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Some wonderful gems from the posts of Ted Ferrell

posted October 14, 2002 22:18 October 14, 2002 21:18

For The Record Since I was part of and around through those early years of way prod.think I will share a few things with you that perhaps you are not aware of.First of all VP pretty much let us do our thing and was very supportive of the music and songs we came up with.He loved music and we heard him say many times that next to the spoken word the next best way to move the word was through music.Now please do not think I worship or worshiped vp,never did and never will.He was a friend of mine and that is how we worked togethe and there were times we fought like cats and dogs over several issues that would come up Sometimes he won sometimes I won If our conversation got real heated he would yell at me and say you are useless so best thing for you to do is pack up and leave well he said that one to many times so one day I told him I ain't going anywhere maybe you are the one who should pack up and leave.He went storming off muttering about how I was trying to throw him out of his own ministry. Some may ask how in the world could you call a jerk like that a friend? Well come to think of it I still have a few friends that are on the borderline of being jerks,including me.I was and still am a rebel and never did buy into the dog and pony show of the way including the way corp which I lasted all of four months in so in 1976 at Christmas break took off and went to Ca and never had any intenions of going back to hq.but vp kept calling me and asked if I would work on some special projects he had in mind (one of them being the victors} which I agreed to do but while there from 1980 through 1983.I saw and felt the cold wind if change come blowing in and so after sound out 84 I was by my own choosing,history.I have no regrets and down through the years that I was part off way prod we did turn out some pretty darn good stuff.Worked with a lot of very wonderful folks which by the way most I am still in contact with and all are doing well like John R. who I believe is the best all around guitar man in the land .JN was a family and in my heart that's how it will always be.Hope you asked about where is Stevie Kay? Stevie is a high school music teacher in cos co.and is doing great.Her school glee clubs and vocal groups have won many awards both in co.and usa.And though I was told by way of lcm not to help Stevie produce her written in the stars album but since I am a rebel took my vacation time I had coming from the way and went to co.to help produce the session and mixdown.So lcm tore into her at lunch one day after the album was out but never mentioned my name so after his outburst I told him I helped produce it and he said well you should not have.My reply was that's bs and you know it so I walked away singing one of his roger miller favorites" dang me they ought to take a piece of rope and hang me"There are so many stories I could tell you all and most of it would be pretty postive since I choose not to dwell on the negative side and perhaps with God's help mercy and grace I am still good for one more song and one mor mile.Ted F.

Diazbro Heart Of Way Prod.

Just wanted you to know when I was the servant not leader but servant) to and for God's people of way prod you my friend Diazbro would have been front and center.With the best of my ability I fought for musicians,singers and performers to be free to do their own thing.When someone said to me so and so is on an ego trip( which all entertainers have and should have) my reply was they may be on an ego trip but you are very close to being on a jealouise trip because you can not do what my friend Diazbro can do.

Tonight as of this writting I have and old way prod. friend who still is involved with the way staying as a guest in my home.This person called me and asked if they could come by and hang out with me and of course I said yes.Now do you think I am gonna try to rip them out of twi...nope. What I will do is love listen and learn as they speak from their heart.I much don't give a hoot if you are with ces, cff,ccs,nbc.abc.cbs.and yes even twi.If you believe in Jesus Christ you are my brother and my sister and at present what we need do is sing that old pressed down tune.Keep Singing Them Gospel Songs In The Morning...Keep Singing Them Gospel Songs In The Afternoon...Keep Singing Them Gospel Songs In The Evening,,,Cause Our Lord And Saviour Is Coming Soon. Amen And Amen

Ted F.

Knee Bender

Hi A La Prochaine;

That was ROA 1983 that my left knee gave away and tore the heck out of ligaments and tendens in my leg and it was downright painful.Funny thing that happened right after I went down was Craig came running up on stage and stared to minister to me for a heart attack.Through my pain I yelled at him "Craig it's not my heart it's my left knee and leg" He replied "Oh! and started ministiring to my leg.Later we had a big laugh over that one.It took sevseral weeks for the knee and leg to heal but it worked out and is still Ok .The Way Orch.had a good bunch of folks playing and whenever I had the chance to perform with them I always got blessed.Please give my regards to your husband and tell him thanks for his musical expertise and skill's that he gave so willingly from his heart during those years and times.

Love To Ya!


Mark and Kathy;

Mark like you said we have never met but I believe if we ever did meet face to face over a couple of beers and a pizza you might find that seversl things you post on gs I agree with.

Mark you express yourself very well and I'm sure you ruffle some feathers here and there but so be it,let the chips fall where they may.Another thing I like about your posts is the large print,sure does make it a lot easier for this old nearsighted senior citzen to read.Thanks Mark and I believe in you too cause no matter what you are still my brother in Christ

kathy I do not recall the teen music thing in the woods since I departed in early 84 perhaps someone else knows what you are asking about.I also enjoy reading you posts you sound like a real fun person with a good sense of humor.

God Bless You All


And The Beat Goes On

Well dad burn it Kathy your post has drawn me out of my somewhat GS seclusion.I stiil think your photo looks like a little angel only thing missing is a halo round your head.

Garth you hit the nail on the head and bring up some very good points about how yesterdays or todays music has postive or negative influence on us all as kids or adults in a way we are all still kids just got bigger that's all.

And now to the subject matter at hand.First of all lets go back in time and look at the history of pop music in the good ol'e USA

In the early ninteen hundreds ragtime was the craze and by some considered to be devilish there was a ragtime pianist named Jelly Roll Morton who did a song called Jelly Roll Blues and for those of you who do not know what the lyrics were about let me assure you it's not about what you would buy at your local bakery. Than the roaring twenties rolls in and lo and behold the kids start doing The Charleston, The Black Bottom and other perverted dances. Mom's and Dad's just shook their heads in dissgust. These dances they said were out of line and were causing the kids to go to hell in a hand basket During that time proabition became the law which did not help much cause the booze continued to flow like water The flapper ladies Shook It Like Their Sister Kate and sang I'm In My Sin So Bring Me My Gin (hic)Now we are up to the thirties and because of the great depression songs of hope for a better day were sung such as Sunny Side Of The Street and Pennies From Heaven during that time ther were also some pretty suggestive songs too like Making Whoopee and Let's Do It the lyrics said Bees Do It Birds Do It Even Jelly Fish Do It So Let's Do It Let's Fall In Love...well at least before they did it back then they should be in love first.

Now we are entering the forties and because this is going to be a pretty lenghty post will end this portion of the program and if you all would like I will continue later.

Thanks for letting me share.

Your GS Buddy

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Garth P.

Your post reminded me to say one other thing about prev. post and that is what most preachers preached about music in those days and it was mostly negative Take for instance Billy Sunday was a hell fire and brimstone preacher who preached about the sins of alcohol and how the youth of the nation were being corupted by the god afwul music they sang, danced (dancing was a sin big time) and listened to.The gospel music songs of those days were mostly hymn style with the exceptation of the black culture who sang lamenting soulful songs which was the begining of what we call the blues.Thanks Garth for reminding me about the word in culture thing.

And The Beat Goes On

Hi act2 and thank you for your comment about me.Did I pay you enough to say that.ha1 ha! only kidding.

The reason I am going back in time about pop music in our culture is to set the stage for a conclusion and as we go along here when we get to your area of music please jump right in there with your imput cause their ain't no way I know it all.

Towards the end of the thirties and overlaped into the forties the big band sound emerged and most people thought it was OK.But the forties culture was faced with yet another problem from the kids It was called boogie woogie and that crazy dance they did named the jitterbug oh! my the parents wailed what is this world coming to and how about this skinny kid from Hoboken NJ that as he sings the young girls swoon and faintin the aisle's. What is about this crooner anyway they asked The guys hated him cause he was stealing away the ladies hearts. His name was Frank Sinatra Another thing happened in the forties that changed the complexion of music listened to and that was world war two.The popular songs of the day were more melancholy and patrotic but as the war came to an end it was back to biz. as usual. I was just a kid then but begin to be very aware of the music around me and after much pleading with my folks they bought me an old wind up victrola that played 78 rpm and I begin to collect records with a vengance.I spent all my allowance and whatever I could beg borrow or steal to get the latest hits.While collecting I ran across a sound I had never heard before it was called race music only blacks listened to that kind of junk some told me but I loved that sound and when rock and roll came along in the fifties I knew I'd heard that sound before and when critics said that crap will never last.I thought well lets just wait and see.And from the forties we shall move on to feel the beat that shook the world and changed pop music forever Southern.Gospel quqrtet's were becoming quite popular too with the church set and as we go along here you will see this make it's way into twi.

I am in no way a great writer so all of you please bare with me as I try to tell the story af the why's and therfore's about pop music and the outrage caused by some of it down through the years.

Kathy it's all your fault you got me into this mess by starting this thread that I could not resist posting on but wiill forgive you if you promise not to do it again ha! ha! Kath your the best.

Thanks again everbody for putting up with me

Next we hit the fifties and that's when the s--- really starts to hit the fan.

