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The rule is against sequels to get TO actors that appear in both films. There's no rule against cameos to get to actors that are not in the first movie (ie, even if it were a sequel, it would be okay

The Fugitive Joey Pants Running Scared (1980s buddy cop flick, not the more recent, more serious action thriller)

I don't know who "Creepshow" is, but he didn't star in "The Natural." ;) George

So, proceeding from "Iron Man 2",  let's skip Vanko for once, and, since we can't use Rhodey, I can go with  one of the other characters who was introduced in that movie....

Sam Rockwell            Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy           Alan Rickman

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On 5/17/2021 at 11:11 PM, WordWolf said:


Jeff Bridges did not appear in Iron Man 2, not even in archival footage.       We're at Iron Man 2.   Plenty of characters to choose from.

I didn't think that Jeff Bridges' character died until IM2.  Good catch.

Stephen Root    Office Space    Jennifer Aniston   

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(OS was on the roof, in direct line of fire, when the entire reactor blew, which is why it was blown intentionally.   This was a much better exit than in the corresponding comic story-  when OS found himself unable to match  IM without tricks- and was out of tricks-  he took off his helmet and repulsored his own head clean off to deny IM the chance to beat him directly.The movie plot was greatly superior to the story that was used for inspiration.)


Ok, next movie, let's see....

Just Go With It              Nicole Kidman                Billy Bathgate




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Matthew Modine

Dark Knight RIses

Anne Hathaway


and by the way, we have been playing this game for more than 16 years.

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1 minute ago, Human without the bean said:

Four days now.

Any Given Sunday   Matthew Modine   Vision Quest  

Will we sit here again for another three days?

Wait a minute George (guess we wouldn't be waiting for three days after-all) used Vision Quest a week ago so let's go in another direction.

Any Given Sunday    Cameron Diaz    Vanilla Sky

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10 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

Once upon a Time in Hollywood

Bruce Dern



You and I know who Bruce Dern is, WordWolf does not, but I have no idea where the movie Tattoo will take us now except probably another "three days man" (Woodstock 69 quote). Unless of course WordWolf can link it up.

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