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If you click on MyPop, you can set your own time zone. So the message times will automatically change to the one you pick

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Paw -

On EZBoard, I could set the number of posts that I wanted per page. I looked in "My Pop" and don't see that anywhere.

Also, the tabs on My Pop are hard to read unless you highlight them with your mouse. I actually thought they were inactive tabs until I happened to click on one.

Hope R.

Hmmm - my signature didn't work here like it did on the other forum....

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Guest Admin

I am still working on a template for all the forums. So you may go into one where something works and another where it doesn't. I'm adjusting and testing.

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On the button bar in my pop..

Because of the color scheme, the only way I can see whats on the button bar is to do a swipe with my mouse.

I didn't see where to set the time of course I haven't had enough coffee this morning , Paw I hope ya didn't get rid of the waitress, I think she might me starting to like me

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(From an ancient thread with contributions by many pioneering WayDalers ... back by popular demand)

Rightly Divided Word - Whatever VPW's or LCM's current views are on the Bible, Politics, Science, Law, Music, Automobiles, Sex, Relationships, Foreign Relations, Art, Math, Drugs, Astronomy, Genetics, Psychology, Landscaping

grease spot - an independent thinker

grease spot by midnight - how quickly one realizes the benefits of being a

grease spot

God's Household (members of) - those who are not grease spots

Auschwitz - German run holiday camp for Jews in Poland

Adultery - meaning unknown

Biblical Research - a collection of material plagiarized from eclectic sources by VPW circa 1943.

Bless you - a greeting, usually synonymous with the question "Will you sponsor me for the Corps?"

The Word - The King James Version of the Bible with substantial, interlinear, and ad hoc modifications, translations, interpretations, corrections, paraphrases and proper emphasis as supplied by the late Victor Paul Wierwille.

Athletes of the Spirit - A program wherein TWI spent thousands of dollars in a futile attempt to teach dancing to a rhythm impaired preacher.

Doctor, Dr. - an honorific (title) used to convey the impression of respectability and authority without having the burden of proving either.

witnessing - the act of attempting to persuade people to join you in hiding from and alienating yourself to former friends, family, and the rest of the world in general.

leadership - the guy you're afraid is going to ask you what you did yesterday or are planning to do tomorrow.

new believer - (an ancient term now out of use) - someone who is just beginning to enjoy the benefits of fellowship with twi.

Renewing Your Mind - Changing your thinking until it is consistent with the thinking of LCM and/or VPW.

Way Corps - A four year program sponsored by the Way International wherein a believer could have his/her mind renewed more intensively. See also renewed mind.

Sexual Abuse - 1). The terminology those with an unrenewed mind use to describe

the privilege of taking care of the needs of the Man of God For Our Time. (See Also Adultery, Renewing your Mind); 2). The terminology used by those who have rejected the clear Biblical Doctrine of the "Locked Box." (See also Biblical Research) 3). A good example of the language used by those who allow Devil

Spirits in their life.

Administration - A method of dividing the Bible into the parts that count and those that are inconvenient for the renewal of the mind.

Jesus Christ - 1) a shadowy individual who lived in a previous administration whose words can be largely ignored because they only applied to the administration in which he lived. 2) an individual who in traditional Christianity plays an exaggerated role. 3) Not God

Man of God - 1) and individual who also is not God, but is the next best thing 2) only one Man of God is allowed at a time 3) Not the pope 4) Way more important than the pope.

President (of TWI) - A man who undertakes the management of our spiritual affairs as a method of bettering his temporal ones. (from Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary definition of clergyman)

Phallic Symbol - Any item that is not parallel to the ground. ie. church steeples, stop signs, war monuments, light houses, flag pole, sky scrapers, tall people, etc.

tithe - a financial commitment to twi which causes God to 'spit' in your direction - other gestures vary accordingly in price.

Pet (major) - an object, typically four footed and furry mistakenly believed by the world to give and receive affection and lower stress levels. In reality pets (major) inappropriately consume the resources and affections due the President. No pets (major) allowed.

