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guest list so far, or the gspot open bar and prime rib *P*A*R*T*Y* !!!

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Rottie...hotel room should be NO problem...we are reserving a block of em.

We ordered the invitations today, when you get yours it will have an insert with the info you need to contact the hotel and get the discounted rate.

Actually...we're gonna do the BetaZed ceremony for our honeymoon. You know....behind closed doors and all that....I flunked sharing in kindergarden. icon_mad.gif

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Just sent an e-mail, hoping for an invite! icon_smile.gif:)-->

Will name tags be provided? icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Paw -- if there are grease spot T-shirts, I want one!! (or two) icon_wink.gif;)--> Are those available (woops!! there is that word again! icon_frown.gif:(--> ) to buy?? If so, the check is in the mail! icon_cool.gif

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yay !! Mapquest came thru, and gave me complete details on how to get there, including the most important instruction -- turn left 1/2 block from my house! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Will do my utmost to be there icon_smile.gif:)--> Been some time since I had a real "road trip" planned. icon_cool.gif

Hope I get the time off from work. icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

Thanks again for the invite! icon_wink.gif;)-->


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A couple of people have had problems finding our Target registry online or in the store. Here's the trick....it's registered in the names printed on our wedding invitations.

Bride: Cynthia Hinson

Groom: Stephen Wall

Event State: Illinois

Event Date: April

I changed it from Cindy and Steve because we sent out the invitations and they have Cynthia and Stephen on em! (details, details)

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Chinny,,,,,while reading this thread,,, I recaptured a moment in time that I thought might be an encouragement to all. Last year at the weenie roast we were lookin' fer a photgrapher and I think Ahat might have been tha one to go capture us one from a neighboring party to take pictures, and later the lady asked how we all met,,,and when she was informed that we met via tha internet...I think she really wanted to wear tha camera out taking more pic's, she was so thrilled,,,I think she realized she was making history! And I am sure someone will show up and make history for you's too! XXXXOOOOO

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What a fun story!!!

Yes, we have a photographer now and a videographer...both GS'rs. Plus we are putting disposable cameras on the tables at the reception so that guests can capture those fun, candid shots!!!

Almost all of the details for the wedding are done...next week we meet with a few of the remaining details and everything will be taken care of for the wedding!

Steve booked our honeymoon two days ago!!!!

It will be SUCH a fun time!

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Chinny... I am gona do me best to be there......and I ain't disposin of no camera... LOL,,, I may never go to Chicago again... I want something to remind my grandkids that I did really visit tha windy city once! Do you and Steve have yer concealed weapons permit? If so, I have a his an hers special fer ya!

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