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Lots of birthdays reported today (I'm assuming the birthdays are real, and not just because it's April Fool's Day).

Rhino, HCW, Flay Minion...

There are others, but, Happy Birthday All!

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Actually ... this is not my birthday ... seems like a good date to put up if you don't want to give your birthday ... :dance:

Happy birthday to any genuine april fool's day birthdays ... George, I don't look a day over 90, come one ...

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Amen! This is a perfectly ordinary day even though some people pull pranks, but I wish a happy birthday anyway....prank or not.

Actually, today was my grandfather's birthday. As a kid (yes I once was one, not to be confused with my 2nd or 3rd childhood) my sister and I alway tried to outdo the previous year. :biglaugh:

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