Love To All

Ted F.

posted November 23, 2002 20:42 November 23, 2002 20:42

And The Beat Goes On Abigail you are so right on about being a part of what your children might be listening too or looking at..That is true parenting and I know you would be fair and just.I applaud you for that.Meanwhile back at the ranch towards the end of the forties there was a five piece group called Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five.He was a black man and to me he was the father of the early rock and roll sound of the fifties..He was on most every juke box cross the land and for the first time red necked white people even liked that rocki'n black sound..As the fifties rolled in still so much of the music was the big band sound and your Sat Night Hit Parade Show on radio.Another strange thing happened gospel tunes became major hits songs such as It Is No Secret.This Old House.,Have You Talked To The Man Upstairs and a few more..Pretty mellow time right then.In 1953 and 1954 a white band out of Texas started having hits it was Bill Haley and The Comets.By then I was living in Cleveland and every night tuned in to WDOK to the Moondog Show hosted by the man who termed rock and roll Alan Freed.He played black RnB along with what the white folk were putting out and hw would say "Man are we gonna rock and roll tonight.And that is why The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is here in Cleveland.If any of you ever come to Cleveland I would be happy to take you there as my guest. So here I am in Cleveland listening and dreaming about how I would like to get involved with this new music scene So I started a three piece and even though I was underage stared playing in the clubs around town with a fake id in hand. As this rock and roll music began to catch on people started to get all hot and bothered about it and felt it was a threat to society and were gonna stomp it out.Well the kids said no way and rebeled aginst their parents family and church.and kept right on a rocking and a rolling.Chuck Berry helped them do that too.So now we hit 1955 and 1956 as Elvis makes his first showing and man you would not believe the fury he caused.I met Elvis twice and in my next thread will share with you that story.He was a good man but just got tricked at the end. More about the fifties later so See You Later Alligator.Hope I am not boring you all with this stuff but there will be an ending between now and The Lord's Return.I hope.Love To AllTed F.

And The Beat Goes On

joniam loved that story about your Mom I can just see her now dancing round the room with the vac.

Ah! yes so from out of the blue here comes Elvis. but first let me share another story.In late 1957 I was playing at The Julep Lounge in Louisville Ky.and we splt sets with other acts booked there thirty minutes on thirty minutes off Well one week while there this young kid shows up that has been booked there and I intro him and he goes on to do his first set.He played piano and sang jazz standards had a good voice but only new nine songs so he repeated one or two before he came off.After our set I brought him on again and he repeated the same nine songs.Well we were doing the latest rock and roll hits and had a vast repitore.At the end of the night the owner of the club asks me what do you think of this kid.I replied oh he will do fine.The boss said don't think so he ain't got enough tunes in his bag to do this gig.I just said give the kid a chance.Invited him out to breakfast and

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fine.The boss said don't think so he ain't got enough tunes in his bag to do this gig.I just said give the kid a chance.Invited him out to breakfast and he was very thankful for that since he did not have hadly a dime in his pocket's I was pretty flush at the time so I gave him fifty bucks to tide him over.I told him to come over to the club the next day so we could help expand his song list.Well he learned a few more songs and was able to finish out the week.While we going over songs to learn he asked me so Ted do you think that rock and roll is here to stay.I told him yes.A few months later he had a hit called Splish Splash His name was Bobby Darin and until his death I heard from him now and then and he always thanked me for kindness shown.

About Elvis I will post next.Think I may be getting a little worn out on typing as I am not to swift at that just a hunt and pecker and sometimes my spelling is not to hot either

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On.

Ron G.

I enjoyed you comments about how broad your tastes are in music not many people know about the pop music of the eighteen hundreds and folks there was some pretty good stuff that came out of those days.Like music of the gay nineties man today you would not call it the gay nineties unless you wanted the homo haters breathing down your throat ( no pun intended)

Highway29 my offer stands for you and all grease spotters who would come to Cleveland to see The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

You Just let me know and I will get the tickets and take you down to ninth street by the lake

I was not going to post anymore tonight but had to get up to make a pit stop so away we go.Before I share my two encounters with Elvis.Let's talk a little about his impact on the fifties culture and why he was so loved by the youth and dissliked by many of the older folks.Elvis came out of the deep south and listened to and was influnced by the black and country music so his style of singing reflected all that.When he burst on the scene in 1956 people were amazed that how so quickly he became the rage.His gyrating movements and gut level fellings he put into his songs were awsome.I guess you all know that he had a number hit around the world recently. Well back in the middle fifties the critics of his music put him down calling him a nigger singer and were apauled by his obscene sexual movements.But the kids loved him and they did not care what Mom And Pop had to say they wanted more and more of him and he gave it to them hit after hit.He was a great entertainer.Along with Elvis came many fine rock and roll groups like Jerry Lee Lewis,Everly Brothers,The Platters doo wop songs and many more fine groups writers and singers.Also an amazing thing happened for the first time black and white perfomers were on the same bill and stage doing concerts together I believe that was the first signs of things to come in the civil rights movements.The fifties music was mostly happy full of joy and oh how those kids could and did dance,To this day if you are out playing in a club and you start playing some songs from those yeart the dance floor will fill up with young and old alike.This one is getting a little lengthy so will post and my next one will be about my twice meetings with Elvis.

Thanks to all for letting me share.

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Hi there John my dear dear friend I sure would love to get together again someday.And yes I still have most of those old albums including The John And Yoko Wedding album which is in great shape and worth a good deal of money now.So if any of you have that album it is priceless.

So here goes my story of how when and where I met Elvis. The year was 1955 and On one of the engagements I frquently worked at The Julep Lounge in Louisvile.The booking agent who booked us in that room comes in one night and says hey this coming Sat.afternoon I have booked some guy named Elvis Presley into the aud.and wondered if you would like to go with me to see him.I said sure cause I had heard the rumblings from Memphis about this guy.So we go down to the concert and the place is packed Bucky Baron the agent and I went backstage and I sat down in a chair right by the wings to the stage.Elvis comes walking by and with eyes straight ahead walks onto the stage after being introduced and he let it fly the kids went crazy.I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing and thought my god the man has got it.Bucky the agent asks do you think he is any good I replied you had better believe it cause you are looking at a soon to be super star.Bucky said nah he is just a flash in the pan.When Elvis came of stage ringing wet with sweat he stood by where I was seated and as he wiped the sweat out of his hair and eyes he put out his hand and said my name is Elvis Presley what's yours I stood up and said Ted Ferrell we shook hands and he asked humbly how I thought he did.Told him man thought you were great.We chated for awhile and I told about how I was playing at The Julep and he replied Ted I would love come see you but we have another show to do in Owensboro Ky. tonight and as he walked away he turned and said hope to see you again someday Ted .Me too Elvis I replied. In the early spring of 1956 while working a gig in Duluth Mn.I had the car radio on and there he was singing his first number one hit Heartbreak Hotel I pulled the car over to side of the road and listened intently and in my mind said Elvis you are on your way.A couple years later we were appearing at The Voo Doo Lounge in Nashville when Elvis walks in along with a few other people and takes a table he looked up and saw me on our little bitty stage and yells hey Ted how you doing man.From the stage I told him Elvis doin great how about you he replied oh 1 cant complain.The bartender comes up by the stage and asks do you know him I said I met him once well right away the bartender asks do you think you could get him to do a song or two.I did not answer him.So during our break I walked over to Elvis's table to say hi and he invited me to set down and introduced me to the men he was with most of them big wigs from RCA

we talked for awhile and he comented he thought I was doing a good job and sang real good. and as I got up to leave I said Elvis some people asked if you would like to do a number or two but I ain't gonna ask you to do it.He smiled oh what the heck lets do it.We talked about the songs we knew hw did and decided on a couple of them.Now people I want you to know by this time Elvis Is a super super star and yet he had no quams about getiing up and singing with a piano player and me at that time a stand up drummer The little stage was up behind the bar and there was no room for him to get up there so I handed him a mike across the bar and he stood there on the floor and sang his heart out as if he were before 25000 people.Neddles to say the room went nuts.When he finished singing he handed the mike cross the bar and rejoined his friends.He stayed for a little while longer and as he got up to leave I saw him hand the bartender something.He looked up at me and said see you Ted you take care now I replied you do the same see you Elvis and he was out the door.On the next break the bartender called me over and said Elvis just bought you five bottles of the best stuff we have and he left this for you too I looked and it was ten one hundred dollar bills.Never saw Elvis after that but always followed his career and was happy seeing him do so well Elvis was a fine man loved God and his Son Jesus Christ and he proved that as he put out some of the finest gospel albums of all time.I believe he just got caught up in the rat race of the music bizz. and because of the leeches that surounded him the day came when it all ended in Aug of 19977. And so with we close the chapter of the fifties and head on to some great music and the new culture changes of the sixties.

Thanks everbody kinda tired now so will go back to bed

Gods Love To You All


Amd The Beat Goes On

Hi bowtwi wil try to find Jelly Roll Blues lyrics for you as I may have it in some old song books.

Now than we are headed into the sixties culture and many of you here are baby boomers and can offer some great insight as to the songs and artists of those days So jump in there and wail away because you are from the culture that became the hippie culture and that was the first young culture that wound up in twi.So folks fire away.

Like Kathy I need some caffine right now.Kath don't you ever sleep are you awake or walking in your sleep ha1 ha1

I will be back later on.


And The Beat Goes On.

Well I'm back on the midnight run here.Had to watch The Browns work over The Saints Today and do a few other things but will pick up where we left off.

And I want you all to know how you posters are addiing so much to the mix here,This is great stuff from all of you.Socks I think there are so many stories here about the music culture and did it have any lasting affect on our lives. Many of us have been there seen that done that and perhaps we should put it all in some kind of form to pass on to the next generation

Kathy you are a sharp and wise lady and I love how you treat all that post here with love and kindness,perhaps by inspiration you started this thread..But before we are through might need a few more six packs.ha! ha1 Thanks Kath Now lets begin to look at thr sixties by the end of the fifties there seemed to be a chill wind in the air and some thought rock and roll was dead.This time is known as The Big Chill Era for the big beat.

