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guest list so far, or the gspot open bar and prime rib *P*A*R*T*Y* !!!

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I've updated this list with all the rsvp's I've received or have been spoken to me. I've also edited out those who did not rsvp figuring that no response means they can't come.

If you were on this list and have been edited but CAN come, please email me so I can add you to our list.

We have to give the caterers a head count on Wednesday (3/24/04)





Radar O'Reily








bowtwi (a possible maybe!)




Updated 3/24/04.

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Dear Chinny and Steve, Congratulations on your wedding.

May the sun shine alsways for you and may the wind alway be soft and caressing your backs.

I would give anything to be there, but alas I don't have anything.

So be happy as I know you are and I hope you have as good a marriage as I do.

Love you as always, Dovey

Dovey....proud owner of two low riders...Dovey's Doxies...... Dovey

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k...got a few more Gs'rs added....so cool!!!

It's still not too late, just send your name and address and GS handle to me at:


A friend of mine here in Chicago is designing the invitations with me in a few weeks. We will be sending them out after the first of the year!

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We booked our wedding and reception!!!!

We sent out an email with a link to our wedding website so that everyone coming to the wedding will have all the info they need (and then some!).

If for some reason, an email did not reach you....email or private topic me and let me know!!!! I'll give ya the link!!!!!

Wow....all the details are falling into place...guess I GOTTA marry Steve! now!!!! icon_wink.gif;)--> icon_cool.gificon_smile.gif:)-->

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We are registered at www.target.com and at Pottery Barn

You can do a search by our names:

Bride: Cynthia Hinson

Groom: Stephen Wall

Thanks for asking and sorry you will not be able to make the wedding!!!!

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Checked airline ticket prices today...found some good ones, so's I won't have to drive Oakmobile III to Chicago (a true WOWmobile)

My girlfriend Susie will be accompanying me to keep me in line a make sure I shave for the ceremony!

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice...but in practice there is

Oakspear icon_cool.gif

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