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  1. I don't know. When Sean Penn first hit the scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," it would have been easy to get typecast into burnout roles; but he went from there to a military school cadet in "TAPS" and a street thug in "Bad Boys." I was impressed with his versatility. George
  2. Her voice and appearance were, perhaps, more suited for comedy, but I agree. Goldie was a fine dramatic actress, as well. George
  3. I can't answer that for you. You are, of course, correct about the movie. George
  4. With Jean Kasem taking all the air out of the room, what can you expect? George
  5. This show, which lasted 11 years, debuted dead last in the Nielsen ratings. There were two spin-offs from the show. One lasted 11 years; the other, less than one season. One of the actors had so much trouble remembering his lines that he had them written down all around the set. (Note: Marilyn Monroe did essentially the same thing on the set of "Some Like it Hot"; John Hamilton did something similar on "The Adventures of Superman" (the papers "Perry White" always had in his hands had his lines on them). George
  6. The original source material for this movie involves an American Air Force pilot being rescued from a crash by an island girl, during WWII. Apparently, WWII was too morally unambiguous for today's Hollywood (can't have America be the good guys, after all), so the movie is set in WWI, and the pilot, though an American, is working as a spy for the British. George
  7. I'm guessing that Grace is either gunshy, or has just moved on. So... Cloris Leachman Teri Garr Kenneth Mars George
  8. Cathy's been in a few well-known flicks, but maybe SHE isn't that well-known Kindergarten Cop Ahhhnold Conan the Destroyer George
  9. Nick Ray Teddy Lewis Robert "Boogie" Sheftell Harry Angel George
  10. I didn't think this needed confirmation, but, yes, Forrest Gump is correct. WW? George
  11. Eddie Murphy? George
  12. Need some more clues, WW! George
  13. Really? NO ONE can think of another actor in Animal House? John Belushi Neighbors Cathy Moriarty George
  14. "You turned her against me!" "You have done that yourself." "You will not take her from me!" "Your anger and lust for power have already done that." "So this is how liberty dies...to thunderous applause." George