Country artists were staring to make headway on the charts Folk music became popular Kingston Trio, Joan Baez.Peter Paul And Mary Folk clubs and coffee houses sprang up across the country Even Elvis seemed to be slowing down with his 1960 remake of a 1920's song Are You Lonsome Tonight.1961 rolls in and the number one hit of that year was Wonderland By Night a easy listening tune by Bert Kaempfert Lawerence Welk hits the charts with an instrumental named Calcutta.and folk music had some more hits such as an old black gospel song Michael Row The Boat Ashore 63 ticks in and most of the hits were watered down tunes but a new dance did appear that year The Twist and the kids had something to grove to as the parents cried oh no not again.63 did not add much to the picture Hang up your rocking shoes cause the rock and roll days are gone and the adults said well that's that But as Bob Dylan warned us in his song The Times They Are A Changing hold on to your seats folks get set for the British Invasion that would usher in a new culture and revolutionze pop rock music forever.

Till Next Time

Love You All

Ted F.

posted November 25, 2002 18:54 November 25, 2002 18:54

And The Beat Goes On Hi There GrizzyBeing a night owl because of too many years in the clubs working to 2 or 3;am most times I do not get in high gear till around 10 p;m when the crowd started coming in and than we could crank up the volume So before now and the last set tonight we will have another jamSay grizz how is your son doing with his music.Did he and the boys in the band get things worked out.If you do not care to answer here at Kathy's Club email me cause I sure would love to hear how he is doing.Till ThanTed F.

And The Beat Goes On...Jazz

Yana and other jazz fans.There seems to be a bunch here that dig those sounds I do too and still love all styles of jazz as much as I ever did.The jazz culture is yet a whole different venue.When I was eighteen with fake id i used to go to The Town Lounge here in Cleveland and listen to one of my favorite tenor sax playere Eddie Chamblee That club was what was known as a black and tan club and very few whites had the nerve to go into that club usualy I was the only whitey there.Because of my awe for Eddie and his group I became his friend and when I would go to the club to listen Eddie from the stage behind the bar would tell whoever was sitting on my favorite bar stool to move so I could set down.Several times I would hang around till closing and Eddie would invite me to an after hours club at The Majestc Hotel (also all black) where all the local and whoever traveling jazz men and women were in town would show up for a jam Most times it was 6 or 7'am or later before they played the last tune.Eddie Chamblle was one of the greatest tenor saxmen I have ever heard He was an inspiration to my life

Later On Eddie married Dinah Washington and recorded with her one of my favorite albums Dinah Wahington sings Bessie Smith with The Eddie Chamblee Orch. it is an old Mercury jazz release and if you ever can find it and give a listen.

Around 1959 While I was performing in Chicago at The Old Hyde Park Hotel Eddie and Dinah came in and we had good chat of course I picked up ther bar tab.I loved Eddie Chamblee and am so thankful for the kind friendship he showed me.and because of that friendship names of some of the old jazz giants that have been mentioned on this thread I got to see and hear in a setting few would have the privledge to do so Eddie is gone now but I will say it anyway Thanks Eddie You Still Are The Best

Ted F.

Why I Did Not Go For The Gold

Little while ago I received an email that read Ted if you knew so many top people in the music bizz.why did you not go for the gold.I am sure many that you knew would have helped you....Here is my answer.

In the benging and down thru the years of my performimg career.I purporsely steered clesr of any of that you can be a star routine .As I entered the music bizz.I observed others who had made it to the top only to find in spite of fame and fortune not all but way too many were unhappy with their lives.I had no desire to give control of my life to anyone for any reason.I liked playing my simple little gigs being fancy free and going and coming as I dammed well please.I have not made a fortune by a long shot but have always had more than enough to get by.

God has been good to me and has pulled me out of more jams than you could ever imagine By His grace mercy and love I have been able to do for a living what I like best and that is music.

Will try to get back to the And The Beat Goes On part of Kathy's thread later tonight.

Thank all of you for you kind words and patience.

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On.

Hey John You are on the front line with the current music scene and man I admire you and Hope for giving your 15 year old some space to grow.The kids are gonna have their kind of music and like many generations before her she will make it through with flying colors because she has some wonderful parents in Tampa Fl.

Ok now The Big Chill Era of the early sixties comes to an abrupt end when the fab four from England with their crazy hair styles invade the beaches of the good old USA.and without much resitance caputered the hearts of the waiting for something to happen teens I don't know if any of you are like some I know but they can tell you excatl

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excatly where they were and what they were doing when they first saw and heard The Beatles sorta like where were you when JFK got shot. No doubt about it these lads from Britian were here to stay and Elvis has left the building.And once again the parents are without a clue as to what the hell is going on.The fab four had 5 super hits on the charts in 1964. 1965 the boys score with 4 more biggies plus their albums were selling like hot cakes now they were not the only ones from across the pond that were making waves Tha Rolling Stones sound was coming through loud and clear I Can't Get No Satisfaction and Get Of My Cloud.So is all of our music gonna be imported from the isles nope.Barry Gordy in Detroit had another plan so let's get that R and B sound kicking in hey It.s called Motown

Ok you guys thats all for tonight know untill I get back to this keyboard I wann see what you byrds have to add who were teens or younger in the midd sixties This sixty decade is gonna take some time to get through because some stages were set that will go on for another decade,Good Night All

Ted F.

Time Out From --- And The Beat Goes On

Thanks 7390 by your adding the lyrics of I'd Do Anything For Love to Kathy's mix it kinda jumps the gun into yet another music culture but that is fine perhaps we all need a break from the continued saga of the sixties music Ok Now you gals and guys 7390 has brought these lyrics of Meatloaf's to the table So do you think if you were parents at the time when I;d Do Anything For Love was popular,you would have said now that is a good song for my ten or twelve year old to listen to.Please go back and read lyrics .Now this one is mild compared to what is coming down the pike Now all I;m asking are the lyrics of this songr good or bad for young kids? It's your call. 7390 would you please repost and tell us what your thoughts are about this song.......Love to You All

One More Post Before Carve The Bird Day.

Turkey Ted.

Stevie Kay


You mentioned Stevie's name and so have others and asked what ever happened to her Stevie and I did a full time set down house gig (duo) in 1986-1987 at The Tavern On The Green Colorado Springs.By that time I was getting into sequenced music and along with 2 sound modules and a Roland Drum Machine plus would lay down some live keyboard chord lines so we had a pretty good sound.When Stevie would sing NY NY complete with top hat and cane she would bring the house down We played that job till I went back on the road in 1988 with another girl singer Stevie wanted to go back yo college and get her music masters degree which she did and now is a high school music and choral teacher in Colorado Springs,Her choral groups have won many awards state and national.I talk with her now and than and folks Stevie Is doing just great.

Lot of things coming up here on Kathy's thread and Im so happy to see so many of you are jumping in there.Right now I gotta go shovel my abode out.do that at least twice a year whether it needs it or not ha! ha! Hope we can get back to more on the late sixties tonight.In The meantime to all who may or may not show up hear today I would like to wish you all A Very Happy Thanksgiving.

Ted F.

Stevie Kay


You mentioned Stevie's name and so have others and asked what ever happened to her Stevie and I did a full time set down house gig (duo) in 1986-1987 at The Tavern On The Green Colorado Springs.By that time I was getting into sequenced music and along with 2 sound modules and a Roland Drum Machine plus would lay down some live keyboard chord lines so we had a pretty good sound.When Stevie would sing NY NY complete with top hat and cane she would bring the house down We played that job till I went back on the road in 1988 with another girl singer Stevie wanted to go back yo college and get her music masters degree which she did and now is a high school music and choral teacher in Colorado Springs,Her choral groups have won many awards state and national.I talk with her now and than and folks Stevie Is doing just great.

Lot of things coming up here on Kathy's thread and Im so happy to see so many of you are jumping in there.Right now I gotta go shovel my abode out.do that at least twice a year whether it needs it or not ha! ha! Hope we can get back to more on the late sixties tonight.In The meantime to all who may or may not show up hear today I would like to wish you all A Very Happy Thanksgiving.

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On


Well I'm back and since gone you all have been adding some real good melodies and beats to this jam.

Socks I sure love it when you come on to add a few bars to the song You are the best my friend.

Sunesis so happy you are strumming some chords here while playing some fine leads and between you and socks we may have a new sound brewing up here.

I will try to write a few more lyrics to this rock opera tonight.Have some work to do in studio plus answer a bunch of emails so it may be real late before the next set.Should I not return tonight I will book this gig for Saturday

Sure thank all of you for playing your solos here you are doing super and I know Kath is getting a real charge out of all thiis being how she is the leader of this band.

Hey grass glad you made it home Ok

And Hope thank you for tuning in you are great.

Will be back later after the break so stick around. folks

Love To All

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Hi Everbody;

Linda z.yeah I think we would have a better showing at The Rock Hall rather tha Applebee's why we might be even asked to do a show there ha!ha!So let's do it will call you soon.

Many a good post here from so many of you I love to read what all are sharing.

Before we move on with the sixties music lets look at that decade of much tragedy and upheaval in our nation.The mudrer's of JFK ,RFK,Martin Luther King demenstrations for many causes good or bad.Camelot was gone and a new era was brewing within the youth of that time.It was the hippies that would shock and shape the very core of the establishment and for the first time a culture would have it's own music hair and clothing style and in protest scream We ain't gonna take it anymore.It was a time of rebelion aginst parents family,fiends church and goverment.

