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Okay what do's and don'ts do you know?

My friend has a Louie Vitton hand bag and because it is brown (with the LV's on it) she will not wear it with black shoes. I said in California (10 years ago) we wore designer bags with any color shoe. Perhaps by virtue of its expense it went with any color shoes.

She thinks she has to change her designer handbag to a black one to go with black shoes...

What say you? Any other Fashion hints?

I just watched a show on how a short plump woman can look more lean by wearing the same color bottom (pants, skirt) as top. Then, a different color jacket with a scarf hanging straight down on each side of the open jacket will give someone a verticle line.



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Steve!: Or "The drapes don't match the rug..."

Still, I guess I shouldn't make blanket statements like that without solid research to back it up. Any blonde volunteers? This IS for science, after all...


(p.s. Ladies only, of course. I'm sure someone else would be so good as to compile data for blonde men...


Trefor?) icon_wink.gif;)-->

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I always heard "sheets and pillowcases"... but then again, I'm blonde... used to be almost albino looking... and my beard has always been dark brown... (6er, I let you figure out the rest on your own icon_biggrin.gif:D-->)... 'course, now the beard's mostly gray... icon_frown.gif:(--> ...but I just tell people I'm an "ash blonde"...!

It's hard to make that change, When life and love turns strange. And old.

To give a love, you gotta live a love. To live a love, you gotta be "part of". When will I see you again?

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OH... and all I know about fashion is what Kip taught me... belts and shoes need to match... otherwise earth colors always go together... that show on the discovery channel (I forget the name) is pretty good at fashion tips...

It's hard to make that change, When life and love turns strange. And old.

To give a love, you gotta live a love. To live a love, you gotta be "part of". When will I see you again?

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Never put brown and black together, I was always taught. From what I remember (I'm not too much in fashion nowadays living in jeans day in and day out) your friend is right.

Or maybe I was never in fashion....lol I've gone in and out of fashion. I like to be in my own fashion nowadays. Bob just shakes his head on some of the stuff I wear but hey if I like it what the heck?

If you do not tell the truth about yourself you can not tell it about other people.

virginia woolfe

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Well I'm no fashion diva, (I pretty much just wear whatever I like and feel comfortable in,) though I do like to look nice and have to dress up for work.

Anyway, what is wrong with brown and black together? Personally I happen to like that combination.

As for handbags, if I had to buy a handbag to match every color of every pair of shoes I had I'd be in big trouble!!!! I love shoes, I think they often make or break an outfit. But I have one purse. It is black and very small. Then I have a black briefcase that my purse fits nicely into. This way when I go to work, I can carry my purse, organizer/calander, and anything else I need in one bag. But if I just need to run to the store or something, I simply pull out my purse and go without having to lug everything with me.

OH, and the solid color thing is true. As is avoiding horizontal stripes if you are plump.

Personally, I think trying to keep up with current trends gets ridiculously expensive. I tend to stick with the things that pretty much never go out of style and then add in one or two trendy items for when the occasion may call for them.

For years I didn't have any money for clothes and I learned how to be very careful about my clothing budget.

To every man his own truth and his own God within.

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as aside (lol, what isn't an aside for me here icon_wink.gif;)-->

Those that wish they had ~ might be the ones who feel a need to exploit others.

Those that do have what others wish to exploit in some manner ~ say very little on the subject.

What else is new?

Shoes, suits, hair-color...anyone can 'get that'.

The question (for me) is why is it an issue for anyone else what someones personal property may be...

After all, if we are happy with what we do and the material things that materialize ~ who really give a flying flick?

Some people might though...

I feel bad for people who care too much about what the Jonses have...when they have enough to worry about being a Smith, in their own skin, you know?

If people look to others ~ and their possessions ~ and how they possess them ~ aren't they taking the focus off their own lives?

btw, I love designers...lol...can you tell?

Not for what they have, but for what they are able to 'make'.

It adds to the economy ~

which brings jobs

which are a necessity.

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I thought this was a fun and somewhat informative thread. I didn't realize anyone here was taking this stuff too seriously.

As one who recently went back to work in an office after a number of years out, as I know at least one other poster in this thread has done, it is helpful to have some idea about this stuff.

Fashion may mean nothing in the big picture of life. But if one is working in a professional setting, right or wrong, appearance can make or break a promotion, so it is helpful to have some basic understanding of what is and is not acceptable.

To every man his own truth and his own God within.

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Hi Abi,

I guess I thought it pertained to a judgement about things...

I don't 'get into' things around here as much as I should before I open my big fat mouth...

Dressing for success is paramount to any professionals work-life.

There are many ways to purchase 'recognized' attire, luggage, handbags, etc...and it does make a difference.

Not for the fact that most of the better made items are costly, but because a company also projects a certain image.

Fendi bags and portfolios are great to own, Gucci watches, belts, bags, even skirts are reassuring...and a number of other things like Donna Karen makes, for example, even sunglasses, make a statement in dressing for success.

It sounds awful though, doesn't it?

That there are suits (and wardrobes), accessories, even shoes (yup, shoes are obvious) that help present a work image to the public.

I guess I've heard so many people complain about it in my life...over the years...that I turn a deaf ear now.

I shouldn't have, but I did here too.

Oh, the humanity! (icon_wink.gif;)-->

You know, the best way, and the cheapest (I found anyway) to dress for a company that has a standard or targets certain accounts where image is important...is to invest in a couple great suits (with skirts and slacks)...a really good leather bag and portfolio or attatche case...name brands, which I could go on forever about but 'In Style Magazine' (a very good one on what's current) and even Oprah's advertise current brands that 'signify' what a professional doesn't want to worry about...