Pet (minor) - an object, typically minute, consuming reasonably small levels of waste products the President is not interested in. Examples - cockroaches, head lice, smallish mice. One pet (minor) allowed.

Free Will - Foreign concept to those of the renewed mind. Sometimes rumored to exist in the outside world, where it may even extend to choosing to become/remain pregnant or determining one's own finances. Those who have left to search for this rumored concept have for unknown reasons not returned.

disciple - a follower with the discipline to refrain from thinking

homo - anyone who criticizes The Way International

obey - to do as ordered; used of children, dogs and Way disciples

present truth - new law

Board of Trustees - rulers of the twi corporation whose loyalties are to themselves, whose ethics are self-service, whose morals are im

Way Corps - 2 usages 1) in residence corps: slaves 2) corps in the field: what the Gestapo was to Germany, the KGB to Russia and the KKK to blacks.

Abundant Sharing - 1) a system whereby 15 % of your income travels to Ohio never to be seen again.

2) The system whereby twi leadership dictates to you what to do with your money but forbids you to ask what they do with it after you give it to them.

Owe no man anything - a verse interpreted to mean you may not owe the bank a mortgage payment but you can owe the landlord a rent check. Owe no man anything does not extend to abundant sharing, you still owe that.

motor coach - a transportation and recreational vehicle for the MOG - sleeps dozens if not hundreds

Questions - a sign of 1) a new believer (usage now rare) 2) disobedience. "Hold your questions to the end of the class/administration when they will still not be addressed"

Abundant Living - 1) for ex-presidents includes a reputedly 2 million dollar log home complete with maid service 2) for staffers: subsistence.

Counterfeit - any successful endeavor whose success cannot be traced to VPW/LCM

Stringing Chairs - a process by which chairs are aligned just so; a time consuming, useless, elaborate procedure used to occupy the time of the slave labor.

Fiery Dart - a point of logic too strong for twi leadership to refute which must therefore be categorically denied. The cumulative effect of being presented with an adequate number of fiery darts transforms one into a greasespot (independent thinker) often by midnight.

Positive Believing: The ability to willfully harbor positive beliefs and memories about VPW and TWI. Talented believers are able to Positive Believe, in spite of the Great Lunging Oceans of shocking and irrefutable proof of horrifying and sadistic human carnage, suffering and wreckage caused by this gifted con artist and his cult.

Analogous with "Renewing Your Mind:" One "Renews Your Mind" by systematically expelling negative facts about TWI and VPW from one's thinking.

Example: "Cheryl was able to Renew Her Mind against the hearsay and unproven rumors about Craig's extramarital affairs with married women. She has great positive believing!"

Financial needs (staff salaries) - 2 usages (yours and theirs) 1) "all YOUR financial needs will be met" translation: You will earn $1.75 an hour . Basic premise - if you can't afford it then you don't need it. 2) The BOT's financial needs - their humble status as servants requires they live like kings so proper glory is rendered unto God. By definition their needs and wants are always parallel therefore they always receive abundantly.

"attention to detail" -- an intensely focused methodology used to investigate, uncover and confront any sign of substandard adherence to present truth policies. Can be used with the field-tested and approved (and highly successful) "genuine spiritual suspicion" technique of smoking out transgressors from the genuine household of God.

The correct and proper reading of John 10:10 literally according to usage in light of present truth is...

The Adversary comes to play havoc with your schedule but I have come that you may be micromanaged by your corps overseers and that more than abundantly.

Fountain of Living Waters - a grave marker.

Resurrection Sunday - Easter but twi can't simply call it that 'cause everybody else does.

Hypocrite - one who professing virtues that he does not respect, secures the advantage of seeming to be what he despises. Ambrose Bierce

WayGB - those unfortunate souls who defend the indefensible by seeking to silence those who would but speak.

Waybrain - an oxymoron.

Bless Patrol. The practice of having young, sleep deprived, cult practitioners mindlessly pace up and down benign empty lots at midnight in small town Kansas or Ohio in order to... to... well, never did know that one.

Way Builder, a person or person's who's talents or lack thereof were abused in the construction of religious structures or artifacts. i.e. pyramids, W.O.W. Auditorium.