When the birth control pill was put on the market women and men could now have sex without fear of pregancy and make love instead of war became the slogan of the day..I recall an inicdent that happened to me in early 1968.I have lived and vistied San Francisco many times and loved to take walks in Golden Gate Park which is a lovely place.So on this day in 1968 I was strolling through the park ahen I came upon this young couple having sex on the grass in broad daylight.The man had very long hair and the girl did not look to be more than sixteen.I stood there shocked in utter amazement almost frozen in time as I watched this young couple going at it.The man turns his head and says hey man I will be through here in a minute if you would like to have her.I almost ran from the scene.it was my first oberservation of free sex and the hippie culture.

The hiipies were the dropouts from society most from middle class families but who wanted to live together in a comunne like setting,smoke pot,drop acid have lots of sex and protest against anything that moved. There were also some good works involved like feeding those hungry and helping some who were down and out.There were some great bands songs and music that showed up in the late sisxties and early seventies so many worthy ones that would take me a long time to post here.You all have your favorites and know who you liked.

In Aug of that same year 1968 I went to The Way for the very first time because I had turned on a TV show and as the announcer told of guests on that day he said we have a hippie with us who is holding forth the gospel of Jesus in San Francisco Bay Area. Thought to myself yeah right and I have some ocean front property in North Dakota too.But I did watch and this hippie dude comes on it was Steve Hefner and he said something that got my attenion and that was the curch today has the same power within that Christians had in the first century church.When the show was over I called the Tv station and talked with Steve.I asked him so where are you getting your info from he replied he was here in Ohio studying with this farmer on his farm in NK The follwing Sunday I drive over from Columbus thinking I was going to a hippie comune but when I got there it was all older people and their children Steve and Sandy were the only hips there

In the five years that followed the hippie culture flocked to NK and other areas of TWI and had a major impact on and in twi That culture was the catylist for the rise and expanison of twi which without the youth of those days twi would have remained a little country church with a few adult believers scattered here and there.

The question that I would like us to consider is Did The Culture Of The Late Sisties And Early Seventies Get Into The Way or Did The Way Get Into The Culture or a combination of both???

Thank All Of You For Reading And Reply.

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Before we move on there is one other road I would like for us to go down.And that is country music and it's roll in pop music past and present.Now I know some of you may say I hate or dislike country music .I believe there is some merit to all styles of music and worthy of giving a good look and listen I listen and perform a wide variety of songs no matter what style they may hail from a good song is a good song To do otherwise would be saying I have musicial tunnel vision.I have and will continue to travel this highway in the middle of the road as The Beat Goes On.

The very first recodings were from the country folk and was called hillbilly music and many of those artists were popular not only in rural Americs but in cities also .Jimmie Rogers sold millions of records and he is considerd by music historians to be the father of country music and white blues.

In the forties country music was heard acroos the land as folks tuned in by the masses to The Grand Old Opryi Nashville would soon become the hub of the country music industry and in the years and days to come would produce recordings that shall live on for many a year.

Ah! yes let us not forget the country fifties and the coming of age of none other than Hank Williams who wrote simple melodic somewhwt haunting three or at most five chord songs his recordings were on most every juke box in the good ole USA Some of us still sing Han'ks gospel tune I saw The Light Many a pop artist covered and recorded his songs such as Tony Bennet.Rosemarry Clooney and others.The pop artists changed the style from country to a big band setting sound, that sound was for people who did not like that hillbilly stuff but liked the songs .Also from that era came Bob Wills from Texas with his Texas Playboys Swing and on the west coast a new sound in country was born somewhat copied from Wills but just a tad different.It was called western swing a meld of country with the big band sound.Artists like Spade Cooley and Hank Thompson turned out hit after hit from sunny Ca.

As the sisxties rolled in country music was gaining ground rapidly and in that decade the styles and songs of such noteables as Jim Reeves.Eddy Arnold. Loretta Lynn George Jones and the legend of all female country legends Patsy Cline Had Patsy's Llife not been cut short by an airplane crash I believe she would have been the biggest female country music star of all time The recordings she made in the late fifties and early sisxties are stiil on the top selling album charts to this day. I meet Patsy once in Dubuque Iowa we were both staying at the same hotel and as I got on the elevator I noticed this lady standing in back of elevator she was a big boned woman ( not fat) and was fairly tall she was dresed in a simple house dress .I looked at her and by a picture I had seen I knew who she was.Now at this time she had only one hit out Walking After Nidnight and itwas on the charts with the rest of pop stuff of the day.I said hello to her as I introduced myself and told her I enjoy the record you have out,she thanked me and as the elevator door opened to my floor Patsy got off too she was staying on the same floor..We stood there for a few moments and talked about music.I noticed there was a couch there by the elevator so rather than standing talking we sat down Patsy told me about where she was from about her family and her music.She said I am thankful I have this hit out right now but I have no intentions or desire t to be in the rock and roll muisc scene of today.What was on her heart was to be a country artist and to sing easy listening more melodic country songs with a little different flair.I wished here well in her queat and hoped she sold and made millions. as we parted she thanked me for time spent. as well as I.

From experience I can tell you ladies out there if you are going to be or are a lounge vocalist You had better have a repitore of Patsy Cline songs in your bag because you are going to get asked by young and old alike .Hey honey know any Patsy like Crazy.I fall To Pieces or say how's about Sweet Dreams and if you reply I don't know those songs more than likeky you wiil hear.ah heck and I thought you were pretty good too.as out the door they go.

Country music was and is a viable part of our music culture it's many fans are life loyal to thier favorite artists as The Beat Goes On.

Okay you country dancers i'ts your turn to line dance or do the two step.

Love To You All


posted December 03, 2002 20:45 December 03, 2002 20:45

Linda Z Linda;So many good memories of The Way We Were and as I read many of the posts here that song comes to my mind and one line in that song that asks If We Had The Chance To Do It All Again Could We Would We and to that I would answer yes yes.I know some of you wonder how long we are going to be sharing about the good old days and move on to the next era of music which would be the seventies. To this I would ask let all who desire to recall and reflect of days and music gone by let's give all who want to share plenty of space and time to do so. Thank you for your patience.Linda you mentioned Bob Gibson one of Americas great folk acts.Well here goes Ted with yet another story. ha! ha! I was playing at The Ormonde Club in Virginia Mn.and along with us they had booked Bob to do two shows a night.Bob comes in with his banjo in a case that was to small for his five string banjo and it.s long neck was sticking out of the case,he also played a twelve string guitar.We were asked to give him back up for his two nightly shows which we did.and had a ball doing so.He did a wonderful show of folk songs and calypso tunes some qute humorus.Fact of the matter is I stole one of those humorus tunes call

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posted December 03, 2002 20:45 December 03, 2002 20:45

Linda Z Linda;So many good memories of The Way We Were and as I read many of the posts here that song comes to my mind and one line in that song that asks If We Had The Chance To Do It All Again Could We Would We and to that I would answer yes yes.I know some of you wonder how long we are going to be sharing about the good old days and move on to the next era of music which would be the seventies. To this I would ask let all who desire to recall and reflect of days and music gone by let's give all who want to share plenty of space and time to do so. Thank you for your patience.Linda you mentioned Bob Gibson one of Americas great folk acts.Well here goes Ted with yet another story. ha! ha! I was playing at The Ormonde Club in Virginia Mn.and along with us they had booked Bob to do two shows a night.Bob comes in with his banjo in a case that was to small for his five string banjo and it.s long neck was sticking out of the case,he also played a twelve string guitar.We were asked to give him back up for his two nightly shows which we did.and had a ball doing so.He did a wonderful show of folk songs and calypso tunes some qute humorus.Fact of the matter is I stole one of those humorus tunes called Woe Is Me and did in in clubs for many a year..Bob and I got along great and he asked us if we would join up with him and do an act together,we declined.Bob at that time was unknown but he went to Chicago right after we worked with him and started playing at club called The Gate Of Horn which became a venue for all the top folk acts of those times such as Brothers Four,The Limelighters.Ian and Sylvia,Chad Mitchell Trio one of that trios members was John DenverAlso you spoke of Buffy St.Marie did she ever have a voice a vibrato that would melt your heart.Another I just loved to go see there was Odetta. I would go there often as I could cause I loved that music.The reson why I could hang out there was because I was playing at the Hyde Park Hotel in Chicago and we played a lot there months at a time, so got to catch a lot of fine acts all over the windy city including a jazz club named The Cloister Inn on Rush Street there I heard Ramesy Lewis Trio.Anita Oday,Chris Conor Gerry Mulligan Four Freshman and others to many to mention.I sure loved Chicago and of all the big cities I have been in Chicago is stiil my favorite.Thanks you guys for letting me ramble on here just blame it on Linda z it's all her fault for getting me all fired up ha1 ha!Kathy if this thread keeps rollin on like this you may have to start your own cafe and call it Kathy's Club!! Hey I'll come by and do a few sets and I'm sure others here would too.Hey John let's put that blues band together we talked about Sunesis would join with up with us I'll bet Maybe I should call Lepenski tonight and do you think you could talk Skip into doing it (dream on Ted dream on)I sure am having fun posting and reading here on gs It's a good showLove You AllTed F