If one invests in the basics...they do not have to worry about updating these items for awhile...so in a way, you practically save.

There are discount houses too...since with designer lines you DO NOT have to update seasonally unless you are in the fashion industry anyway...like Loehman's, T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, Ross...Century 21...there are a load of places that sell overflow stock and discontinues, samples and the recent season's left overs from Saks, Neiman Marcus, Norstroms, Barney's, Lord & Taylors', etc...you can find great deals.

Also...after July 4th...I forget exactly when now, but the biggest clearance sales go on at Lord & Taylors', etc...(check your papers)...where you can get 70-75% off of those fantastic handbags, shoes, suits...you name it...but it's only once a year.

And the discount I'm telling you about is after their sales price...so basically, you practically are buying designer clothers at wholesale!!!

After you score a great bag, gorgeous clothes for work (meaning well made Armani or Donna Karen, Anne Klein or Calvin...who cares if it looks right) ~ whatever fits your head-space and pocketbook at discount...everyone can slip over to the cosmetics dept. for some really, really, really good make-up.

The great thing about make-up (quality, and there really is a BIG difference) is that you pay the same no matter what store you go into!

So if you hit Barney's, Macy's, Saks, Neiman's, Henri's, Bergdorf's...to J.C. Penny, wherever you go...the name brands cost the same!

So, where do you want to go to get a really good consultation?

I'd rather be at Barneys or Neimans than JC Pennys for that and I'll tell you why...the competion to sell in those stores is fierce...commision-wise...so since the average sale for JC Penny's might be $50.00 for a good adviser to assist you...at the more discerning store...it's hundreds!

So you get a more seasoned, informed, up-to-the-minute cream of the crop pro selling you the same stuff...for the same money...(you do not have to spend more, no way...)

plus, better brands are better for your skin, have the latest technology in skin-care vs. a drug store, and you can get free samples and free-bees along with your purchases.

Mothers Day sales are the best for cosmetics...that and Black Friday (retail break your back day)!

Anyway, shoes have their sales time too...would you like don a pair of so&so's, wait till after every season is over...scoop up for year-round or put some away for next year.

Let's see what else...

Oh...I have to go back to Lord & Taylor's because they are everywhere...once you get your pumps or heels, a few bags, make-up, blouses, suits, and a dress or two...there lingerie is dirt cheap at the clearance sale too...

People are afraid to walk into Saks, etc...these stores are not known for sales, right...not big ones...but there stuff is changed with every new season due to the shows right...they sell there very recent (two months old) stuff to discount houses immediately.

When you get something so fashion-forward...btw...it takes the regular ordinary market at least a year or two to catch up to what designers do anyway...where they are replicated...copied...whatever...so anything you buy (so invest, invest in something wonderful) ON SALE though...because you can wear it for a few years!!!

BTW, dry-cleaners ~ good ones ~ will preserve the integrity of your investment...

Have a good dry-cleaner too!

Let's see...have and tip a talented hair-dresser and listen to him/her...treat yourself to a couple of manicures a year...(fill in between on your own)...wax your brows...see AHAT or Wacky for a massage...or more practically, whoever is around for an occassional facial...and take vitamins...drink green tea...treat yourself like a million bucks and you will start to feel like it...plus, you'll attract money because it takes spending it to make it.

ok, I'm done for now.

I'm sorry I didn't se a legitimate question here before...but I've been tricked a few times in the past.

Anyway, fashion...I love it!

Must keep current (which gives you up to 2 years)

Make-up...never leave home w/o it.

(skin care is part of this)

Jewelry ~ That is awesome too ~ now you can make your own at a fraction of the cost ~ check out Bead Style Magazine

Girly/Woman POWERHOUSE (and everything inbetween)~ I believe in it.

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Oh Ginger, how DARE you be human! icon_wink.gif;)-->

Personally, I think it stinks in a way, the clothes do not make a person more competent. But it is what it is and it's not a battle I care to fight. Plus, I like to look nice.

I buy during the end of the season sales. Not trendy, fashionable and reliable.

I make my own jewelrey, I find it relaxing and enjoyable. Plus when I get bored with something I can take it apart and make it into something new.

To every man his own truth and his own God within.

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Dot- Thanks for the pic!

For some reason I find women in Ralph Loren shirts to be very attractive. I think it's because it just "looks" very classy. Although I feel goofy if I where one myself. A little too "showey" for me.

The preppy look attracts me like a magnet.

Proud to be an American




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When I was in California I shopped at Nordstrom's and Nordstrom's rack. Appearance was EVERYTHING in the corporations where I worked.

I was up for a promotion and was actually told I did not get it because I did not drive a good enough car!

I do see less and less dresses in the work place and I, for one, and happy about it.

I do like the Fendi handbag as well as Louie Vuitton but being as both are brownish (at least when I could afford them) -- I never cared about the black shoe thing. We always just wore expensive handbags with any color shoe. Now an all brown regular handbag like the Agner would only be worn with brown shoes.

Make- up I like Lancome and Este Lauder.

I am a big fan of hid-the-hinney jackets, they make me more comfortable.

Where do you live Abi? Are dark colors still the favorite in your area?

Here in Georgia was the first time I saw women without stockings (in dresses) in the corp world. And also in sleveless dresses. In California, the woman at the companies for whom I worked, always had at least a little cap sleeve.

I saw an actress talking about the beige shoe once. She had on a red skirt and showed it with red shoes and the eye did want to place the two reds together which actually squatted her. She showed that beige shows match her legs which was actually the "bottom" color. She did look longer and leaner!


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