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Witness, by Amber Frey

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If you followed the Scott Peterson case, or even if you didn't, this is a pretty good book.

It's not very long. I read it in a day, but it held my interest all the way to the end.

Of course the media never made it known how much Amber Frey loves God. Scott Peterson bumped into the wrong woman before he bumped off his wife.

My friend lent me this book. It was a lot better than I expected.

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Along the same line, I read "Blood Brother" by Scott's half-sister, Anne Bird. That was pretty good.

And a really good book that I've almost finished is "A Deadly Game" by Catherine Crier. Wow. That one covers the whole gamut.

Man oh man, after reading that, along with the other two, I cannot get over what an evil person that Scott Peterson is, and his mother is something else too.

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What about his mother? I'd like to know what you read about her. I followed that case. I lived in San Diego pretty close to Torrey Pines Golf Course when they picked him up to take him to jail. I always wondered about his family. I realize that a mother always wants to see the best in her children, but when it is so damn obvious, sheesh.

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I too live in San Diego and my Dad lives in Del Mar. I have often driven past that area in Torrey Pines where they picked up Scott.

Well... his mother thinks that her perfect Scotty could never ever do such a thing as murder his wife. Both his parents think he's perfectly innocent to this day.

She had three other children and gave away the first two, and barely kept the third.

Scott's a narcissist, and narcissists are produced by narcissists. Some people say he is a sociopath and others have said he is a narcissist. Perhaps both are true.

My next book I'm going to read will be "Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson" by Keith Ablow. It has had mixed reviews but we'll see.

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In the true crime genre, there are several classics.

First on most lists, of course, is In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, which practically invented the genre, or at least widely popularized it. Then there's The Onion Field by Joseph Wambaugh. But I'd say the best of the bunch would have to be Fatal Vision by Joe McGinnis.

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