posted December 10, 2002 20:55 December 10, 2002 20:55

And The Beat Goes On Yes Kathy did email me indeed and asked say don't you think it's about time for you to post something turkey Man what a slave driver she is ha! ha! just kidding Kath I have read what all of you have posted here and you all sure know your music.Keynote glad to see you adding to this thread. When it comes to classical music I lean more toward the romantic composers but more about that later.The middle sixties and beyond had some fine tunes and artists.Needless to say The Beatles kept cranking out hit after hit but that Motown sound was headin' south out of Detroit on Interstse 75 The Supremes.The Temptations Four Tops were at the top of the list in 1965.out of that year there was a song that remains one of my favorites to this day,Youv've Lost That Lovin' Feeling by The Righteous Brothers,When people first heard that tune most thought they were black cause no whiteboys can sing like that. As 1966 rolled in it was prety much more of the same but along came Frank Sinatra with his block buster hit Strangers In The Night and even his daughter Nancy got in the act with These Boots Are Made for Walkin'1967 comes in strong wuth The Stones and The Betles were stiil taking charge and a song that Aretha Franklin busted into the top ten with Respect and that arrangement still cooks.1968 was kind of a strange brew with songs hitting the charts by Herb Alpert and a haunting instrumental Love Is Blue Ottis Redding was found on The Dock Of The Bay As The Doors were on the pay phone doing Hello I Love You Beatles sang Hey Jude while Marvin Gaye told us He Heard It Through The Grapevine.Simon and Garfunkel were sleepin' with Mrs.Robinson and there was a Nasville song writer named Tom T,Hall who reallly told it like it is and had Jeanie C.Riley reveal the whole sorid story about The Harper Valley PTA 1969 was much the same as 68 The Stones were out with Honky Tonk Women and there was a new age ushushered in It was The Age Of Aquarius,,The Achers asked for more Sugar Sugar and Peter Paul and Mary took us on a trip with a John Denver classic Leavin' On A Jet Plane. and Elvis was back with us doing Susipicious Minda.And so we say so long sixties you brought us some dam good songs and music The Beatles were the fab four of Rock and Roll and Detroit gave us soull All in all it was a superb decade for pop music that added new sounds songs and creative ideas to the culture of our good ole'USANext stop the seventies and that is gonna be a fine excurison down memory lane as The Beat Goes OnThank You All For The Chance To ShareTed F.

And The Beat Goes On

Guess we had better get to rolling down the highway to the decade of the seventies and though It's been almost thirty three years ago that we welcomed in the year 1970,sometimes it seems like only yesterday.Before we travel on I would like to relate an incident that happened in 1971 you all might get a kick from hearing

1971 I was playing at The Holiday Inn Richmond In The night before had been our closing night so I was in the lounge taking out the equipment when I noticed a couple that were walking around sorta casing the place out.The fellow walks over to me and asks so you must be part of the band that just finished here.I said yes and he tells me his name and introduces the lady that is with him,told me they were both from NYC.We talked for a bit than he asked me what kind of material do they go for in this room ? I replied oh! some top forty,little country,some old standards and lots of rock and roll The guy gets this worried look on his face and says we only do orignals and some broadway show tunes and that's all we do

I assured him all would be OK and thought the people would like them , I wished both good luck and so long as I headed for my car to go east on Interstae 70 towards Columbus Oh.our next gig.

Few days later some friends from Richmond In.come to see me and informs me that the two that followed you in got fired the second night said the people did not care for them so the ownwer pays off the contract and sends'em trucking back to NY.

Three years later in 1974 I was listening to a top forty staion and for the first time heard a song called Mandy. Yep! folks it was tha singer pianist that had got his contract canceled in Ricmond In. three years earlier none other than Barry Manilow and the girl singer that was with him was Melissa Manchester By this time I was involved with twi,Way Prod and my dear friends Joyful Noise so I paid it no mind and forgot about it, Ten years or so ago I read in a mag. an interview with Manilow and he told that story about being canned.The only difference was he thought he was in Richmond Va,Poor Barry does not the diff,between Va.and In.

Should any of you have contact with Satori please send this to him cause I know how he just LOVES Barry Manilow ha! ha! I can just hear him now say .After hearing this my respect for the hoosier state increased ten fold cause those folks know talent

and that either You've Got It or You Ain't Got It. Here's to ya! Satori.

Will be back later and we will talk about those seventies

Love To All

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Some of you have mentioned a few of the seventies songs so I'd better jump in here.Think I will shorten my posts a little and take it one or two years at at a time.

1970 as mentioned Bj Tomas had the number one hit of that year..Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head that contained a good postive lyric

Simon and Garfunkeel scored with a biggie that I love yet today ..Bridge Over Troubled Water

Let It Be by the Beatles and do any of you recall hearing that was a song about pot when they sang the line Mother Mary Comes To Me speaking Words Of Wisdom Let It Be I never bought into that did any of you? Another wondeful Beatles song from that year The Long And Binding Road..George Harrison did My Sweet Lord as the Beatles began to unravel and fall apart

Jackson Five gave us ABC. The Love You Save and I Want You Back Diana Ross goes solo with Ain't No Mountain High Enough as Neil Diamond sang about his Cracklin'Rosie Smokey Robinson cried Tears Of A Clown

Bubble gum music was in with a big hit of Breads Make It With You

This may be another Barry Manilow type chat when I bring up this next name and that being The Carpenters as for me I loved their smooth sound and wonderful songs Karen Carpenter had the swweetest voice this side of heaven and when I heard Close To You it made my heart melt.Their appeal was to the adults as most of the rockin younger set brushed their music aside. I stiil have most of thier albums and listen to them from time to time So folks what is your take on The Carpenters because as we stroll through the seventies their songs will appear again and again

Thats all for now you all please add your comments and thoughts about the seventies as The Beat Goes On

Ted F.

You All Are Just The Best

Just wanted to tell all of you that have posted here how much I enjoy all you have to say. Regardless of what we believe or don't believe music has a way of reacing out to the heart and soul of a man woman or child and knows no boundries.

Kathy as I look at the title of this thread it makes me smile because so far it is plain to see twi did not have much of an impact on what we should or should not listen to.ha! ha!

Linda when will the mystey be revealed ?

That's all for now but you all keep on a truckin'

Love Ya!

Ted F.


Since I bailed out of twi in 1984 it's hard for me to understand why and how in the H anyone would think they have the right to try and control anothers life in any area. Looking back I knew it was time for me to go because my work there was finished and also I had a gut level feeling the times they are a changin'and that I would not put up with any horse s***

My heart goes out to you Kathy and your son that you were put upon by such baloney and wrong teaching Well my friend it ain't over till it's over and should I be able to help you or your son in anyway concerning music I am here for ya! and Kath who knows you might even be the next Patsy Cline Hey!and just maybe we will write the next big hit but no rap if you please ha! ha!

While thinking about this stuff I don/t know if any of you are aware but back in 1971 Way Prod was set up by me to stand on it's own and not be a dept of twi a long story I may tell you sometime.

Love To All

Ted F.

posted December 17, 2002 11:46 December 17, 2002 11:46

And The Beat Goes On Hi everybody ready to post a couple Of things today. Kathy just ain't gonna' let me retire from her thread ha! ha!Truth of the matter is I do enjoy my time spent with all of you here on gs.During the sevsnties a lot od us got involved with twi in what I call the growing years.It was the young from all walks of life who came by the hundreds and then by the thousands that put twi "on the map" Had that not happened twi may have stayed a little country church in the middle of nowhere and have only at best a few adult's and their children as follower's When we came into the fold ( so to spesk) we brought with us the seventies music culture that would have a major impact on twi future produced miusic or as Loggins and Messina put it in their 1972 hit Your Mamma Don't Dance And Your Daddy Don't Rock And RollIn my next post we will cover the first few years of the seventies and recall some oldies but goodies that have withstood the test of time.As the Beat Goes On.Love To AllTed F.

The seventies decade had a bunch of great songs and some brand new artists that we heard for the first time. Most of what I will cover about those years will be the top hits of the day and I will leave it up to the rest of you to add your favorites from the seventies.

1971.Dawn told us to Knock Three Times as Janis Joplin was out cruseing with Bobby McGee. Three Dog Night sang Joy To The World and The Rolling Stones asked for more Brown Sugar. I bought an album that year of Carole Kings and loved her songs including It's Too Late and James Taylor sang one of her songs that hit the charts You've Got A Friend .Rod Stewart's Maggie May was an item in 71 or was it Just Ny Imagination that the Temptations warned me about.

1871 Theme from Shaft by Issac Hayes got our attenion and Sly and The Family Affair had a Family Affair Cher in the meantime was out running around with Gypsy's Trmaps And Theives and Melanie found her Brand New Key and I heard and bought Elton Joh's first album Madman Across The Water still have and love that album

So that takes care of 71 got any additions folks?

Since we are in the year of 1971 Next post I may tell you about the 1971 begining's and the early years of Way Prod Have not decided If I should go there or not

Love Ya!

Ted F.

Way Prod.In The Begining

Some of you have asked me to tell you how it all happened so without going into many details I will do my best to share my heart and involment with Way Prod.

Before we start feel that I should say once again about my friendship with VP.I did not worship nor do I worship the man.He was my friend who taught me some bible and we shared a song or two together The reason I am saying this is because his name will come up several times before I finish this story

In 1968 Mardelle (my wife at that time) got involved with The Way and very quickly started writting and performing music for and with The Way.

Two working night club entertainers that used the same style and format as we did while working in the clubs. .VP loved how we performed and for the next three years we would work in the lounges to earn some bucks so we could travel and work with The Way and VP .At no time did we ever receive any finical gain nor did we desire to do so in a way guess you could say it was our way of giving

After the closing day Of Rock Of Ages 1971 (which by the way was coined by my First Corp bu

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The beat goes on-Ted Ferrell

The story continues:

Way Prod.In The Begining

Some of you have asked me to tell you how it all happened so without going into many details I will do my best to share my heart and involment with Way Prod.

