly experience the joys of my Hopi child`

This year ~ we experienced the loss of her dad ~ so

...we are doing Christmas away from either home (both mine where she is ~ and this one here to me)

This Holiday, I sursprised her with a booking for us at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort.

We are REALLY going to the Four Seasons...to luxuriate (work pays off)

Not to be frivilous ~ we already know how to do that!

We are Absolutely Fabulous Girls!

We are doing it to embarge on a new passage in time.

I'm her only parent now.

She has this safe half where the love and adoration she grew accustomed to still thrives.

I'm making a new memory of her independance.

One that will carry on with anything ahead for her, I think.

Plus, she's tinkled pink.

We'll always tickle each other where it counts.

Happy Birthday to your growing Baby Girl. Many happy returns.

Many wonderful adventures lie ahead.

I hope you find as many as needed...like I'm learning.

Our children are the most precious on the earth.

The earth barely today) understands.

How precious for You.

Your exciting future.

Come whay may, you'll have each other.


[This message was edited by Ginger Tea on December 14, 2003 at 23:24.]

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