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  1. Concerning the Bible...

    Hah! No. I was just confessing it took me too long but it was finally open in case anyone cared to know. Carry on amigos
  2. Concerning the Bible...

    FYI, the Trinity thread has been cleaned up and unlocked. It took a bit of time to get it ready.
  3. The Newbies' Guide To Greasespot Cafe Forums

    This was a good reminder for newcomers. Bumping it to be seen.
  4. Revised Rules

    The established rules for the forums can be found here: http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/18326-revised-rules/
  5. Billy Graham

    Whether a post is in one forum or another has no bearing on its merit or value. We try to keep the topics of threads in About the Way just that...about The Way. Occasionally within threads the discussion will wander off the topic, and that is to be expected, but the general thread topic usually comes back. Since Billy Graham had no presence within TWI the topic of his death does not belong there. If I had moved the thread to Memorium then it would have some different rules as to how people may speak of the deceased. I did not put it there. That is a whole 'nother matter.
  6. Billy Graham

    I have moved this thread from About the Way to its proper forum. I have no idea how that could be considered anything such as M/A. It is simple housekeeping as is often done when a thread is misplaced. A link from its original location will stay there for 30 days.
  7. GreaseSpot Gems

    No, this thread is primarily witticisms written by Members that other members found to be entertaining, meaningful, or otherwise in need of preserving so they were gathered here to be remembered. In this case I believe this was written by a poster named “Uncle Hairy” not “Harry” and Raf placed it here. It is a play on a well-known quote from back in TWIt’s big days.
  8. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    I was not able to locate the original post by Research geek which Mike mentioned. All I find are pastes by Mike of the post where it is described as from October 4. 2002 in a thread titled "Why Lie?" I cannot find that thread nor the actual post and context by Research Geek.
  9. 90s Kid in The Way

    Welcome to GSC Maya and thanks for telling your story. Rest assured we do not think you were at fault. You sound pretty darn awesome to me!
  10. Greasespot Cafe Documents and Audio Archives/

    I pinned this thread for now and will discuss with others if there is a better way. Thanks WW
  11. This happened 01/08/2017 but the news was not posted until today. Victor Barnard beaten in prison, taken to hospital
  12. Da Fog Lifting or Men In Tights pt. 2

    It is preferred that those named in these lurid accusations not be searchable via search engines. Especially those who are likely not still part of TWI. Thank you.
  13. bring back political forum

    Raf did not need to consult me on it. He is well aware of my position. There will be no pol-attacks forum on these pages
  14. I am glad she at least has the support of extended family. She has been through so much and deserves whatever hugs she can get. Barnard would not have pled guilty if Lindsay and Jess had it "confused". At least by his plea he spared his followers from lying in court. They are stuck with lying to themselves.
  15. Have you heard of TPP?

    Ok, I looked at this last night before Raf asked me about it and was considering how to address it. Here is my thinking. I am leaving it visible at least for now but locking it to further comment. This accomodates Mark's stated purpose with the thread, but as with any topic of this nature there are multiple facets one should look at. It is of course a topic citizens need to be aware of for a variety of reasons, however GSC is not the place to discuss it. Virtually every candidate for POTUS has mentioned it and it surely will continue to be part of those campaigns in one fashion or another. As such I do not want to have a precedent of allowing some political topics and then be faced with disallowing others.