Before we start feel that I should say once again about my friendship with VP.I did not worship nor do I worship the man.He was my friend who taught me some bible and we shared a song or two together The reason I am saying this is because his name will come up several times before I finish this story

In 1968 Mardelle (my wife at that time) got involved with The Way and very quickly started writting and performing music for and with The Way.

Two working night club entertainers that used the same style and format as we did while working in the clubs. .VP loved how we performed and for the next three years we would work in the lounges to earn some bucks so we could travel and work with The Way and VP .At no time did we ever receive any finical gain nor did we desire to do so in a way guess you could say it was our way of giving

After the closing day Of Rock Of Ages 1971 (which by the way was coined by my First Corp buddy Mike Smith we stiil are good friends till this day).VP calls a meeting for all musicians and singers to be held at the New Knoxville High School About thirty or so showed up including Preesed Down,Selah and others.The reason VP called us all together was to see if perhaps somehow we could do something productive wise with these talented people.It was decided that there would need to be a director for the music ministry as it was called then.So each man or woman who thought they could do the job took the floor and spoke.There were many grand and lengthy wonderful ideas tossed to and fro as I held my peace. Vp calls on me to share and I did so in one simple sentence "What we need to do is put our hand before the plow and go to work"

VP.Ermal and H,E.go to a room to choose who wil be the director.In a short while they came back and announced that I would be the one.I really did not want the job as I knew to some degree what I was letting myself in for.

This is kinda heavy for me so think I need a break but will continue later on tell you about how I believed Way Prod.as i called it should be set up. More on that in next post.

Love Ya!

Ted F.

Way Prod Get's Rolling

Right away I was aked to select two groups to invite to NK and my pick was Pressed Down and Selah

Around the first of Sept.in 1971 VP Ermal and H.E. asked me let's go for a drive into New Knoxville We pull up in front of this two story building that was vacant and went inside The bullding had been used as a egg storage warehouse and you sure could smell the chickens. The three men asked me Ted will this place do for Way Prod.I checked it over from top to bottom and said with some clean up it will do fine,The next day it was purchased and I named it The Outreach House because of a music publishing company I had in my mind called Outreach Music.

We four men talked about how I would like to set up Way Prod. I said think it would be best for Way Prod to be independent of The Way and that was oK by all. Harry W.asks me how much money do you think you will need for start up cash.I replied a thousand will do.We go over to the bank and set up an account for Way Prod. even got a big bizz. check book.So now we have a place to rehearse and live and food for the two groups would be supplied at HQ dinning room.

Right away I start thinking about paying back that thousand I got from Harry W. I knew that Rock Of Ages 71 had all been recorded by a prof studio from Dayton and I had the reel to reel tapes.So I invited Mike Smith to go to Dayton studio and help edit those tapes so we could make a highlights album of ROA 71 which we did. I orderd one thousand records to be pressed from master tape and while they were being pressed went to Em Allen and told her abour the albums and asked how many would she like at three dollars per album she ordered five hundred and Way Prod had just made a thousand dollar profit during the next few weeks I sold another five hundred for a fifteen hundred dollar profit Now we had some money in the bank and I had payed half off on the loan from H.E.

Pressed Down And Selah are there by now and we have cleaned up our building till it was spic and span and both groups are rehearsing and composing tunes to beat the band and The Outreach House was a rocking

A couple or so months later things changed and the vision I had for Way Prod died one cold December night as Way Prod. became a dept.of The Way .This was not VP's actual doing but rather pressure was being brought to bare from the leadership of the east and west coast and from both music groups

Will wind this topic up on next post and move back to the music of the seventies

I hope you can understand this post and that I was able to clearly explain how most of it came down

Love To All

Ted F.

posted December 18, 2002 06:40 December 18, 2002 6:40

Way Prod's First Albums In mid December of 1971 The decision was made that Pressed Down and Selah were ready to go into the studio and record.That decision was smade on a cold December night to put the wheels in motion because both groups were strainging at the bit to get in the studio I was somwewaht hesitant because I knew the money it would take be around ten thousand dollars and at present Way Prod.did not have even near enough to cover the cost.Plus because of the size of The Way at that time I knew it would be a long time before we could break even So I came to the conclusion Way Prod. would be better seved as a twi dept. and so that phase of Way Prod. was overIn Jan. and Feb. of 1972 both Pressed Down and Selah recorded and for 1972 both of those albums were darn good Better than most christian music that was on the market.Pressed down went back to NY.after recording was finished. Selah stayed around for a few more months to do some road programs with me for The Way. As 1972 came to a close both groups were back in their home areas.I returned to the night club scene In 1973 and worked the rest of the year on the road.In Dec.of 73 while doing a gig in Louisville Ky. VP called me and said I have a bunch of musicians here in the Fourth Corp and I don't know what to do with them maybe you will know .There was dead silence on the phone for a few seconds till I said gee! I don't know about that V.P.my answer right now is no. He kept talking and asked well at least will you drive up here and talk to me.I had two days off on that booking so I drove up to NK and listened to what he had to say.I'm an easy mark so on Jan 13 1974 I walked out on the stage of a little theater in Minster Ohio and said God Bless You and Welcome To Joyful Noise and the rest is history.I loved working with all of those very talented men and women hey socks that includes you and Janet and I would not have missed the good times music and songs we shared for all the tea in china.I have told you in part how it all began and now perhaps socks will fill in some of the rest of Way Prod.That's All Folks On This Topic Love To AllTed F.

posted December 21, 2002 06:14 December 21, 2002 6:14

Socks My Main Man and Lovely Prochaine Socks you my friend have got your act together and I sure do enjoy reading what you have to add.And you always bring to the table some wise and thoughtful insight ,Cookin' Mamma was one fine good rockin' band and what a sound you all had Wish I had a few cuts of some of the beats you were laying downJohn yes my earlier vison for Way Prod.was to leave the performers in their areas and that we would do all we could to help in anyway possible Most certainly never to control or wrongly advise how they should write songs or perform.When you do that you strip away an artists creartive talents and at best they wind up as clones of those who try to put rules and regulations upon their heads. I was believing that as time would permit I would travel to any area and offer whatever knowledge I might have,not that I'm.so great but rather to give words of encougagement and support from Way Prod.I believe had I been able to follow through on that way of thinking we would have seensome inspiring results.But that road we did not go down perhaps it was due to my own weakness that I did not insist that's s the way it should be doneProchaine Joyful Noise worked in spite of those who tried to get their hands in the pie .For all of us it was always a learning ecperience and each one of us tried to draw the best out of each other.VP mostly kept his hands off and let ud run the show but there were times he would put his two cents worth in on certain things or ideas.JN had very talented hard working people involved and out of those years some wonderful songs and music sprang foth.How many of you have heard socks do some of his great tunes like Brand New Way or The Grave And The Glory Yes Jn had some very fine musicians and singers but JN had another side that perhaps we have not looked at and that is Joyful Noise was an entertaining group and were always coming up with different ideas on how to reach and touch their audience There is fine line between groups who just play music and those who put on"a show" I did not have to tell them do this or do that hey!they came up with most of what we put on stage.I was just along for the ride watching them grow by leaps and bounds and for the most part I kept my nose out of it but I did help put the program together and they did let me emcee and sing a couple of tunes now and than ha! ha!From 1974 through 1976 we called the shots and VP had very little imput on what we sang wrote or danced After 1976 by my own choosing I left Way Prod.as director and turned the reigns over to those I considered to be very capable of taking over .Any future involment with Way Prod. that I had for a few more years was working on special projects and when those were finished it was time for me to hit the road.What came down the pike after that i don;t know much about.I had a wonderful time got to work with some great people and build friendships that are still dear to me till this day.Thanks for letting me shareLove To AllTed F.

Socks Those Were The Days

Man when I look back at how and what we all went through while going here and there sleeping in the vans and sometimes getting to a show without having time to take a shower before going on Lysol spray cans were our only saving grace.ha1 ha!

Talking about traveling with little sleep.I recall a time Ken Mc.and I were down at the recording studio in Cinncy mixing America Awakes album and both of us had been at the console all night Ken had to be back for an 8;Am corp meeting ao we left the studio around 5;30 Am and I told Ken to get in the back seat and get a few winks and I would drive back to NK.I headed for INT,75 and recall merging in with the traffic and that was all I recall.Ken said he woke about a couple hours later and there I was sound asleep at the wheel and the car was going straight as an arrow on the freeway he futher stated that he watched this happening for some time but was concerned to wake me up since it might cause me to vear off the highway.I recall waking up? and seeing an exit sign that read St. Marys Wapak. cut off next exit which meant I had missed the Nk cut off a few miles back.When Ken and I talk together now and than that trip from Cinncy always comes up.And how it was by the grace of God we made it home safe and sound that morning.Ken made it in ime for his corp meeting,too.

Yeah! socks the stories we could tell that many would not believe Sure love ya! brother.

Ted F.

