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  1. OK "Guardians of the Galaxy II" For an action flick, it dealt a LOT with interpersonal relationships. FREE POST George
  2. So, I see this list of new CW shows, and "Valor" comes right after Supergirl. Naturally, I think to myself, "Cool. They've spun off Mon-el in his own show." Well, unless he's an Army helicopter pilot, this show isn't about him. I also see that "Agents of SHIELD" is being replaced by "INHUMANS." I've heard that they've filmed an episode of "Black Lightning," but I don't see it on the fall schedule. Maybe they'll use it as a replacement, if one of the new shows falters. George
  3. Iron Man III Ben Kingsley Without a Clue George
  4. Fair guess, but this movie is much more recent. It's probably out of theaters, now (at least, in the States). You have the correct (general) genre. George
  5. Exit to Eden Hector Elizondo Pretty Woman George
  6. Anybody? If I give more clues, we'll be in Movie mash-up territory. George
  7. At least I don't feel bad for not getting it. Never (prior to this) heard of the TV show OR the movie. George
  8. If it's got voice actors but no words (and, therefore, no need for translation), the actors must be making other sounds. I would guess, animal sounds. (If they were aliens, speaking gibberish, I would still technically call that words.) Can't think of such a show, though. George
  9. Raf? WW? Human??? ANYBODY???? George
  10. This film starred two comic actors who had worked together frequently. One's usual on-screen persona was over-the-top looney, while the other's was more sedate; and they were originally cast in the roles befitting those personae. Before the filming started, however, the stars decided to switch roles, so the usually manic actor played the quiet homebody. According to one of the stars, most of the production crew was on cocaine, an addiction the other star had been recently freed from. He fell back into using and died of an overdose the following year. Comedy stars Gene Wilder and Steve Martin were considered for the two lead male roles by producers Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown but in the end the parts were recast. George
  11. This is a recent movie. WW might not have even seen it, yet. George
  12. Raf is up, but after a month and a half, I suppose anyone can jump in... George
  13. Marcia outed herself here publicly, years ago. George
  14. Harvard. When I was at MIT we referred to Harvard as "that liberal arts college up the river." Of course, they called us "that trade school down the river." George
  15. Kurt Russell Tombstone Dana Delaney George