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guest list so far, or the gspot open bar and prime rib *P*A*R*T*Y* !!!

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With Steve!????

I like looking at sports cars that I am never going to have. Makes me appreciate the car that I do have. Those cars are usually very high maintenence and not what I would like. Some of them are comfortable once you are in, but are awfully difficult to get in or out of them.

I just think we should go Zix, not for what we could see, but to appreciate what we have.

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Yep, with Steve!. I've just had one too many honest conversations with strippers to keep any naivete about them.

But, hey, you guys can go if you want to. I'm still trying to figure out how to crash the bachelorette party... icon_wink.gif;)-->

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We can just meet in the room where the swimming pool and the hot tub are (there's also a sauna and a fitness room!) I'll be there after the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are over, but feel free to start without me!!!!!


ya might check with the hotel first to make sure we can take 'refreshments' into the pool area

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For all you GS'rs that can't come to the wedding but maybe can come inna summer....here's da deal.....

WE'RE GITTIN A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll be having a housewarming party towards the end of June (we're moving into the house in May)

Did I say P*A*R*T*Y????? Why, YES I DID!!!!!!!

We'll have a lot of room for folks to crash, a big front and back yard, there are some good, inexpensive hotel rooms nearby....and we'll have a HUGE deck....AND a sauna to party with!!!! (workin on gettin a hot tub)

Email me if near the end of June works for you and we'll make this a housewarming party our neighbors won't soon forget!!!


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Hey Zix...I'm not a strip joint kind of guy (anymore icon_wink.gif;)-->)...and I look really bad in a bikini icon_eek.gif - so maybe you and me can form the core of the "third way" and grab some adult beverages where everybody is fully clothed. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Susie, my girlfriend will be attending as well and has made it known that she is sticking close by me, this being her first exposure to the Grease Spot gang icon_cool.gif

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Paw: From my conversation with Steve! this weekend, I got the impression that he was only going along with it to please you guys. Apparently he's not all that crazy about the idea, and neither are Oakspear or I. But it's up to him, not me. If you want the job back, you'd better clear it with them! icon_smile.gif:)-->

Oh, and another thing. Nobody's going to touch their car, either. Not while I'm around, anyway. (Kind of a moot point since they're flying out for their honeymoon, but still...)

Steve!: A kick-*** toast? You told me you wanted a BLENDER! icon_wink.gif;)-->

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To all involved....it is a well known fact that weddings and funerals bring out the WORST in people.

Can we please RISE above this statistic???

(or if not...can there be money involved??? icon_biggrin.gif:D--> )

Zix...honey...you're bein rude.

Edited by Cindy!
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