Give Christ A Try

Give Christ A Try


Open Your Heart And Just Give Christ A Try

He's In Love With You He Arose To Set You On High

You'll Never Know Til You Know That You've Tried

His Tender Love Always Thinking Of

God's Love Inside

verse one

Time Does'nt Heal The Heart That's Torn Apart

Your Mind Can Make The Change

God's Word Will Mend The Heart That's Torn Apart

Things Will Rearange

repeat chorus

verse two

Things Of This World Wont Last

They Change So Fast There's Darkness In The Land

God's Word Will Always Last It's Spreading Fast

Come On And Take A Stand

verse three

True Love Is What You'll Find And Peace Of Mind

When You Look To God's Son

Leave All Your Cares Behind Make Up Your Mind

Forget The Things You've Done

repeat chorus

Words and Music by Cliff Adelman © 1975

My Lifes Dream

My Lifes Dream

I was lost my world was filled with tears

Amd troubles times were tough

Evil days living life was one big bother

One big bluff

Running hard but no escape from darkness inside

I was enslaved

But God stepped in and by his mercy love

And kindness I was saved


And now I love the life I'm living

Cause I know how God my Father set me free

Yes I love the life I'm living

And I know that I know that christ in me

verse two

Somtimes I forget that I've been given

My lifes dream

Peaceful days with Jesus Chris alive inside me

life's Supreme

Then I stop put off the world and thank

The Father For His Son

Times are great my sorrow's gone

My life's been made right I have won

repeat chorus

tag ending

Yes I knpw that I know I know that I know

Yes I know that I know iknow that Christ in me

Words and Music Cliff Adelman © 1975

Sons Of God

Sons Of God


We are sons od God with power

Raise your head and say it loud

The righteousness of God is ours

Of our sonship we are proud

We're brought back from the devils power

Set apart by Crist

And we're rconciling men to God

Seving them the bread of life

verse one

We are sons of God shining as a light

Casting out the darkness

Holding forth the Word of life

Fearless as we stand upon the promiises of God

Proclaming the wondeful works of him

Evey morning noon and night

verse two

Standing before our father's throne

Bodily without shame

Making our requests made known

To God in His Son's name

Bold because we know we're righteous

Wer're not afaraid of man

Knowing that in the book of life

God has put our names

verse three

Never doubting our ability

We stand and know we're free

Knowing we're more than conquerors

We claim each victory

We're God's perfect masterpiece

We're complete in Christ

Believing working mircales

Casting mountains to the sea

Words And Music by Brian Bliss © 1975

Knee Bender

Buck yeah knee is fine never gave me any problem before or since.

What Buck is talking about is we were doing a video production at the Rock in 83 and I was on stage doing my thing. And for those of you who have never seen me perform I move around a lot. I get down on my knee's and shake rattle and roll. So here I am doing an up tempo tune and I moved too fast too quickly and my knee gave away and I fall flat on my back in pure agony. It was Craig not VP who comes run

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Knee Bender

Buck yeah knee is fine never gave me any problem before or since.

What Buck is talking about is we were doing a video production at the Rock in 83 and I was on stage doing my thing. And for those of you who have never seen me perform I move around a lot. I get down on my knee's and shake rattle and roll. So here I am doing an up tempo tune and I moved too fast too quickly and my knee gave away and I fall flat on my back in pure agony. It was Craig not VP who comes running up on stage and starts to minister to me for a heart attack. While I am withering there in pain I yelled at Craig it is not my f****** heart you a****** it's my knee. Craig goes Oh! and puts his hands on my knee the good one not the one I had just tore up. So much for revelation huh!

With the help of a couple of guys I hobble back stage and I asked can you wrap this knee with something cause I had one more song to do for video. The only thing that could be found was gray duct tape so they wrapped my leg till I looked like a vent pipe. VP asks me can you go back on stage. I replied yes I am gonna do it. So I go back on but of course this time I am pretty laid back and stand almost still.

It took me about six weeks to get that knee healed up. Don't know if any of you have ever ripped your knee apart but it can be downright painful more so than a broken bone I am told.

Buck yeah! Mike Smith and I stay in touch. He was down here in the lower forty-eight a year or so ago when his son Nathan got married down in Canton Oh. And while Mike was here we spent some good quality time together.

Take care Buck, hope the rib was tasty.

Your Friend And Brother


Buck and Hope

Yes it was Kristina Linder (now Perez) who wrote Highest Of The High and one that I dearly love Silently. What a bell of a voice she had and still has.

A few months ago I did a believers gig in LA and I knew Paul Dionisio was going to be there so we were talking by phone about Kristina and I told him how much I loved her voice and talent. Paul told me she lived about ten minutes from him in San Jose and they have lunch together real often and that he would tell her what I said.

I was standing in the lobby of the hotel in LA where the weekend meeting was being held and Paul walks in and we hugged and cried a little. Then he said I brought someone with me you might like to see. And there she was beautiful Kristina I had not seen her in many a year and it was so wonderful to see her again. Since I was in charge of the music for the weekend right away I asked her to sing and sing as many songs as she would like. On Sunday morning I gave her an intro and she sets down at the piano and starts to sing with that crystal clear voice as good or better than ever.

I was standing off to the side but I became so blessed by her being there that the tears began to flow like water. I moved over by the piano and got down on my knees in front of her to listen as closely as I could. She smiled and said oh my Ted I knew how much you always loved me and that's why I came. She did seven or eight tunes that morning and to me that was the highlight of my trip to LA.

Kristina is married to a very nice man and they have children in fact her teen daughter was with her.

So guess you could say I am a Kristina Linder (Perez) fan. You betcha. If no one has all of the words to Highest Of The High I do and will post when I have more time. Right now I am a little swamped in putting music to Kathy's lyrics and I can tell you this she has some very good ones.

See you later my friends

Ted F.

Way Prod Names of Yesterday

Was going to type in Highest Of The High but saw Hope was getting from Paul so I will pass on adding that one. I am not the best or even fair typist in the world so thanks Hope for taking care of the chores.

Taking a little break now and as I read some of your posts it seems we are bringing up some names of a few old Way Prod folks that came and left their mark. So here are a couple more to add for honorable mention.

Barry McCoy circa 1972-1973, Barry had played with Garry Puckett and The Union Gap. Barry was a very talented singer musician. While he was part of Way Prod he added his mellow song Happy To Be Home Again and who can forget his rendition of The Trilogy with Claudette at the 1973 ROA. After this post will post words to Barry's Happy To Be Home Again.

Couple of other pro people who came through Way Prods doors were Jim Burgett and Marlene Ricci. They were Vegas entertainers that VP had invited to come in and help me with production work and I was thrilled to have their help. But Marlene was not to happy being there so after a few months they left to return to Vegas. Marlene was a dynamic performer with a voice as good as Barbra Streisand and was young and beautiful with a body that would turn any mans head.

I happened to be in Vegas as a guest of Jim and Marlene's the night Frank Sinatra came to hear Marlene. I was in the lounge of the casino where she and Jim were playing and there was a real scurry of activity going on as the help cleared the way for a VIP that was coming in. The VIP was Frank Sinatra and after listening and seeing Marlene perform Frank invited her over to his table and hired her on the spot to be his opening act for all of his road concerts which he was doing a lot of back then. She worked with him for a few years and I still see her name on the roster of main show room coming attractions or now appearing at The MGM.

Yes there was some fine talent who for a time were part of the Way Prod family.

That's all for now.

Ted F

Had to go back and read where I left off about music from the seventies and it seems we ended with 1971 so let's look at 1972 and beyond.

In 1972 we were served Don McCleans American Pie as we drove our Chevy’s to the levee but the levee was dry. Neil Young shared his Heart Of Gold as America rode in on A Horse With No Name. Neil Diamond made us blue with Song Sung Blue and that made Gilbert O'Sullivan feel like he was Alone Again Naturally. Our vision was getting a little weak but Johnny Nash cleared it up with I Can See Clearly Now also we were in need to have someone to lean on so Bill Withers sang Lean On Me.

Roberta Flack a Washington DC jazz pianist and singer melted our hearts with one of the great love songs of all time The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face while at the same time Billy Paul was having an affair with Me And Mrs. Jones. Looking Glass had a romance going on too with Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) but Mac Davis told his lady Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me. Helen Reddy stood up and was counted with I Am Woman while The Temptations told us that their Papa Was A Rolling Stone.

Chuck Berry gave us some laughs when he exposed My Ding A Ling and all were invited to sing along, Three Dog Night took us out of the gray area with Black And White. Sammy Davis Jr. was The Candy Man of 72 and Ben was Michael Jackson's friend. I felt sorry for Nilsson who had to go it alone Without You but Al Green had his act together as he insisted Let's Stay Together.

This is just a few of the top hits from 1972 some good songs came from that year wouldn't you say.

Next we will take a peek at some music from thirty years ago 1973 my oh my! it seems like only yesterday

I shall return.

Love To All,

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Thirty years have come and gone since 1973 but so many of the songs from that year are with us yet today. A good song is always a good song.

In 1973 I felt insulted when Carly Simon told me Your So Vain but it all worked out when Diana Ross invited me to Touch Me In The Morning. oh! yeah. The only problem I had with that was Maureen McGovern kept reminding me about The Morning After from the movie Poseidon Adventure.

Jim Croce reported about a bad cat named Bad Bad LeRoy Brown who Croce said had too much Time In A Bottle. There was a lot of Superstition going around so Stevie Wonder said and he had a Photograph by Ringo Starr to prove it. Even Frankenstein got in the act as presented by Edgar Winter Group and another crime took place that year when Roberta Flack said some musician was Killing Her Softly With His Song gee! That was a cruel thing to do. And thought I'd heard it all about who was rocking till I heard Elton John sing Crocodile Rock now the reptiles were rocking what next?

Rolling Stones brought Angie on stage and Charlie Rich thought she was The Most Beautiful Girl. Cher was a Half Breed and The Carpenters were on Top Of The World.

Well that's the story for 73 so right now I will have Tony Orlando Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree as Gladys Night and I depart on The Midnight Train To Georgia.

And that's a few tunes from 1973.

See you Later,

Ted F.