Corps Spouse, a man or woman who was considered "outside the household" managed to, with the help of the adversary, "Steal" away one of the "chosen ones".

A common response from a person with a blazon "S" on there name tag would be "If there was anyone worth a s#!t in his or her Corps they would be married to them now, would they not!

Way Productions, An oftentimes talented group that was usually overseen by someone that neither new who the Way was or what a production was.

Athlete of the Spirit, A person, usually in a leadership position who was judged by his peers by his ability on how many of his or her flock he or she could get into the missionary position.

"Bless Patrol", A group of elite ninjas' that protected the root from terrorist and government attacks. Early records show that they witnessed more fornication in bushes than a Forest Ranger.

Confrontation, A term used freely, usually to show superiority over another, i,e "I confronted my W.O.W. family over their overuse of toilet paper".

Seed Boy, A person that the eminent leader was jealous of.

Man of God, Early record indicate that Jesus Christ was the man of God, but as time went by The Man of God was replaced by a German American in 1970, Then the term referred to anyone who dictated power over more than 3 persons.

Gift, A monetary or purchased item given from the heart.

Later leaders would "hint" during fellowship or meetings in not so subtle term what they wanted, or Branch leaders would "let on" what The Man of Gods need and it would be a "measure of your spirituality" on how YOU gave.

Gunnison, An Indian term for "Cold as Hell and no one dares to Escape"

Colorado, Indian term for "Geek Leaders"

Dropped From Active Corps, A term used by Pharaoh regarding Moses, i,e, Get them G@# D%#mn frogs of my face and drop Moses from active corps!

Sunday Hook-up:

A meeting (usually set for mid-day to mess up a whole Sunday) where a group of people dress up in "Best Dress", (Mandatory suits and ties, dresses and heels) to sit in a extremely hot small room (because God dictated the temperature), to listen to a bad phone connection with bad speakers for a minimum of two hours. This event consisted of trying to listen to songs, imagining what was going on thousands of miles away, and jumping up and down and clapping as people supposedly came and left a stage in a field in Ohio. This usually contained an hour of "The greatest teaching on the face of the earth". Afterwards sometimes followed by another "short" expository telling us what we just heard. For this privilege people got to give not only 15% of their income, but extra money to help defray the cost of the AC's phone bill.

"Move The Word" - Never really defined, but used by leaders to manipulate, control and condemn, i.e. "Your aren't Moving The Word" or "The Word isn't Moving in this branch because of You."

Leaders who were successful in getting others to "Move the Word" were lauded and rewarded with higher positions where they could get other leaders to get other people to "Move the Word."


A distinction made between the 2 major TWI epochs. TWI I was ruled over by an autocratic, self-appointed mouthpiece for God who claimed exclusive insight into the Bible and the workings of God?s mind. The other epoch (TWI II) was ruled over by an autocratic, self-appointed mouthpiece for God who claimed exclusive insight into the Bible and the workings of God?s mind.

Orange Cat color>

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Did you do that marquee the usual html way?? or another trick!!!

Gotta try it out!!!

marquee to go test color = green>size = 7>

whoo hoo hoo hoo! I love it when things work the first time!!!! It's a good thing this isn't a work day, because I would call in sick to keep playing around. (just kidding)

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Guest Admin

MyPop text has been fixed so that you can see it without swiping the mouse over it.

The time thing is in MyPop and preferences

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I've only ran into one annoyance - so far...

When you post a reply, or do a general post, a box comes up EVERY TIME and thanks you for contributing to the forum.

Is that really necessary Paw?

We know you're greatful, in fact, I'm greatful that you're doing this, but a "thank you" after every post will likely get tired after a while.

More test results to follow...

My 2 cents...


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Actually, I kinda like it. At least it is comforting to know that the post didn't go into never-never cyber-land. I know I'm not alone in stating that too many posts totally disappeared off the EZboard...never to be found again!

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Guest Admin

oh, and that "Topic Lead" area, I don't know about that one yet, that


take some getting used to.

I can turn that on or off. What do you all think about it?

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