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Your Life Is Not Your Own

A la prochaine

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I'm no bible scholar here by any stretch. But the way I understood the verse to read was that Paul is talking about fornication and such things. He then reminds the Corinthians... Hey guys and gals, remember ... take care of your bodies (meaning...don't be hose-bags) ...because that body belongs to God...He purchased it with the blood of His son. He thinks highly of you and your vessel...you should too.

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I'll see if I can map it out:

-Vic used that verse (and others) to con people into committing themselves to him, i.e. his slave corpse,

-knowing Vic's sins in the fornication area,

-The context of "Your life is not your own" is avoiding fornication.

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I believe God "did" intend for us to give up our wills. The whole idea of living for God and others demands that we give up our wills-which are based on selfishness. We are to turn from our wills and conform them to His will. When Christ was praying just before his capture He prayed,"not my will, but thy will be done". We should pray the same thing.

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Originally posted by A la prochaine:


You ask the darndest questions girl! icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

Ummm... hose-bag...let's see...not quite sure how to explain.

Ask one of these GS braniacs...they're sure to be able to explain. I'm no good at these 'intellectual' questions. icon_razz.gif:P-->

Must be one o dem Canadian terms, eh?

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