And The Beat Goes On

Socks I recall reading the book you just posted about and my first thought back then was hogwash. As I posted in my earlier posts on this thread, since the beginning of popular songs and music in the USA there has always been the headed for hell in a hand basket critics. Even Steven Foster was reported to be a 'darkie lover'.

I have always loved Bob Dylan and his music and compositions. Bob is a musical poet and I used to read his songs like I would poetry. He is a musical genius and his way of writing lyrics was copied by The Beatles and many others. Yes, I believe Dylan's conversion to Christianity was for real, too many of his songs from that time reflected his beliefs at that time. However he did return to his roots Judaism and far as I know he still is there. I used to do one his songs You Gotta Serve Somebody.

In the folk music era there was an attempt by the coomies to gain a foothold in the folk music heyday. During the sixties and early seventies I subscribed to two folk music trade publications Sing Out and Broadside (which I still have copies of). Sing Out had articles about folk music and printed words and music in the magazine, but as time went on their articles became more anti American government and our capitalistic society. Broadside was even worse they urged college students to demonstrate against The Viet Nam War. After a few years of subscribing I grew disgusted with the far left issues and never renewed my subscription. The commies did make a dent within the folk music scene but faded away and went Blowing In The Wind.

Yes, as back then so it is today, critics clamor and wring their hands crying the music of today is causing my kid to commit all kinds of unthinkable things. Let's ban it from the face of the earth. So sorry folks it ain't coming down that way. The youth of today are going to have THEIR music.

Love To All


Hi Hope;

Unless you signed a legal document stating you were giving away all rights to I love The Lord you are still the legal writer and owner of that song.

Twi does not have any legal rights to my songs I wrote while there as I did not sign over anything to them. As in most cases of Way Prod writers. Yes I know some have been told twi holds the rights to all Way Prod songs. But it ain't so, and should that issue ever go to court twi would be in a bind because that would put them in the commercial music bizz. And I do not believe they would want that because of tax exempt status.

How I now do music copyrights is by volume. Say like twelve songs at a time on a CD or tape. I fill out forms and send in the volume copy of CD or tape to be copyrighted, and all songs in that volume are included. It is a lot cheaper doing it that way than sending in each song separately.

Kathy and I are turning out some pretty good commercial mostly country tunes and in the not to distant future will be pitching several to some publisher's and AnR contacts I have in Nashville.

Song writing is a tough road to travel and unless you can take a lot of rejection best to stay out of the fray.

Love To All

Ted F.

29 Years Ago Today

Just received a phone call from my dear friend and brother Mark Gluckin. He called me to wish me Happy Anniversary. Twenty-nine years ago on Jan. 13, 1974 at the Crescent Theater in Minster Ohio a group of musicians took their places behind the stage curtain. And as the curtain came up and the house lights were dimmed I stepped to the front of the stage and into the spotlight and said "God Bless You and Welcome to Joyful Noise". And we did our first opening song This Could Be The Beginning, and that was the real beginning of Way Prod. Many talented musicians, singers, actors and dancers would come and go in the years ahead reaching out and touching people's heart's from every walk of life and do so with the love of God in their hearts.

On this night of remembrance and being a little sentimental I would like to say to any and all who gave of your time and talent I salute you and from the bottom of my heart thank you. God Bless each and every one of you.

Happy Anniversary (Socks) John and Janet Ruiz.

Love To All


And The Beat Goes On

Yeah Socks not a whole lot of tunes that catch my ears anymore outside of country but some of the pop singers I do enjoy. One thing that still holds true to country music they have no fear of doing songs that have a positive message concerning God or Jesus Christ. There is one song I really like of Garth Brooks called Wolves. This song makes you stop and listen. Kathy maybe you could find and post the words for us. I have them but too lazy to type them.

Be back soon.

Ted F.

Let The Beat Go On

Hi everbody looks as if this thread has seen better days and as of late I have not been posting much. My time does not allow me to do so since I have too many irons in the fire


It is time for me to head on down the highway for the next gig but before I leave I would like to thank you all for letting me share some of my life with you and for all of who have done the same.

Kathy thank you for starting this thread you have been a wonderful hostess and all of us do love you as for me you will always be an angel ha! ha!

I will leave my email addy on profile for a while if any of you would like to write me.

Time to close up shop now and sing my closing


Goodbyes Are Never Easy

So I'll Just Say So Long

The Time Has Come For Me To Sing

My Farewell Song

Perhaps We Wiil Meet Again

Somwhere Someday You And I

So Long Everbody

It's Too Hard To Say Goodbye

God Bless You and Love To All

Ted Ferrell

Well, that's the end.

I was at a fellowship in Lewis Center, Ohio, Wednesday, March 24, 2004; and Ted was there, enjoying the believers, gulpin' in the Word and singin' about God.

He is a true Gem; and I just love the guy.

He has a Word and song ministry. Every month he sends out a CD with a couple of songs and a teaching. He's doin' his part; and he's doin' it right.

God bless you, Ted, we all truly love you.

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Last nite we got Gary Busey's 1978 "The Buddy Holly Story" for $5.50 at Walmart, and watching it I was reminded again how important it is to pray for these musicians, not criticize them.

Musicians are a front line of the army, so to speak, and so many of the children with musical ability who needlessly died could, perhaps, be still singing today if the churches had prayed for them rather than condemned them.

I am so thankful for you, Ted, and your kind kind of example of a musician/mentor in the world today.

Love your music then, and now!


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This comment is so true...

As I posted in my earlier posts on this thread, since the beginning of popular songs and music in the USA there has always been the headed for hell in a hand basket critics. Even Steven Foster was reported to be a 'darkie lover.'
I used to have an old Geneva Bible, dating back to 1613. It had some Psalms set to music notation in the back of the book, and in the introduction said how everyone should promote these instead of those baser songs "that corrupt our youth." They were talking about madrigals.

Nothing changes,


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The Buddy Holly Story showed how Buddy Holly was the first white group to play the Apollo theater, and also they traveled together and got hotel rooms together. . .

It seems that musicians have a greater ear for the spirit of people and how we are made from one flesh because tuning the symphony and harmony of the music is the job -- and that comes from inside a person.

Hey, Ted.

When are you going

to publish

this stuff!

This is GREAT!

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One More Time With Ted

Ted Ferrell's new CD

Front cover:

One More Time With Ted

Some of you have requested that I record a CD that contained a few of my older songs from yesteryear. Along with those tunes I have included some newer ones. It is with humbleness of heart that I present and decicate this collection to you. Thank you for listening one more time.

God Bless All of You

Ted Ferrell


1. This Could Be The Beginning

2. Let's All Go Down To The River

3. Only One Way

4. Thanks To Calvary

5. Attic Of Your Mind

6. The White House Across The Street

7. Holding On

8. Ready To Go

9. This Old House*

10. We Are Persuaded

11. He's Ever Interceding

12. Only Believe*

13. Only Love Is Spoken Here*

14. I Wouldn't Have Made It*

Thanks Ted, great songs.

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Just goes to show that you don't really know someone until you sit a spell and talk. Certainly has had an effect on my impressions of Ted. Thanks for the sharing.

As a musician, I was drawn to creating something a little more dramatic in the ministry's music. Music should move you without effort. Sometimes I felt that the presentation was a little too churchy and stiff. Then VP talked about what this rock band could do to an audience and what that rock band could do, and wondered why we weren't doing it. I thought, "Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about".

My "background" first and then my music was "counseled against." That my background was old man nature and not any part of me any longer. Then that "we have enough musicians in the ministry and your calling is something else". Only somewhat undaunted, I attempted to get the vision of Way Productions on the twig level into reality in my area. But by that time, things were unravelling in the ministry. There was an almost celebrity class status. For example, if you were okay to play twig, but asked to play a branch function, and someone who was in Joyful Noise or another "name" ministry musician, you were tactlessly told "no, we already have the music and have no additional time".

Geez, but I still played music. I was a musician. It was something I was, not something I did. Couldn't help it. Still can't.

Like Ted, I have worked in the fringe area of the Big Business of music. I have seen what price "success" demands. Not easy. Not always pretty. Most days not really worth it. Sometimes it is fun. But mostly I write and play because it is what I do. I play primarily for myself-it has always been the healing balm for my soul. Refreshes my body and soul. It is my prayer of thanks for the gift of music to the Creator. Like Janis Joplin said, I can't pray quiet to my God. When I play for others, it is fun but audiences do not drive me. Many musicians need and look for an audience. After playing since I was 8, I have figured out why that it is that I don't seek an audience. It was a great answer to a long time question.

The big thing I look for is communication. Somehow between the heart and soul of the musician and the finished recording, the communication sometimes gets muffled. Some of today's music is nothing but manufactured computerized babble, put out by non-musician "suits". There are plenty of singers who try to impress you with technical skill or computer corrected vocals. Yeech, where is the heart?

Ok, I'm done. Sorry, Ted. I was never sure just "who" you were. Sure, I saw you on stage, but I wasn't sure that I liked or connected with you. I wasn't sure if you were attempted to emulate Elvis and I wasn't an Elvis fan. The songs themselves were special, but I wanted to rearrange them, change the vocal and present them in a different style. Of course, in the early days, when I was stupid and talkative, I was told that any criticism was sacrareligious. Anything that JN did was God-inspired and who was I to question God. I remember questioning the VP directive that musicians should believe God to maximize their practice time so we could spend more time studying the Bible and serving God's people rather than practicing. I never could get my mind wrapped around that idea.

These are just my thoughts. No offense to anyone is meant. Just my observations. I am thankful that you were willing to share your music with us. That you were willing to do whatever it took. Thanks for your heart.

The Masterherbalist

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