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guest list so far, or the gspot open bar and prime rib *P*A*R*T*Y* !!!

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You two are hilarious!!!!

btw....We'll have a Greasespot Cast of Characters so that all da GS'rs will know who is who...look for it when you get your programs!(Pawtucket will be da tall guy handing out programs...get one from him!)

My matron of honor is a nbw....so be gentle!!!!

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AND...the girl I will be with is NBW, so JUST because she is with me....well,

she will party down with the rest of us, BUT she also has nbw.....

she went to session one of pfal in LaCrosse WI when they let you come and "observe" THEN sign up for the rest...

she laughed, mocked the voice of VPW and went on her merry way!!!

we, of course, still remained friends, and drinking partners, so she is fun, wonderful and has been a bud since then (83)

SO, also don't think she is corpse or anything...or anything.....

can't wait,


suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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That brings up a good point--are the wedding guests mostly ex-Wayfers, mostly NBWs, half-and-half, what? Is there anything I shouldn't talk about in the toast? Nothing sucks worse than listening to a bunch of in-jokes and obscure references only wayfers would get.

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Well, I'm going to be there tomorrow. I just need to figure how to fit my rottiegrrrl in the suitcase.

I have a great plan so I won't get too toasted. I'm going to order a Bloody Mary to start, then Virgin, then Bloody, then Virgin, isn't that great idea?

And I'll be looking for my GREASESPOT T-SHIRT!!!!!!!! I'll be the envy of all at the doggie park.

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All you wedding celebraters have fun and be safe.

To Steve! and Chinson: All the best to you and the Chinettes as you begin your life of wedded bliss!! {{{(almost) Mr. & Mrs. Steve! and family}}}

Suz, have a couple belts for me, will ya??

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